Your Bended Knee, My Call to Thee

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Who is truly speaking?

Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



Your bended knee, my call to thee


~Jason Woods


Keep within your own heart pure,

Desire leads, down paths deserved,

Things awoken in your heart,

Like the rose, withered and stark,

Remember all the has been given,

Your purpose today, for others so driven,

Who embarks what’s left of this road,

With you now, as the sands do glow,

Keeper of time, tracking the path,

The illusions of pride, as fragile as glass,

Where is this place, you seek to find,

The hearth and comfort, created in mind,

Flame from the fire, the soft glow of the light,

The night creature’s songs, as memories burn bright,

Knowing now, your soul is not lost,

Just treading upon, the stones of the drawn,

The bridges of shadows, the path gone from sight,

To wander the corners, of madness come nigh,

Always the choice given I see, for light comes easy, with the mind of the free,

A mind without with guilt, remorse, of defined,

A heart without conscience, one of divine,

One who ignores, the cruelty they’ve reared,

The pain caused to others, through words unendeared,

Complications are not, when facing oneself,

There in the night, facing one’s hell,

The burden we bear a necessary grace,

Even if fraught, and twisted the face,

Let it come, give it to me,

I will fall on the sword, I will bend my knee,

Take my illusion, and show me my truth,

Though the demons may come, and devour by noon,

Again, the moon, will rise for me, the wind will speak, the cold will breathe,

Rise again, from my own grave, as forgiveness of foes, I do not save,

Timeless I am, Ageless I be, the watcher of sins, I have come to see,

I whispered to them, I called to the lost,

Showed them the path, of sanities cost,

Light, and dark, do intertwine,

Called to the creatures, the power is mine,

Life, and death, is mine to conjure,

Sleep, or rest, the last dances saunter,

The chatter of teeth, nightmares I conjure,

The tapping of talons, heard on the glass,

The eyes ever watchful, life’s last glance,

Feel me now, hear my breath, feel my presence, as your muscles tense,

As you watch the flames dance, here the rhythm of it’s beating trance,

Know now, it’s I, who protected for you, wrapped in my wings, provided for you,

Pushed the limits of his goodness now, provided your home in this peaceful town,

I myself called you those nights, called the creatures, to conjure fright,

Can you hear me now, can you hear my call, can you feel you blood rise in the tow,

The pull of design, the beckon to me,

The push to the darkness, your hearts very glee,

As you push past, your moment of virtue, to find yourself one with me at last,



© Copyright 2019 J Woods. All rights reserved.

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