you matter

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a young teenage girl struggles with life, and is made to choose between life and death.

Submitted: October 16, 2018

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Submitted: October 16, 2018



You Matter

She stands there staring at herself in the mirror, wishing she was someone else, someone different. She stares at the cuts that gash, her legs, arms and breasts. She stares at herself wondering why she was put into this stupid world and what it would be like if she was dead. Her counsellor told her that they were battle scars and that she will get through this stage. The ‘battle scars’ were deep, nearly touching the bone, and every new one she lays upon herself, the less she cares.

‘She sits in the corner crying, shaking with rage and fear. They punched her, pushed her to the ground, kicked the life out of her. They laughed at the tears that sit on her cheeks. Calling her a “baby” and “an idiot for even entering this world”.

The memory is interrupted by the sound of her Mother’s voice, telling her to get dressed for school, the place she dreads and fears. When she arrives at school, she runs into the bathroom away from everyone else. Her anxiety and depression rising inside her; threatening to steal her body and control her mind. She stiffens at the sound of her tormentor and her friends, she can hear them talking about her, saying that she doesn’t deserve to live, that she should just end her own life, no one will care. It’s all quiet until her phone starts to ring. The bullies know her phone’s tone. They start screaming her name, laughing at the sensation of punching the lights out of her. She can taste her blood, her nose flattened against her face, her head throbbing in pain. Tears fall, as she lies in the small puddle of blood on the cold bathroom floor.

She stares at herself in the bedroom mirror, glancing between the little box where she keeps her knives and the belt that hangs on her cupboard door, wondering which one she should use. She can hear her voice telling her to choose, telling her to end her miserable life. Her choice made, she looks at the small box of knives, hoping that her decision is the right one.

As the knife plunges deeper, the more it burns.

As the blood thickens, the more she’s satisfied.

The more tears that fall, the more it hurts.

Soon there will be no more pain….

* * **

Bullying hurts. Being pushed into the point were you just snap, slashing multiple cuts across your skin, screaming and crying your self to sleep. Hiding away from everyone, including your closest relatives and only friends. Hiding the truth from just about everyone. Not being able to speak up and come clean about what is truly happening. The teachers not knowing because they will treat you differently if they did. Suicide creeping in, taking control of how you feel and act. Everyone being there just hurts you. Not being able to eat or sleep, crying so any tears. Waking up in a pool of sweat and tears. Not being about to leave your room. Dreading going to school. Not being able to look at your phone, with the fear of what people have to say. Bullying hurts.

Every day, thousands of students are the victims of hateful bullies. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now!

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