Halloween Treat

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Submitted: October 16, 2018

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Submitted: October 16, 2018



Halloween Treat


  Once upon a time on Halloween night, the local

children dressed as their favourite scary monsters,

went door knocking, collecting lots sweets and goodies...

- Trick or treat!

- Trick or treat!

  They demanded.

  They came at last to an old run down house in an 

unfamiliar street, just near the dark woods where they 

never played. They knocked on the door...

-Trick or treat! Trick or treat!

  They yelled.

  At last a large muslim woman in a black burka, 

wearing a full face veil opened the squeaky door.

- Oh sorry lady, we didn't know muslims lived here.

I guess you don't celebrate Halloween, you must 

celebrate Allahween!

  One of the children joked.

- Oh I do, I do, come inside, I've got a special treat

for you children.

- Look lady we're sorry, we didn't mean to be 

Islamaphobic. We'll go now.

  The joker apologised.

- No, no, come inside, and have my special treat!

  So the children went inside, their eyes opened 

wide searching for their treat.

  But then they heard loud screaming, and looked 

through a door into the woman's bedroom, and saw

a girl all dressed in red, tied up on the bed.

- Help! Help!

  The girl called out hysterically.

- Who's that lady? Who's that?

  The frightened children asked.

  And the muslim woman pulled off her face veil,

and said...

- Why that's Little Red Riding Hood, and I'm

the Big Bad Wolf, and you're my Halloween treat!

  And  then the Wolf's viscious lupine teeth made 

short work of their tasty young flesh! Muhahahaha!


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