Death dreamer

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All my life I have dreamt death but I never though that one day I'd dream my own.

Submitted: October 17, 2018

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Submitted: October 17, 2018



All my life, I have dreamt death. At first it were only mere nightmares and I thought nothing more of it. But then I started to see the people ,from my dreams, walking down the streets. They were not dead, like they were in my dreams, they were alive, very much alive.
They were all kinds of peoples. Women and men, old and young. They were jogging down the street, driving a car, walking their dog or holding hands with their children.
Then a few days, weeks or months late, I saw their death certificate in the paper.

When I realized that my dreams were a harbinger for peoples deaths, I was so scared. I tried to just stay awake but I always fell asleep in the end and dreamt another persons death, whom I had no idea who was. I always felt responsible for their deaths. Like it was my fault that they died. I even sneaked in their funeral if they were nearby. I just sat there in the back and if it was possible, I walked to the coffin and just looked at them.
I didn't know anything about them. Not their name, what they did nor how they lived.
The only thing I knew was how they died.

The older I got I learned that I didn't have to go to all the funerals, I didn't have to feel guilty over their deaths all the time. I could just ignore it all. I could but I never did.
All the time I wished that I could warn people, that I could prepare them and their family.
I tried it once.

One night I woke up from one of my dreams. It was different then, I recognized the person. It was a woman who lived in my street. I didn't know her at all, I just saw her sometimes when I was walking home from school.
In my dream, she fell down the stairs in her house. She broke her neck in the fall and no one was around to help her so she choked in her own blood.
The next day I went over to her place and introduced myself. Then I simply said to her:
"You will die in the next few days. You will fall down the stairs in you home when no one is at home and you will break your neck and choke in your own blood."
She just stared at me for a second while she was understanding what I had just said. Then she just awkwardly laughed and said that she promised to be careful in the stairs.
But in the next few days she died. Not in the stairs tho, but in a car accident, so she must have listened to my warning. That day I learned that death is inescapable , that it is already decided when you will die.

But enough about my dreams. I guess you'd like to know a little more about me. My name is Alex and I am 15.
You can do you calculations yourself in what grade I am in, I don't really see the point of it tho, because it has nothing to do with my story at all.
But this story is a story about my life. Mostly it is a story about the day I dreamt my death.

It was the 25th of February that I woke up of my usual dreams and I saw how the sun was trying to squeeze out between the clouds. It was also snowing, and the snowflakes were falling slowly towards the ground.
There was something so beautiful about this morning, something very special .

I went downstairs and mom was already up and starting cooking oatmeal. It wasn't really tempting to eat it but with plenty of raisins and apples it was okay.
I grabbed a bowl from the cabin and filled my bowl with the oatmeal. Mom poured some orange juice in a glass and gave me along with some vitamins.
My mom was a bit of a health freak, she sold herbalife products to her friends and some random people. She also went jogging or swimming a lot. She had changed a lot in the last two years. Once she was, not fat, but a bit chubby. She had fibromyalgia and was often in very much pain. Then she started to read a lot about health and starting to exercise more and eat better, then the pounds fell off her like hair and she got some muscles too.
It was amazing to look at old pictures of her and then look at her today.
Mom always woke up with me in the mornings, dad had always left for work before I woke up. He worked at the post office and woke up really early to go to work.
I turned the kettle on when I had finished eating. I always liked to take tea with me to school in a thermo cup. Mom had given it to me. While the water was heating up I grabbed a teabag and put it in the cup, it picked my favorite, Earl grey. I didn't like those berry or fruit teas, I wanted mine black with milk and sugar. The British way , like my friend used to say.
"Bye mom!" I said before leaving the house.
"Bye dear!" she answered and I heard he turn the kettle on again. Me and my mom were the same, tea drinking people, tho my dad was more in the coffee. Black and no sugar.

I remember how cold it was that morning. I could see my own breath, it was that cold. Tho it was rather usual around here, especially in February. Then sun had managed to squeeze between the thick clouds and she kissed my cheeks gently while saying good morning.
The sunshine was so bright when it hit the new snow. It was so bright, my eyes hurt so I squeezed them back.

It didn't take long for me to walk to school, 10 minutes at the most. It was a big school, with many kids and there were many classes. Tho I had been with most of the kids , in my class, in class before. Not that I knew them at all. I had very few friends, mostly acquaintances. I smiled and nodded to them when I met them in the hallway or in the streets. 
I walked in room 104 and cold wind greeted me, some idiot had left the window open so the cold morning wind played in the classroom. I thought the cold was okay, as long as he was outside. Inside it was suppose to be warm. I walked to the window and shut it.
Then I noticed that the classroom was empty.
Maybe there was no class. I felt a little hope beginning to grow in my chest. But it shrank soon. The bell rang and the kids, along with the teacher, entered the room.
The time passed so slowly, it wasn't even that important course, only geography.
What genius thought that having geography as the first course ,on a Friday morning, was a good idea? Well, that genius was not my kind of genius.

Finally the bell rang. I gathered my stuff and shoved it in my bag, left the classroom and headed to the library.
The library was my favorite place in the whole school, just sitting there with a good book, the best thing ever.
On my way to the library I notice that in the tree, outside, are three ravens. Didn't someone once say that if three ravens sat in a tree close to a house, someone in that house would die? Not that it mattered.

I opened the door to the library and greeted the librarian. I liked the librarian, she was a woman in her late forties, she understood me so well and what I liked. She showed me a new book who had just arrived. I took it and made myself comfortable in one of the couches and started reading.

I had just finished chapter two when a little girl came running into the library.
I couldn't see her well but I heard that she was running out of air from all the running. I couldn't hear what she was saying but I could see the librarians and I saw how her face went pale. She ran to the windows and pulled the curtains down. Then she took up the phone and rang somewhere. I heard her talk fast with someone on the phone. I still couldn't hear what she was saying. I was going crazy I was so curious. But that didn't last long.
I heard gunshots, two of them. Then the screaming started.

I felt how the blood in my veins froze. I heard kids running down the hallway. Then a moment later I heard someone walking slowly and calmly down the hallway. I heard him stop at the door to the library.
I hoped with all my heart that the librarian had locked the door. But that hope vanished because the person opened the door and entered.

I held my breath and hid behind the couch. I looked up from my hiding place and I saw a man. The man was tall, with dark hair and was dressed in a black hoodie and blue jeans. The man was standing in front of the desk and I heard the librarian and the little girl begging him for mercy. But he just smiled. Then the gunshot and screams started again.

I felt the tears running down my cheeks and I held my mouth so he couldn't hear my breath.
I heard the man walk calmly around the library. It was like he had all the time in the world, like he didn't have to worry about anything. Maybe he didn't.
I heard the man come closer and closer to the couch. I held my breath and closed my eyes.

I don't know how long i sat there, but when I opened my eyes and looked up I looked in crazy green eyes.
The man smiled, like he had just won a big price in Tivoli. Then he grabbed my sweater and pulled me out of my hiding place and out on the floor.
I tried to scream but no sound would come.
"Scream, scream for me. Tho it won't do you any good. Nobody will hear you."
That man was crazy.
"Please don't shoot me." I begged him.
"And why should I not?" he asked and bowed down so his face was in the same height as mine.
"Cuz I, I, I..." I stuttered.
"You are taking too long to answer. " He said, stood up and pointed his gun at me.
Then the I heard the shot.

I woke up when someone poked me.
"Class is over." said the boy who sat next to me.
"Did I fall asleep?" I asked and stretched my arms. The boy nodded.
"Like a baby."
I quickly gathered my stuff and left the classroom. I decided to go to the library, it was my favorite place in the school. I loved to sit there and read good books. Maybe there were some new books.
On my way to the library, I saw three ravens sitting in the tree, just outside the window.

-The End.


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