Downpour Symphony

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Submitted: October 15, 2018

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Submitted: October 15, 2018



To be honest, I never loved you. Even though I could have said it I almost meant it, But you were just a distraction, An empty face in place of him. You could've left Taken action I guess you're just better than him

I'm sorry I used you I'm sorry I bruised you Treated you like nothing. Like you were just a statue I just needed something To find who I used to be Not just a song A downpour symphony

All I have is you And the guilt of wishing it were him I'm sorry that all I have is you To pick up the pieces The shattered, broken Leave if you wish If you really want to But I need you to stay Cause I have to say In some messed up way I actually do, A partial truth, Love you.

You cared for me Made me happy You saw something Inside of me What I was And could never be But I needed that Even though it was fake I needed a break From the things I couldn't take The war inside my head Anxieties of what I said You put a mask over it all And I used you To forget it all

You were there When I was in love with him It was wrong, never fair I acted on a whim I'm so sorry To put you through all this It was a blur It was amateur But I admit Not thinking of him was bliss

February 22, 12am

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