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A sentimental moment.

Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



When I was 21, my father gifted me with a gold signet ring.  It was not the ring that I liked, it was being given it from my dad.  I remember wearing it for the first time.  It would not fit on my finger.  In time, I had it made to fit.  And on most special occasions, I wore my ring.


I have to admit, I do not have a good fashion sense.  Plain clothes are all I need.  I do like to dress sharp sometimes, though.  But I did feel good wearing my shiny gold ring.  It was not very expensive.  I do not know, really.  That did not matter to me.


Years passed on.  And so did my father.  And I realised that I had lost my ring.  I could still see it, in my mind.  It had a small engraving in the top left corner.  The top of it was about a centimeter square.  With the letter P carved onto it.  I could see it on my third finger.  Right or left hand.  That was not important to me.


I often felt, if I could see the ring, I would remember my father.  Everyone in my life now, has moved on.  They have there own lives to live.  They rarely visit me.  Still I can imagine my ring, on my finger.  And recall and relive my times with my dad. 


I know now.  It was not the ring that I loved.  It was my father.  Thanks to having that gold ring.  My love shall always shine bright and true, for him.  A pure golden ring, of life.


The End


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