The Return

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“When you’re lost in your journey,don’t be afraid to go back from the beginning and start again ”

Submitted: October 16, 2018

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Submitted: October 16, 2018



It’s been ten years already since that event happened and yet until now, everything is still fresh to me. I can still feel the pain he brought to me. I tried to escape and move on from my past. I went to U.S. and live like nothing happened. I thought I already moved on from that feeling but I guess I failed because right now, all the memories come rushing back to me as the plane landed on the airport. Well, there’s nothing I can do. I need to go back here in the Philippines because my father needs me. He is in bad condition and I need to take over our company.

As I went out from the airport, I immediately saw my name written on a small board held by a middle age man which I guess is the driver that my dad sent for me. We immediately proceed to our mansion where my dad is waiting.

“Hija, welcome home. I miss you dear.” My dad immediately throws a hug on me. “I know this is not easy for you but this is the right time for you to take over our company” he continues while leading our way inside.

“I know dad. I miss you too, don’t worry, I will process everything immediately so that I can go back to U.S. as soon as possible. Clyde needs me dad. I can’t afford leaving him with there even just for a week.” I explain to dad.

“Okay hija, but I think its better if you just bring Clyde with you?”

“Not now dad.” I immediately give dad a disapproving look

“But why? Oh come on Bella, it’s been a decade already!” Dad look at me with his rising voice.

“Yes dad, it’s been a decade already since that day. But this not yet the appropriate time for him to know. Everything is still complicated. This is not about me and him anymore because Clyde is already involved!” shouting at my dad is the last thing that I don’t want to do but I just can’t stop myself.

“I don’t understand you Bella. You’re the only one whose making things complicated. He’s the father of Clyde and there’s is no question on that. But why don’t you let him know about this. It is also the time for Clyde to know about his father”. Daddy tried to explain his point to me but I didn’t listen.

“Not now dad! Please respect my decision. Goodnight dad.” I said with a finality in my voice.

As I am lying on my bed, I am thinking about what my daddy told me earlier. I admit that he has a point. Clyde has the right to know about his father. Though he is not yet asking about that at this moment. But no..not now! What if he will take Clyde away from me? I will not allow that to happen. And the worst thing is if he will not acknowledge our child. Clyde will surely get hurt.

On the next morning, I woke up early and prepared for the office. Dad already informed his secretary about this and set a board meeting. My dad will formally pass his position to me today.

I am already at the elevator and watch as the door slowly closing but it immediately open again when a hand stops it I was dumbfounded when I saw the owner of that hand standing in front of me. He’s the man I don’t want to see as of this moment. Mark, the man who broke me ten years ago is in front me. Both of us were stunned upon seeing each other again.

“Bella...” Mark finally said upon seeing me inside the elevator. Mixed emotions can be seen clearly in his eyes. “Can I join you inside?” he asked with hesitation in his voice.

“Of…Of course, I am not the owner of this elevator.” I said as I look away from him.

The short trip inside the elevator became too long for me. Neither one of us dare to talk. It is really suffocating. As the door opened, I immediately went out. But Mark was quick enough to hold me.

“Bella. Can I talk to you?”

“Talk about what Mark? We have nothing to talk about!” I told him as I grab my hand from him.

“Bella, I know we have lots of things to talk about. I’ll explain. I want you to hear my side. Please.” Mark said as he looks at me with pleading eyes.

“Fine! But not now. I’m busy.” I said as walk away from him. I don’t know why I agree to meet with in private. I’m not yet ready to tell him about Clyde but half of me wants to hear his side; his explanation why he kept me on the day of our wedding. I removed that thoughts immediately as I went inside the conference room. As I went in, I only saw my secretary, surprisingly the board are still not here.

“Stacey, where are they?” I ask my secretary.

“Ahh… Ehh.. Ma’am, your father told me to move the meeting tomorrow.”

“What! Then what am I doing here? Why did you not tell me earlier? I just wasted my time!” I furiously told my secretary.

“I’m... I’m sorry ma’am. I thought your father already informed you. But ma’am you have another appointment today.”

“Appointment?! What appointment is that?” I curiously asked. I’m just so mad at these people. They always make decisions without informing me. I thought I will be the next CEO of this company.

“Ahm... Ma’am it’s a lunch meeting with one of our biggest investors, eleven o’clock at this Donya Is Meralda’s place.”

“One of the biggest investors? And that is….” I look at my secretary with a killer look. I think I need a new secretary.

“With Mr. Mark Garcia ma’am.”

“Come again? Mark Garcia?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Cancel that meeting Stacey.”

“I’m sorry ma’am but I think it’s impossible to cancel the meeting. It’s already eleven o’clock and Mr. Garcia is already … here.” Stacey answered as she looks at my back and take her exit.

“Why will you cancel the meeting Ms. De Guzman?” he whispered at me with his manly voice. I can’t deny the fact that he has still this big impact to me. Even just for small gesture.

“Mark... didn’t I told you earlier that I will talk to you some other time.” I look at him for a second. Oh God! Not now please.”

“Bella, I already set an appointment with you and you’re not busy anymore since the meeting is cancelled. Now please Bella, I just want to sort things out especially between you and me. Please Bella.” Mark said with pleading eyes.

“Fine, let’s go. Let’s just convoy ‘coz I’ll be bringing my car and please don’t contradict.” I immediately got my bag and went to the parking lot. As I drive towards the restaurant, lots of negative thoughts are running in my mind. On the other hand, I am also thinking what my dad told me. Mark has also the right to know about our child.

As I arrive at the restaurant, I saw Mark sitting near the window so I immediately went to him.

“Mark.” I called his attention.

“Bella, have a sit.” Mark politely pulled a chair for me.

“Thank you.” I said as I’m trying to hold my emotions back. How I miss this scenario. Few minutes already passed but neither one of us dare to talk first and it is really awkward so I decided to break the silence.

“So, are we just going to stare for the whole time?” I finally utter as I look at him. His cold blank stares made me almost shiver so I look away.

“Bella, I know the truth. I know everything.” He finally said without breaking his stare to me.

“Wh..what do you mean?” I nervously ask him though I already have hint on what he is talking about. But how did he know it?

“Clyde.” He said as his expression softened. “Bella, I respected your decision to live the Philippines because I know, I badly hurt you. Your dad even told me to live you alone and give you space so I did.” Mark pause for a while as tears rolled down from his eyes.

“Mark...” I tried to talk and explain but he stops me.

“Bella, am I that bad person for you to keep our child away from me?” Mark said with a questioning eye.

“I’m very sorry Mark. I’m sorry. I’m just scared. I thought…” I can’t even continue my words because I can’t control my emotions anymore. “I’m sorry”. I immediately went out and drive to the airport. I can still hear his voice calling my name. Before the plane take off, I called dad and told him that I’m flying back to U.S.

When I arrived, I immediately went home. I’m just gone for two days but I miss Clyde so much. As I opened the door, Clyde’s smiling face immediately greet me.

“Mommy, you’re home!” He immediately ran towards me and hug me tightly. “My, did daddy come with you?” he looked at me with hopeful eyes.

“What?” I looked at my child with a puzzled look.

“Of course son, I did.” My body immediately freeze as I heard his voice behind me.

“Daddy!” Clyde immediately ran and hug him tightly. I was almost broke into tears as I saw that scenario of them.

“Mark? What are you doing here?” I finally managed to ask him. Oh God! What is happening? How did they meet each other?

“I’m here for you and Clyde Bella. Let’s start again as a family.” He looked at me with a smile.

“But how did you know that…” I wasn’t able to finish my question because he already butted in.

“Bella, we already know each other a year ago. I’m sorry but I hired a private investigator to know you’re details. And I have to thank you for making our child an intelligent, kind hearted and God-fearing one. We didn’t tell you immediately because we thought you will get angry, so we just keep it as a secret. But don’t worry, that will be our first and last secret to keep. Right Clyde?” he said as he smiled looking at me.

“Yes Daddy, I’m sorry mommy for keeping you a secret” Clyde look at me with a smile in his face too. So that explains why Clyde didn’t bother asking anything about his father because he already know.

“Yiieehh, mommy and daddy still love each other!” Clyde giggled as he was jumping joyfully. We just looked at him and laugh at his reaction.

“I love you babe, please let’s start again. Will you marry me?” Clyde said as he kneeled in front of me Clyde. Tears immediately rolled down on my cheeks upon seeing him in bended knees holding a ring.

“Yes Mark, I will. But you still have a lot of explanations to do especially to daddy.” As I laugh at him.

“No problem Mrs. Garcia.” As he laughs too and he immediately wear the ring into my finger and kissed me in my forehead.





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