The Girl Who Saved Him

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Kaitie and Nathan's cafe conversation turns into a ride to Kaitie's favorite place; the hidden hill behind her house overlooking the Hollywood sign.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Confiding

Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



"Do you want to go for a drive?" Kaitie asks, smiling. Nathan contemplated the offer, deciding that it would be fun to talk to somebody else who can do magic, too. Nathan nodded, getting up and taking the last sip of his coffee. They get into Kaitie's car, and she starts it. "I know you can do magic. That's why I invited you. I can too. I've never talked to someone else who can do it." She explains, as she starts driving. "It's 2018. I wouldn't have gotten into the car with you if I didn't know you could do magic." Nathan replies, chuckling. "Well, normal people don't pick up on it." She says, returning the small chuckle. "It's somewhat stupid. I mean, magic is happening everywhere and no normal people notice." Nathan agrees, as the car stops. "Okay, here's an umbrella. I don't understand why you didn't bring one, but not everyone can win." She says with a playful sigh. "Oh ha ha." Nathan replies sarcastically as he rolls his eyes. "There's almost no British people here. I feel a bit out of place." Kaitie says, nudging Nathan with her elbow as she lead the way to some mystery place. "Well at least I'm here. Two Brits, eh? Who would've thought. In Hollywood, anyway." Nathan says, disregarding the little nudge. "Well, I've only met one other British girl. So three, actually." Kaitie replies, matter-of-factly. "Well...same difference. Oh look, the sun is out." Nathan says, looking up. "That's's warm, now..." Kaitie says, looking up in confusion. "I guess some powerful magic changed the weather. It's not rare, and normal people pass it off. 'magic doesn't exist' they say." Nathan says, with a snort of laughter. "Well that's good to know." She replies, stopping. Nathan looks away from her, and notices the view. The trees...the bushes...and the majestic Hollywood sign. "Wow.." Nathan said, looking at the sign and admiring it. Kaitie sat down, also admiring it. Nathan took a seat next to her. "So...." She said, breaking her gaze at the sign to look at Nathan. "So I'm betrothed to marry a girl who annoys me and I don't like her even a little bit." Nathan says, not breaking his gaze. "Well--that was sudden..." She said, still looking at him. He returned her look, his eyes glossy, but still colorful. "How do I...get out of that?" He asks, his eyes pleading. "You need to walk on the wild side, I suppose. Just tell your mother that you aren't getting married to somebody you don't love." She said, simply. "It's not that easy. I tried, you know." He replies with discomfort. "Rules? Throw them out. I just met you and yet I took you to my only spot of calming and comfort. I feel like I've known you for years." She says, smiling a little. "My parents are disgusting assholes who use magic in dark ways and wants to train magic kids to do that, too. That's what this stupid betrothal is all about. Power over the children; to turn them into dark ones." Nathan admitted, though tough as it was. "Oh and...I feel that, too. I feel as though I can confide in you. That's what this is. Confiding." He added, with a small chuckle to lighten the mood. She raised a brow. "Then don't marry her." She replied, eyebrow still raised. "You don't understand, do you? The severity? If I don't marry this girl then my mother will curse me. Not the simple bad luck forever curse, either. She'll curse me with the most excruciating pain you could ever imagine...then leave me there to suffer through it for a week. She's done it to me, but only for an hurts. It hurts so badly." He told her, pleading himself to not cry as he remembered the unbearable pain of the curse. "T-That sounds serious..." She replied, placing a hand on his shoulder. Her eyes searched his desperately with concern. He let her as he looked into her own. "It is."

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