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Submitted: October 17, 2018

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Submitted: October 17, 2018



A light came crouching to the west side, covering the ball of fire—it was sunset, the sun was shrouded with darkness once again. Xiomara Tiu took a deep breath and released all her frustrations and tiresome because projects, exams, and finals week had bombarded her body clock. She even sighed, “Haaa… It’s has been a tiring week! Finally, I want to go home and just sleep”. As she was walking towards the school’s exit she remembered something, “Ohh! I have no home, my parents are always busy and they don’t have time with me. How terrible!”. With all loneliness on her face, she went home and expected same scenario as usual—she will be with her nanny and not with her mommy and daddy.



Xiomara Tiu is a Chinese mestiza from a place in Shanghai. Her family is a full-blooded Chinese and they obviously dwell on Chinese traditions. Her parents are business owners of the biggest stores in Shanghai. They were very rich that they can even get any material thing they would want, yet very poor for love and affection. Xiomara’s parents are always busy with work and has no time for her. Since, she is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Tiu, and for traditional Chinese it is unlucky to have a girl to be the first-born child, her parents have no interest on her. As she had grown, she always believed that she is not loved, and that her parents always make her feel that she is unworthy of their love, especially of how her father treats her.



“Xiomara, we need you in the quarter, ASAP!”, a masculine voice from the phone. “What is it again? I’ve already told you earlier that I am quitting fraternity. I’m tired Marco”, she exclaimed with great conviction. “No, Xiomara, you’re not doing this. Your life will be at risk. You don’t know how would Boss react with your decision. You know the rules.”, Marco pleaded. “Then, I’ll face the consequence”, she replied and right away drop the call.



Since Xiomara was in a desperate state of seeking love and affection from her parents, she decided to join a fraternity, in which she thought she can find her comfort zone. She actually had experienced notorious hazing seen on televised news reports, which she can just pay to be exempted in that stage yet she chose to do so. It is because she wanted to feel the pain so bad, and to die so bad.



With all her might, she went to the house of her friend Alexa, a Christian who was able to invite her in their church event where she had an encounter in God’s presence. There she told her of her plan on quitting the fraternity and to start a new life. “Alexa, young as I am, I should have enjoyed my youth, entertaining and knowing new friends who will truly help me overcome my negative thoughts. All this time I have just been limiting myself that I am of no worth and that I have to waste time with thoughtless actions. What I have seen were fraternity paraphernalia and innocent newly recruited girls and boys being battered as their first life-wrecking stage in entering the group. Like me before, they thought of fraternity as something that will give them the assurance of protection, love and affection—but there is no love at all”. “I understand you, Xiomara and I appreciate your courage really be out of it”, Alexa replied. “But, Alexa can you please pray for me before I’ll face them. My life would be at risk. This might be the cause of my death. But, I still have hope in me that I could still be alive. I still wanted to see my parents and love them even if I could not receive it back”. “What are you talking about, Xiomara? Don’t ever think of dying. The favor of the Lord comes after a good purpose. Your purpose is good and so, He will protect you”. “I hope so, Alexa. I’ll hold on to that”. After the conversation of Xiomara and Alexa, Alexa prayed for Xiomara, that she will be guided with her actions as well as her big decision. Alexa took care of calling the police to guard Xiomara towards the fraternity quarter. As for Xiomara, she just put up her courage and trust to one she hoped will help her, her Lord—Jesus Christ.



“Welcome to the Fraternity Club! I am Robert, the boss and will be your boss as you will survive the first-stage of the test. Recruits fall in!”, the fraternity boss exclaimed which then made the newly recruit girls and boys fall in their lines immediately. Robert walked and looked carefully on the recruits until someone had caught his attention. “Aha! Xiomara Tiu, the only heiress of the Tiu Business. Are you really into this? You know, you can just pay and be out of this. I’m afraid you can’t bear with the pain”. “Pain? I’m used to it. I wanted to feel the pain badly, more painful as I usually feel”, Xiomara replied her with all her might. “Oh, I like that. But, I’m telling you, AND YOU ALL, DEAR RECRUITS, once you enter the team you can never exit, and once you exit—death is the consequence. You all hear me!?”, Robert arrogantly told everyone. “YES, BOSS”, everyone replied including Xiomara.



Courage. Strength. Conviction. Willed Decision. That is all what Xiomara brought with her. She walked on the corridor of the façade third floor old building of the school campus. She was now near to the headquarter she was used of going. The last time she felt the braveness inside her was when she was desperate to find a comfort zone which she thought she could find in the fraternity, but this time it is with the same feeling in different purpose—the purpose to change for good. She knocked on the door and someone from behind replied, “Password!”. “Xiomara108F”, she replied. The door opened and their she saw Robert angrily looking at her and Marco saying something on her through his eyes which she believed means “Don’t do this. Your life will be hell”. She did not let the look of Marco distract her decisions and finally do her purpose bravely as she can, “I’m quitting”. These two words brought Robert to a great anger, “QUIT?! YOU’RE NOT LEAVING OR ELSE…!” “Or else what? You will kill me; like what you did to some who also decided to quit?! Then, let it be. I-AM-NOT-AFRAID!” “Hmm! Sounding like BRAVE?! If I know, you’re now shivering inside. Where did you even get that confidence?!”, Robert sarcastically laughed. “I have someone with me, who is giving me this strength”, she replied. “Really? Then show me that person and let me test who is powerful between us”. “He is more POWERFUL than you, not even any man can surpass Him”. “Oh really? Not even me? Then, who is that person you’re talking?”. “Jesus Christ”, she replied. “Jes—wait, WHAT? Are you even kidding me?”, Robert is already pissed. “Like, seriously you are now a Halleluiah? HAHAHA!”, he boastfully added. “Stop this Xiomara. You are not doing this”, Marco intervened. “No, Marco. I am firm with my decision”. “Then if that’s it, be ready with your DEATH”, Robert clutched a gun from his right side targeting towards Xiomara’s forehead. “Good bye, HALLELUIAH!”. Xiomara slowly closed her eyes and prayed, “Dear Jesus, if this is how my life will end, may You accept my sincere apology of all the wrong deeds I have done. If this is still not my end, then let me live and start anew”.



The next day…


A light came crouching to the west side, covering the ball of fire—it was sunset, the sun was shrouded with darkness once again. Xiomara Tiu took a deep breath and smiled looking at a beautiful scenario at her hospital room window. “Thank You, Jesus”, she whispered. The sunset, straight from afar gave her a realization that it’s time to end the day and take a break. It shows her the message of completion of her journey on ending her connections with the fraternity club. Robert and Marco was in prisoned. She has given already her statement to the police as she was rescued by them. Suddenly, as she was recalling what had just happened 18 hours ago, the door of her room opened and two persons she unexpectedly thought would come had come. “Xiomara, my child”, her mother ran towards her position with tears in her eyes. “We’re really sorry dear. We’re really really sorry for being not with you all this years”, her mother added. “Xiomara, it’s my fault. If only have I not stick with the idea that you are unlucky to us, this would not happen. If only have I give you my time, our time things will not go far this way. I’m sorry dear, I did not become a father to you, we did not become parents to you.”, Mr. Tiu sincerely said. “Mom, Dad, I have forgiven you already. Yes, I have made to enter the fraternity because of my hatred and desperation for your love and affection. I have been hating you for being not there with me as I have grown. But, even if I turn the world upside down, I will still find myself as your daughter, and you as my parents. Life is too short to be filled with hatred and anger, that is what I have realized. I thank Jesus because he was able to change the ways of my heart and mind”, she gratefully exclaimed. “Can we thank that Jesus? Where is he?”, her mother innocently asked her. “I’ll let you meet Him the way I met Him. There is an event in the church where Alexa is attending. Let’s go there that you will be able to witness Jesus Christ.” “Sure, we will come—together, as a family”, her father said with a great smile. Xiomara was so happy. Her happiness was unexplainable; she was just grateful to see that her dark life before was turned to light.

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