Second Chance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is all about accepting and giving second chance to someone you love.

Second Chance

By: Queeny Marie Cequiña

At the age of sixteen, I entered San Jose College in Cebu and took up Business Management degree program. I believed it could serve as my training ground to corporate world and would mold me holistically so I could be of great help to my father's business after I graduate. Despite my young age, I already had so many aims in life and on top of them was my goal to make my parents proud. And so despite the new environment, I strived. However, I didn't think that college was a lot more than I expected, especially when I met him.

It was during the first day of school. I was on my way to room 106 when I first saw him. I wasn't sure what piqued my interest about him. Sure there were lots of boys passing by, lurking around the corners, but it was he who captivated my attention. Perhaps, it was because of his amazing green eyes, or it could be because of his height. Oh my! He's quite tall like a model kind of tall. He had this athletic vibe in him and a face like those hunk celebrities any woman would drool over.

My thoughts had completely flown out elsewhere that I forgot I was staring at him for more than what was acceptable. I was quite shocked when he stopped in front of me.Hey, why are you staring at me? he asked, and my mind got haywired for a second. Embarrassment automatically kicked in. The inner goddess in me panicked.I--I am not staring at you," I stuttered. In order to save my dignity, I added, "Never! Then I scurried away, mentally wishing the floor would open up and swallow me whole so I could escape from this embarrassment. Gosh! This was my first time getting mesmerized by a man, and what made it more epic to me was the fact that I got caught ogling at him.

I was so preoccupied by what happened; I couldn't even concentrate on my professor's discussion. He never left my mind. Even when I got home and had a talk with my mother, I still felt like I was floating.

Several weeks passed since that day, I already had our first project to work on. It was a group project, together with my friends and I was tasked to write the script.

Cally, have you already finished writing the first part of the script? Ella asked me.

Not yet, Ella. I tried to finish it last night, but I had to go to Moalo and fetched my sister; it was already late when we got home."

"Okay, Cal! Just make sure to finish the script tonight, okay?" she replied, flashing a considerate smile at me.

Okay, Ella! I will.

After almost an hour of discussion about the project and some other stuff, we decided to go to the cafeteria for lunch. Since Ella and our co-members were already marching away, I quickly took my things that were placed on the bench and willed to catch up. But as I was about to turn my heel to leave, I accidentally bumped onto someone and my things dropped on the ground.

I am sorry," he said as he bent his body down in order to help me pick up my things on the floor.

Its okay. It was my fault, too. I said apologetically, swiveling my head to see him at the same time. I was shocked when I recognized who he was.

Did I hurt you? he sincerely inquired, meeting my eyes.

I was speechless for a moment. Seeing him again after several weeks tingled different emotions inside of me. I couldn't explain it. It was overwhelming.

N-no, I'm okay. I-I have to go. Thank you for your help. Then I turned around, my heart beating erratically with every step I take.

I couldnt be attracted to him, could I? I knew my limitations and my priorities in life; love is at the least of my concern. I should prioritize my studies. I wanted to study hard and aim for high grades in order to make my parents proud. If Papa knew about this, he might scold me. I shouldn't let that happen. I shouldn't let him be my distraction.

From then on, I've concentrated completely on my academics. I finished the script I had been working on and passed it to our professor. Unexpectedly, our script was chosen as the official script for our English Festival play. It was a big event for me because I was tasked to direct the play. I wanted it to be perfect. I led my classmates in the production and scheduled rehearsals during Saturdays.

Cally, we have a problem," Ella suddenly blurted three weeks before the event. "Our main casts cant portray their roles because they are asked to attend a very important seminar in San Francisco. They can't say no. Unfortunately, it overlaps to our schedule so they had to drop us.

My jaw dropped. "What?"

"We have to find two people to portray the roles," Claudia, one of our co-members, responded.

Frustration took over me, but I couldn't dwell too much on my frustation now that I still have to think of potential people who could take over the vacated roles. It's only a three-week time. How are we going to pull this off without comprising the quality of our production?

Luckily, Claudia knew someone who could act as the male protagonist. She suggested to us her childhood friend who was not only good looking but was also good in acting. I asked her to bring her friend with her on our next rehearsal.

Due to the sudden replacement of our main casts, we decided to include Sunday in our scheduled rehearsals. Given the fact that we only have three weeks left, we really need to double our effort. Plus, we still need to find replacement for our female protagonist.

That Sunday, we, the staffs of the play, gathered at the studio for a quick meeting. While waiting for Claudia and her friend, we decided to discuss potential replacement for Ego's role, which is Juliet's character.

What if you portray as Juliet, Cal? You wrote the script. Among all of us, you are the most familiar with it," Ella suggested.

What? No. I mean---" I sighed, "---I'm sure we can still find a more suitable actress, right? I'm not a good one."

But we dont have much time, Cal! We have only 3 weeks to prepare. Looking for a new actress will only slow us down, another convinced.

I was never good in acting, but they were right. We don't have much time. I have to do this or this play won't be a success.

"Fine! I'll do it."

Just as we've come into an agreement, Claudia arrived.

"Attention everyone!" she announced. "I would like you to meet my friend Spencer. He is the one I told you yesterday."

Our attentions shifted to her and her friend. The second I recognized the man tailing her, I felt my heart skipped a bit. I couldn't move or say a word.

Hi. My name is Spencer. Claudia is my friend and she talked me into this. I know it was a bit late for this sudden change, but I promise I'll give my best for this play. Trust me. Nice meeting you all, by the way," he addressed to everyone, but his eyes lingered on me and I couldn't help but shiver. I wished for our paths to never cross again. Fate really has its way to mess things up.

Since I had to play as Juliet, I had to spend most of my time with my Romeo, too, which was Spencer himself. It was kind of ironic to me. I deemed not to get involved with him or be near him ever again, but here I am playing as his romantic counterpart.

At first, I found him very insensitive and quite a manipulative type of person. He does things that irritates me sometimes and there were times when he flirts with me as well. I thought he was just fooling around, but as I got to know him better, I realized he was dead serious! He gave me gifts and flowers everytime we rehearse. And I'd be lying if I say I wasn't swooned. God knows how much I am attracted to him. He's the first and the only man who makes me feel so much. If I hadn't promised myself not to engage in a relationship until I graduate, I would have said yes to him, but since I am determined not to break it, I pretended as if he doesn't stand a chance on me.

The next day after our practice, I went to the dressing room to change and fix myself before I go home. I was always the last to leave because I have to make sure our props are well-kept, which is why when Diego, my co-cast, appeared at the door, I couldn't hide my surprise.

"Diego," I mumbled. Why is he still here? He's the least I like among our groupmates. He is very arrogant and at times pervert, too.

"Can I ask you something?" he asked, stepping into the room. Will you be my date, Cally?

I wasn't interested to ask what date he's asking to take me to, but I immediately declined, I am sorry,Diego. I don't do dates.

"Really? What a hyprocrite you are! I've seen you hanging out with Spencer, Cally."

"He's Romeo. Of course, we need to spend time together!" I defended. To my surprise, he suddenly shut the door close and pushed me to the couch. My heart drummed nervously.

What are you doing?"My hand flew to my cheek when he slapped me violently. I glared at him for what he did, but when he started fondling me, my knees trembled in so much fear. I tried to escape from him and screamed for help, but he easily pinned me down on the couch and I was too weak to fight.

At that moment, I thought I was going to die. Physically, I didn't; emotionally, I did.

After that day, I stopped going to school. I ditched the English Festival. I left Spencer and my friends without saying goodbye. I disappointed my parents. I disappointed my friends. And most of all, I disappointed myself. I did not know to cope after that. I felt so lost. I've lost myself.

But I tried so hard to recover. I transferred to another school and graduated as cum laude. Then I was immediately hired as the secretary of Director Kim. Although I was offered for a higher position, I still chose to start low. I wanted to earn a position that I deserve and not just because I am the daughter of my father.

Because of an urgent meeting, Director Kim asked me to take a bus and follow him to Baguio after I took care of the task he's left me in the office.

I took a bus as he's told me and settled near the rear of the vehicle. Then a voice suddenly mumbled my name.


I felt my body freeze for a moment. My heart started beating uncontrollably. I knew that voice. I couldn't be wrong.

As if in slow motion, I swiveled my head to the person beside me. I was dumbfounded when I saw him, in flesh and all his glory. Myriad of emotions surged inside me. All the memories I've kept hidden at the back of my mind for many years came rushing back to me.

Nice meeting you again, Ms. Cally! he greeted in a very formal way. It was so awkward, but I tried my best to be casual, too. We might not have established a relationship before, but he was so special to me. He still is.

Oh! Spen, when did you come back from The States?" I asked. I heard he went abroad after graduation. Never heard of him thereafter. "I arrived last year here in Cebu. I have a stable job now. How about you? Why did you leave me?"

My eyes dilated in bewilderment. What does he mean by that?

Kidding!" He cackled.

I wasn't able to get that!

"So, what's up with you, Cally?"

I am currently working as a secretary of a businessman for now, I responded before I asked where he's heading.

I have an appointment to Kiana. I will be meeting her family.

Meeting her family? Does that mean he's taken? That thought hurt me. After what i've done to him, I have no right to feel this, but it really hurt big time. I still like him, but he's already found somebody else.

A week had passed but the thought about Spencer still bothered me. I wanted to know what happened to him after all these years. I scanned through my phone and stopped at Claudia's number. I've been keeping in touch with Claudia again. We met last time and had a talk. She's the most reliable source I could have when it comes to Spencer so I told her about our meeting and asked whether he's already taken, just to make sure I haven't misinterpreted anything.

From: Claudia Yes, actually hes already married.

My heart constricted painfully. I felt tears welling in the corner of my eyes. I prepared myself about him having a girlfriend, but I haven't prepared myself about him being married. But then my phone buzzed again.

From: Claudia Im just kidding, Cally!

From: Claudia This is Spencer. Claudia already left and she forgot her phone.

My eyes widened and I read his message again just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Oh my! My heart is so full. I wanted to yell in joy. I don't want to assume anything but when he called me through Claudia's phone, my heart jumped in excitement. And from then on, he started calling me every night.

One day, Claudia invited me to watch Dua Lipa's concert. We were both Dua Lipa's fan and watching her concent was really one of my goals. We sat in the front row and waited for the show to begin. Suddenly, a man appeared behind the dancers and made his way to the center. I was so shocked when I saw it was Spencer. He stood beside Dua Lipa, then out the blue, latter handed the microphone to him.

Good evening, everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to express my love to my dream girl, Cally," he announced.

Silence welled in the arena, as if everyone's listening attentively to what he is about to say. As he continued, there were to dancers who came two fetch me from where I was sitting, gesturing me to come over the stage. I was hesitant at first, but I eventually gave in.

Cally, its been 5 years since you left me, but within that 5 years I never stopped loving you. I understand why you suddenly left school, left all of us. I want you to know that I dont care what happened in your past. I just want to be with you forever. You've declined me 5 years ago but now, Ms. Cally Jade Oliva, will you finally give me a chance to be your man?"

Tears streamed down my cheeks incessantly. I was traumatized back then. I lost myself. I lost hope. I was raped. I lost respect to myself. But I managed to recover. I thought I will never be happy again, but he came back and now he's asking me for a chance I hadn't given him before. How can I say no when everything in me says yes?

Despite my past, you still accepted me. I thought that it was already too late for us, that you have already found someone else, someone more deserving. I apologize for what I did back then. I know I was selfish. I know I've hurt you. But now I am ready to love and to be loved. I am ready to start over again. I want to take a chance with you, Spencer. And so I nodded repeatedly and said, Yes!". The End

Submitted: October 16, 2018

© Copyright 2021 queencequiña. All rights reserved.

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