forest walk poem

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writing a poem during walking

Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018





It has to be divine and creator for all things to reveal and make things happen how it should to also create what we believe as a reality be a reality so we not just have earth happen it to be without the vision be the real reality. You have all you like deity as what can be wished real is what you create us have and that is the best reality you create as you know what it is cause on things this what we created to believe and a wish we have as reality become. We make your power be the feeling and cause of how it is meant and happen the reality as we are your creation to wish and use creation be this reality as it has the way things be like to happen feel and be the vision is like thus about it and the reality for it to be how divine and spectacular is for you create things be this reality do it like this.  Deity you are divine in what can happen and be as we realise what things can be like as it has this reality make us be and vision it best causes is like this a wish as real reality and is how your form creates things happen like the reality has how the vision felt and had it happen perfect so your power this reality so you exist as be paradise to make us real have it as the things we be to exist with causes so deity with and at all things you have paradise reality as to all you only experience and think at it so things is become the reality of the wish and deity is tremendous what you be it become what we be as things as your visions causes is things be that reality really as made us think this at reality we be in and how you be a divine form of all visions causes to how things be like for a reality we do imagine and see happen do. Deity there is be all things caused to how it is good for york creation be like as you make things be what it does and imagines this as that a reality you imply and to have visions and existence as that paradise that all things is about so you be eternal divine that is what you exist as whatever is in the creation to make our wishes come true so deity you be as have all like


I have the earth reality all things how like it be yet there is another reality the world and knowledge of the deity cause all things reveal have it happen as paradise is all my actions ideas to make things look like and do this and that i use the reality of earth and your body and beliefs to be about the paradise i show you to make what you like be in a better world happen just what like and at me you be all i like as causes ideas and things being a reality so i exist you on earth become my powers make reality i appear you in to show all like to happen be is made as paradise and you think do all this is my power to how make existence be what it is for what like have be and i need you in my divine reality let me see what i have in my reality and ideas is you be this as you a thing about this things happen as your body and things desire happen be as i have this reality exist as powers and it does this paradise and you imagines it creates what i want in reality and beliefs as a power i made for existence creation as i use things be the reality for my visions how be happen perfect paradise so deity be what you is have so this creates us be this reality as we think wish and it does what you make be real and want creation do and be as you exist for these causes happen at how you wish and make things to do paradise . Everything to happen good like it and then the reality of this has deity power cause it on are body from it form of being as a creator make creation do this reality we like and deity has knowledge of what we think good like it creates for us have as then deity has for what it knows that it make this for the creation do this reality of what it has perfect for things be like and they is be this as it each own thing to show deity powers happen that things is paradise reality of what deity is as a creator so it powers is what creation use as it creates desire be real and happen as it and this has everything else think and happen perfect for the deity power be this is are power use and be everything about the power


And we show we are all reality perfect do it how you like it as we have the creation do this as things made do it and that the wish vision for this happen is a direct power of what we exist as creator of what we treat you like so you have a reality perfect yet the vision about this has for you a divine being the creator of this happen for you as your visions seem like this and how reality happen and that we be creators of how you cannot be deity and we make what you like so you can be with this and at same time use the power of how it has imagination for reality doing like it and we are a form of divine reality that shows your vision the reality for your creation and body as this how the best reality happens as you exist as think and be body toil scenario the miracle so this creates you be a body to wish how paradise happen from things to how it is appear and you have a deity do thus and creation be this so you be this power of not what made from a deity and that what you wish we be a deity knowing of the feeling happening to what things you want reality be like and this is how we create your body be powers to make reality appear play in


And we created each pleasure desire that it come to us as we made it be visions and have a reality perfect and we are for this a deity let you be what we exist and it be as what you are and be so you have it be this so good beauty and event and that as perfect we make creation to happen be we have back at us how it be like this as we imagine and creation create this be you and is how you think and have this be so we know you be are reality and visions as we have a perfect way and things and causes to be what things is and desires so we can reveal this and have it happen from you as this causes us to realise what we have perfect to be is you are now imagination reality of are powers like it does everything and have visions meaning this is are reality to be and is a source of deity as we exist as with things be it want reality do like this as is best to how it powers then reality divine just be this so all things has absolute causes ideas and being of each desire of paradise reality and we made your bodies be are this effect as then you be the ideas and reality that pleases and imagines how it should be to things and this happen to us and you as we exist as what we are each and we create this as we are genius form at you then we have each thing happen and meant to you are reality how we do it and this make you be all  you like to how we inform in vision are powers that creation has to do from us for you then be this absolute and send visions and reality you are perfect creation like how are powers is this and create it real so this develops all causes ideas and things of what we and you exist as what we made to do as everything perfect and we are form of absolute reality perfect to make on what you be to have happen as all things perfect what you be and we make this as your wish and do that it is a worship way realise us and we appear this and it causes are powers be as you do it so this worship to us is show you be are reality ideas and are power has you be it as reality ideas happen from and at you perfect to be it all


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