God Awaited This Change

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
"Do you go by a plan?" Asked Alice. I did left this thought back into our history. For our future this time traveler wanted to up-bring something we missed. I have only dictated this real story in a simple human language. If you like contribute to be our stars in the never broken promise you have assured all of us here. You must not think where to start. I must say God has given this planet as our home. Let us create a destiny in this home so close with our hearts gestures. May we not wait again. :)

Submitted: October 17, 2018

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Submitted: October 17, 2018



What will you tell this time traveller? Alice wanted to know,

This prescription may not wound time, really?

For reality may have a source of dissatisfaction in human world,

Dreams I collect grant a beginning yet do not pay taxes,

Our exhibition I choose here make many choices unseen,

For this grace I will not trade yet do change our expectations,

Here this stranger relives a learning no lasting moment fear,

This new care I ask a time traveller is a stepping stone we follow,

Here any thought maker welcomes some spelling mistakes,

Unless God who watched this Sunrise,

Belongs for our retreat into the unknown crossing less natural,

Why would the time traveller set us a cure for these estimations?

Alice told it is still inside your head,

Who will regret for the day that doesn’t help us existentially?

For the weigh we divide our world with words,

Still mean we fight with words for those wounds,

Away in destiny can help source adopting the reality unseen,

For the time traveller came to knock us with a message,

Yet the actor was those crowd went recurring our wages,

Who may forget each moment for the next stories?

If we forget to count the higher fixed costs,

Each day that exceed to extend the next economic depression,

Every thought that exercise a wilderness over our ecological balance,

Every spirit that extract our excellence living a difference where we are,

Still every word asks the time traveller for a hope from these solutions,

How can we forget this when the wine was served?

Yet the time traveller was asked to pay a wage in tax,

No one understood this expect Alice,

God was puzzled why this time traveller wanted to be human,

At last oracle send him to the time where I lived,

I was so glad to meet this unknown person,

We knew that a simple code can go wrong,

But I waited with all hearts to hear his concerns,

And I wanted to know if we don’t face trials,

How will we know what we sow here ignite the faith within?

For the future cannot be so wrong,

Unless we serve to improve its outcome now,

How can we do this without exceptional situations?

Finally it came near the cage that trapped the bird,

This time traveller wanted to know,

Can we do it again without creating unrest?

Unless necessity strikes humans are not going to change their plans,

If our future implant a decision we need to make today,

Do you stand by the change we can be part of this day?

The time traveller was so trust worthy as no silence was so embracing,

Here on Earth we are trained to live economically,

We create a home to feed billions with One Earth,

Inconveniences still fall on every home to reap the next day’s bread,

Who excel in this commitment for saving their inflating cost from falling revenues,

Still knows it takes a birth of initiatives all our innovations must be granted equally,

In this give and take one in many get the equal share,

When money, position and power still restore what they can expect;

But does this pressing need still devalue crossing our growing demand,

Where the supply is so short many live a miserable life,

They also belong to our future,

When I call you to justify every human action for the need to survive,

Will inner compulsions may go so wrong with widening hunger to kill its poverty within?

For humans are always meant to be like that,

Sleeping by these inconveniences,

Do you want to create a world of inequalities?

Where inadequacy create differences we cannot tolerate,

When inferiority is still the bottom line,

Why does insufficiency forget these human rituals and be part of our unforgettable days where there is still hope for new sunshine?

To overcome these three symptoms Governments tax more so that we consume less,

It was early morning by then,

Our time traveller got a strange thought for giving us back a gift,

How much may be your thoughts so valuable…

Can you reform a social order any unfulfilled desire I can be a part of your life here?

I was so delighted for an answer,

But I didn’t want this stranger to go lost in time again,

Looking for a time where new space is a rewinding of our history,

Soon I wanted him to investigate every moment we live now,

For one more single step that can transform our next generation,

A day when the universe will see hope in all the thoughts that make dreams sprout out of a human mind’s gestures,

Where the biggest game will be played not to outsmart others in failures,

But to bring up every child for a better day in God’s vision,

A planet devoted to humble in a draft of time we experience in all oneness we love to share,

A belonging every human will speak out their hearts wish into reality,

I wanted this time traveller to be part of my all-time beautiful days in our avatar here,

I requested this time traveller,

May you request God for this blessing,

I may be the kindness you will bring out for this change,

Where everyone seeks unity for the grant’s heaven will be our guardian’s possession,

May you never step out of these times we must be always here,

I just wanted this simple dream into reality,

For the time traveller this is the future all from a hearts grant may have taken into rebirth,

Everyday when the oracle wanted to read this story,

Some spelling mistakes still count the day of these stories,

Someone was always sent to our present days,

And the last play watched the stars for giving our lost thoughts into daily impressions,

Where God became our carpenter,

Always giving new shapes for the resonance of love and all its care,

A time traveller I just met in an untold heart’s gestures,

Urged us staying poor looking for peace,

Towards the most requested acceptance when comes from heart,

For us this lifetime will give our journey unplanned happening from new experiences,

Finally finding this visitor beloved in Almighty’s vision,

I envisioned a time for changers says let us stop complaining,

Let us water this message to start a genuine understanding into its stepping stones,

May God who awaited this change be our aspiration born to make a difference with the trust edge.


© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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