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That moment you realize you're falling in love deeply with someone who doesn't feel the same way.

Submitted: October 17, 2018

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Submitted: October 17, 2018



Perhaps it was the vibrations of her alluring laughter,
playing a soft harmony to my ears,
maybe it was her mesmerizing eyes,
her hypnotizing smile,
that induced so many tears.
It's so absurd, 
I don't even know when she became so valuable to me,
we've known one another
for the longest time,
her beautiful mind so oblivious
to me wanting to label her "mine."
I perch myself behind protective cover,
and watch her as she flies between
toxic relationship after virulent affair
like the insignificant orb
in an aging and decrepit pinball machine.

It's like watching a rigid snowstorm,
standing upright on the balcony,
or staring calmly out the window,
observing the wind blow,
watching each flake
as they fall,
not realizing each and every
flake adds up,
no matter how large or how small.
Then suddenly my entire lawn is covered,
all these meager things have built upon each other,
and you're my snowstorm, baby.

I will continue to stand behind my window,
delaying my journey until you come,
no matter how long it takes you to 
come to your senses,
and fully realize that I am the one.


© Copyright 2019 Andrew Patterson. All rights reserved.

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