Found and Gone with the Wind

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The short story is about a thirteenth young girl who dreamed a blurry face, figure of a man running around and this made her always think of who could be that man in her life.

Submitted: October 16, 2018

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Submitted: October 16, 2018



Have you ever had the experience of waking up from an incredibly vivid dream, or even one that has become a hazy fog but still leaves an impression due to its subject material? How does everyone else experience the dream world? Indeed, the world can perhaps gain some perspective about this interesting and mysterious portion of our lives.

A thirteenth young girl named Rasphutia who was particularly wrecked practicing on different performance activities from school. When she went home, she hopped straight away into her bed. She wasn’t even changed her clothes and took a dinner. Until such time, she’s snoring while sleeping all the way.

There comes a dreamy scene where she’s at outside of the house together with her playmates Jen, Cath, Benjie, Mark and Lez. They are playing an old and popular children’s game “Hide-and-seek” in which one player closes his or her eyes for a brief period (often counting to 100) while the other players hide. The first one found is the next seeker, and the last is the winner of the round. In one of many forms of the game, the hiders try to run back to “home base” while the seeker is away looking for them. If all of the hiders return safely, the seeker repeats as seeker in the next round.

Out in her dream, she’s apparently the seeker who then opens her eyes and tries to find the hiders. She’s shouting and mentioning their names on the said area they’re playing. While she’s looking around, she saw a rummage pale hand under the tree, a short distance away from where she stood. In his early thinking, it was Benjie hiding there. She could say that it was Benjie because she perceived him the same skin-color as she has just seen. Benjie is a half Filipino American that can be described as a tall light-skinned man other than the rest of her friends that are totally came from Filipino breed. Thereat, Rasphutia suspected him by all means. She was slowly and closely going to the tree so that Benjie cannot notice her and cannot go to the home base at the same time. When she arrived at the tree, she found nothing. “What is happening to me? I think it was only my illusion” she said. She has been calling back to her playmates’ names contiguously and hoping that she could find them with her starry-eyes.

In due course time, she felt bored and restless of seeking them so she decided resting on the home base. The wind came suddenly from the east that day afternoon.  It was a hot, sticky breeze that made an already stifling summer day that much worse. Despite of that, trees were still bending over in the sticky breeze. Rasphutia was feeling scared and uncomfortable at that time. She screamed, “Guys, let’s stop the game! I quit now!” Shortly after solemnity, she heard no response. Allowing herself to become calm, she shouted two times but then again still nothing. She was wondering where they were and her nerves were shaking with fears. She couldn’t help herself but to stay under the tree and wait for her playmates to show up.

Eventually, she saw a blurry face, figure of a man running around. A tall light-skinned man who looked at her as he ran fast. Overseeing his body was visible to her naked eye although she didn’t clearly see his face. The man seemed to live from another country as what she perceived with Benjie’s physical appearance. He kept on running fast like he wanted to be caught by Rasphutia. Thereupon, Rasphutia was more afraid of the sudden wind than the man’s presence so she undoubtedly stopped the man by saying “Hey! Please stop”. When she said it, the man’s run was slowing down until he stopped fifteen meters away, facing towards her. She calmly moved closer to him and stared all over. On her way up, the wind was suddenly getting stronger and she still never looked in any sides to watch him but unfortunately, the man was gone like a bubble.

At this point, Rasphutia started to lose lucidity, (In real life, she was being slowly woken up by noises coming from outside). She knew that it was a dream though, because she could still feel her bed and hear things in the house. The weirdest part was that she could open her eyes from the dream and see her room, but in the dream, this would be the equivalent to her closing her eyes! While she could have probably consciously and willingly finished the dream. But after she woke up, what always make her to think is that, Who could be that man in my life?, What about him that would be a part of me? Is he going to be my soulmate? or Does he symbolize my soulmate? , she questioned.

Rasphutia ended the story with the realization, there was no end to the dream world.





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