Spiderling Love

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If you'd assume that a setting with monster girls and shady government organizations would spawn action stories, you'd assume wrong. I've taken a sliver of a pre-existing universe to express a universal concept: first date anxiety.

Submitted: October 16, 2018

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Submitted: October 16, 2018



“Ninaaaaaa!” came the screeching call, audible from down the corridor.

The woman in question jumped, dropping her knitting needles. They fell to the floor with a soft ping as she felt heartbeat quicken with the startle.

The door burst open, and in tumbled a girl with far too many legs and eyes. Her abrupt entrance disrupted the array of fidget toys scattered on Nina’s desk, and she rushed to steady them. Her intruder was, despite her spider-like features, not the oddest person on the base. What else could one expect of their coworkers when working for a secret government organization? Nina’s hand fluttered to her chest as she tried to catch her breath.

“S-Sienna. What is it?”

Sienna’s features were flushed, and she was breathing heavily. The messy twin buns perched atop her head were more disheveled than usual, her clothing rumpled and askew. And yet, her lips were stretched wide in a jubilant grin, exposing her razor sharp teeth.

Despite the inherent threat, Nina found them quite cute.

“I have a date!” she declared, striking a dramatic hand-on-hip pose.

“D-date? With who?”

“Amber! Nina I’m so excited!” Sienna’s accent was thick, but her joyous tone ascended human language. She grabbed Nina’s hands and pulled her from her seated position, spinning the frazzled woman around the room, giggling all the while. Her spider legs skittered across the floor, and all six of her eyes gleamed with delight.

“Oh G-God, Sienna slow down,” stuttered Nina.

“Oo! Lo siento, chiquita,” apologized Sienna, setting her friend gently back in her desk chair. She hopped up onto Nina’s bed, sitting as comfortably as someone with her particular anatomy could, and watched as the resident monster-doctor lit a stick of incense from a package labeled Soothing Lavender.

“N-now,” Nina smoothed back her dark hair and took a breath, “T-tell me all about it.”

Sienna beamed. “I was hanging out in Amber’s quarters, complaining about not having anyone to take me out, when she offered to do it! She asked me why I was hanging out with that Jared guy all the time when I didn’t even like him, and I told her it was because I was lonely, and well...one thing led to another!”

Nina smiled. “Where are you t-two going?”

“The movies! And then ice cream! If that is not a date, I don’t what what is.”

“Fair p-point,” Nina mused, “it is pretty romantic.”

“I knew you’d think so!” Sienna exhaled, dropping backward to sprawl on her friend’s bed. “I just hope it all goes well.”

“S-so do I, considering her...situation.”

“You mean her ability to generate arms from another dimension?” Sienna asked hopefully.

“N-no. You know what I m-mean…”

A long sigh escaped the girl on the bed, and her arm drooped lazily off the edge, like a wilting flower.

“I know,” she conceded, “I was trying not to think about it.”

“I j-just don’t want you to get hurt, Sienna. Amber’s husband may have died a long time ago, b-but she lives longer than either of us. Maybe it s-still feels new to her.”

Sienna turned on her side to face her friend, and stared intently into the nervous woman’s eyes.

“I would never ever hurt Amber Moon.”

“I k-know that.”

“And I know she’s said that she is not open to the idea of love anymore. But...with me...she’s changed. She is affectionate. She is kind. She tells me that she has been lonely for a long time, but I am what changed that. She tells me that the last time she went to see a movie...it was with him. That has to mean something.”

Sienna sat up abruptly, and Nina could see the hope blossom in her eyes.

“Amber Moon was the first person to make me feel truly comfortable here. I was in a new country, in a new place, surrounded by more people than I’ve met in my entire life. I was kept hidden away as long as I can remember, but Amber…” she trailed off, eyes glazed over with the haze of a memory. “Amber looked at me like I was any other girl. Like I was not a monster that hides in the closet. And then...she became my friend! She laughed with me, she cried with me, she took me on walks and giggled at my curiosity over the most basic of things. She watched me twirl with glee in a gas station because I had never been in one before, and she called it cute. When she looks at me, I see a warmth I have never known.”

She sighed, shoulders dropping.

“Nina, how could I help but fall in love with someone so beautiful?”

Nina exhaled slowly, observing the desperation in her friend. Who was she to squash such a pure wish? She pasted a smile over her concern, and took Sienna’s hands in her own.

“I-I guess you can’t,” she said, squeezing gently. “You two are going to have so much fun.”

Sienna’s face lit up with happiness, and as Nina worried, she continued emphatically about her excitement.

“Oh Sienna,” thought the doctor, “I truly hope that you don’t end up with a broken heart.”

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