The Girl Who Saved Him

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Girl

Submitted: October 17, 2018

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Submitted: October 17, 2018



"Nathan, dear? Get ready. It's nearly time for supper." Nathan's mother chirped, entering his bedroom. Nathan had simply been staring out the window...watching the rain fall to the ground one story below his bedroom. "Yes, mother." He replied, looking at his mother for just a second, before standing and adjusting his tie. "This is a big day, Nathan. This betrothal could mean everything to our school. Magic should be celebrated! Being able to make fire and ice come from the palm of your hand...extraordinary. Our family has worked on this school for decades. This is the year it opens. The year you are betrothed to Emma Lake." His mother said softly, looking deep into her son's auqamarine eyes. He shrugged away from her, averting her gaze. "Nathan-" "No. I don't want to be engaged, mother. I'm only eighteen..." "Enough of this nonsense, Nathan! You are to marry Emma. End of discussion." His mother replied, coldly. Nathan left behind his mother, eventually ending up in the dining hall. When Emma and her parents finally showed up, Nathan couldn't help but feel a sinking feeling in his heart. Emma was beautiful, and extremely sweet...but Nathan just didn't feel a connection. He didn't want to, either. After dinner, it had been decided. Emma Lake and Nathan James are to be married on this date in seven months. Nathan had no choice. He was engaged to someone he didn't truly love...all so that his parents could finally open a school for magic...for kids who could make things ignite in fire by muttering a word and then put it out with water that came from their palm and so like him. Only; his parents weren't doing it for kids to learn how to control their magic and use it properly...they were doing it for the power. Nathan exited the dining hall last, but instead of just going to his room, he left. Nathan's white shirt was drenched, and his short black hair dropped sadly, thoroughly wet from the rain. He sat in the local cafe, as he secretly heated up his coffee using his hand. The doors of the cafe opened again. Nathan looked over, as the cafe was a very hole-in-the-wall type of place. Nobody really knew it existed. Nathan watched as the girl who entered close her umbrella and ordered a coffee. Something was way too secretive about this girl. The way she clamped her fingers over her mug and didn't blink once as she stared at it. Noticing his stare, she stopped and walked over. His eyes widened, but he was unable to avoid conversation. "I'm Kaitie Sharp. And you are?" She asks, smiling as she sits down in the chair across from Nathan's. "Nathan James. Nice to meet you. Why were you staring so intensely at your cup?" Nathan says, chuckling as he stops heating his coffee. "Oh, just um..." She says, nervously. Everything clicked into place. Nathan figured out the puzzle. Nervous? Hand gripping? Staring intensely? Kaitie Sharp was blessed with magic, too.

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