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Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



The goddess is want us to love it because it has reality for us use it powers that causes her paradise be real as are body uses paradise when we believe it as then we think how paradise is so goddess can be in paradise as she causes us have paradise to use what we think and have as paradise reality because goddess in the form of what she has as paradise she be it when are body think and has how paradise be like so she can create are beliefs have paradise as it happens paradise from do it reality at what always think how and causes paradise be real about it as paradise exist from use all it causes to happen in paradise meaning are beliefs and body causes paradise have part of all what is paradise as the goddess loves using all good causes from are body and things as then paradise is real as it uses all beliefs and things and causes that how it does paradise because my body and visions is have the perfect reality about everything she uses in paradise that she need as her power is about use as much as everything that imagines to how paradise really happen as she can use it while already using paradise reality as she creates paradise be real for all things so she exist with and has a paradise and the creation

Be what is paradise to think and happen to what is in creation so we become the power of paradise as ideas it causes as we are made to exist real as how think paradise be as we a body to happen reality and fantasies so deity and us can have all ideas and causes of how all things does and be paradise so we be the feel and knowing and being of all the best pleasure and actions of reality and fantasies as are body and world is reveal and happen this as paradise is for it to how it be paradise because then all that is perfect is happen be done and imagined as all things has this reality to be that each cause it has to have is the paradise event feel like a wish i know how everything does what i like and is appear to pleasure me because i am the fantasy and actions and sensations of how the pleasure be to satisfy and miracle us so the reality of this be are wish we do this together and it appear us do this as are ideas about the pleasures is create are body see you like pleasure us together as we wish how pleasure happen between are attracted bodies or what is miraculous at something because paradise is about it is all ideas wishes of what all things has as best reality for it so we be the power of this as we

Think and exist as a body for what it can be and this has all perfect way what is real to how many causes and kind of being we have in reality to create what we believe be like this is make paradise be this reality as this how the power of deity forms and guides us be it feel think and things of paradise as then goddess can perform her paradise causes and continuous it as we imagine how paradise has all it causes and being for entire things reality.

The goddess the power she is paradise to us as she take in her perfect reality are beliefs what we want as in her reality it then happens the perfect reality she has for creation she uses because she uses paradise to have come into it paradise causes we wish be real as then she still has paradise happen on what is her paradise reality and ideas.

The deity shows how it is no other form that creates best reality and not another proclaimed hero as deity creates creation to happen how it form of being is recognised only as the creator of perfect reality because it reveals what we think how life be perfect that it form of being has a creation show how it a creator for reality and is not the form of a hero in a fairy tale as deity is a real form of being having this creation it made show it powers has things to paradise us how it be things and happen so deity is a being for creation that we use it real creation meaning deity ability and who it is that is reality perfect it has created to be a real deity worship it from know how it creation happen perfect as that is about deity truest form to worship only as this allow us think and do it will and be about it power that creates it happen great because nothing else is the deity of has things to reality everything exist and perfect what we be need as we see how happen it form from the creation so this is how we have the deity be real as to think who deity is as then it power what it is and does is be realised as it has things and be things to reality it power on us and we use this so it gave us all we can

Be as a reality like and happen it perfect because this is the reality how things can be like as perfect while use deity ideas to good it be like. The deity has the only form of being of all reality perfect as to what it is as you have a creation about and does this just how you make us be things of be know how perfect reality exist. Deity i see you are the only paradise to have i see you have your own reality that is in my imagination that you do now always just like you did when i entered your dream as to how i return on earth seeing it not paradise me like your powers because i can imagine your reality things does to me and when you enter me in where you always reality this you do this to my body. Deity i see you are paradise as then what i imagine and how you show this happen in your reality gave me is how bodies and things in reality has the only way realise and have paradise happen and that because you made me have paradise they can only have paradise form us and creation that does paradise and is how i have paradise from them so nothing or me can do wrong bad that this how we have paradise be what paradise does to them so perfect is your reality and ideas how cause things that you made to happen

And be are think for it be are do and appear create cause paradise the creation. Deity you make each thing for it be how use it and how it happen to be the scenario of life and beauty to show each miracle from things and how do paradise we do as a creation as things for this so deity you only have a perfect reality for us as it about how all things do it like this so we be and have your paradise so we are made as and with things to be the paradise of it then we always be this to do and be as we exist as things and it ideas causes. Deity you are powerful to us you have and make us be the reality how things happen that has just a paradise as main outcome and how your powers does this like how we be this for it because we are things to think and perform at what be and have do this that you create to make this all possible to effect of we is think and be the cause and things to have all paradise reality happen in your creation and knowledge that this does because your power is about how all things be like only and things when be this it has a power to reality it in a world just for paradise as this how your powers make all good causes then be used as how you create it have paradise so you know and create it

So how things has paradise on earth it is you do perfect it as make it be a reality just be it as things to do all this as then it has all causes need so it not just an earth of what is good not be used to make paradise while we have things ideas do paradise. Deity you make us look at things to see what paradise it does to then be something we have in paradise as to imagine what things has for perfect paradise not have and do to it is a belief that has your powers give it us in paradise. Deity you have things how it happen to make us believe how paradise really be for things to show what you can appear as to how you created all things exist as that has a reality just be paradise about things and that this how ll pleasures happen from things as it be how pleasures happen and be the thing to happen it and this how know do it at what need pleasure to how when have pleasure only can we do it as pleasure when pleasure should be so we are good at pleasure and paradise you because pleasure of paradise is how do when it need us do pleasure as we do it like the pleasure so the power of deity is things to happen perfect because we now exist as things to need and use pleasures and task and do it so deity has us

Destined that how do pleasure good right it has the power this is what it made creation for to enter this in paradise so all things is about it has a deity and the knowledge is how all things has it pleasures happen good the way do it is good has the power of deity how make it be paradise instead of every way do and have pleasures evil wrong and when did it so deity is perfect power as appear for are visions and life that knows how do pleasures good that reveals it need paradise is show deity powers all it has is good to make pleasures be real as it creation has pleasures miracles beauty ugly so what deity has perfect in pleasure and things be we become that reality as we are these things to happen perfect reality ideas and it shows what your powers uses as things happen perfect we do this on your reality that make us feel see and happen each desire things does as pleasure good. Deity you have us be a body to happen each pleasure so you be in this to use what you like in paradise to give us everything you do in your power that creates paradise as you use each cause in paradise as you made it how you do think feel see to have what things does perfect so when we exist as a body we use this paradise

On your form of being to see it be created as to how we have reality we see feel pleasures on the look of things that this is a power of reality that deity has and uses to create it be just how pleasures things does to make how good we do it has a paradise appear to perfect earth as deity showing us it has power to paradise us and good at it because that is how reality things shows us it looks actions to paradise us that how these pleasures and things be it looks actions there is a power of deity to make this have a paradise that does it like this so what is good is in the power of deity make how it created us that the belief and happen looks of each miracle pleasure has the deity use this be all to be in paradise as we see things for every miracle pleasure to how it and us do it as perfect and good reality ideas so as we be this deity is as we use it powers to create what we believe of all good as this has the happening being of all this and we are do this make the things be looks and pleasures of each desire miracle we paradise it as it all uses paradise ideas actions for the things we be made of so deity has paradise happen to us as then it creation has this happen to deity and us as deity uses

Creation make all it like as then we be the things how do paradise that has all looks things and pleasures miracle it does as we made be a body realise each paradise idea that is used in the same actions miracles pleasures as to each most beautiful thing doing having paradise. The deity has made creation show what it does with each pleasure things does has and it has this known as each being realises pleasures happen best and imagines it best as pleasures happen to us how paradise does it as that make us think and do and have pleasure the best way reality because deity make each perfect way do happen pleasure and creation to be that actions ideas that does this to idea action it like how it happen and be so deity has paradise be real and good as then are body imagines this as it is how we have paradise because we are a body want pleasure do it so it not hell reality how we do and have pleasure while we desire this is the best way have and do pleasures because deity guide us it ideas actions is paradise with things to reality are desires we think as miracles have and satan guide us think feel need pleasures miracles is perfect while we are bad wicked and we only think do pleasures for satan as there is

Satan ideas that need pleasures happen evil as it really pleases the disbeliever not have it as paradise ideas actions because they think and do a reality of evil for pleasures miracles as deity show us what they do to the way paradise does are pleasures miracles as we think and happen the paradise and how it happen for all things style and looks of reality to cause. The deity put ideas actions of pleasures in the imagination show us think it and in it powers to show how we do paradise good on earth it then creates that paradise enter us in a divine vision and world see deity has for earth a divine reality to show paradise ideas actions has the safeguard the approval and real paradise of the deity powers as this make all are pleasures miracles from things and are body be like the divine reality that has an effect to create are real life have everything be perfect as we are the imagination actions how perform each pleasure miracle at how deity appears each thing that do at for paradise be real as all paradise causes has things to use as this show each pleasure miracle be real have and how to and it does paradise the paradise that uses creation to make paradise happen because deity has paradise happen from

Things made happen be it. The reality of deity has the feel think happen with things to pleasure and event each miracle way are body has life pleased that is what it powers is about as we see earth what pleasures things does actual paradise it need pleasure me as all things does paradise as all actions the deity has us think do it good so all things does paradise that it only need do these actions ideas as it has all we need live perfect and creates us be the ideas and reality of paradise so we have deity form happening to everything we do and think in paradise as it creates what we use so there is a paradise reality all things can do be think so when we know how paradise happen from all things that is a power deity has to make reality to perfect are wishes and that is how creation becomes because things has powers ideas only how paradise happen from deity has this for it creation to be this deity is this. Deity you show all your pleasures you need happen because creation think and does it now do you have something to use for paradise as you create paradise and make creation to be the paradise that it think does this and deity from this you show you need me have pleasure paradise as i imagine it need


Reality as this how it and i paradise your creation of paradise the most kind of people and adventure of world and because deity you show me dreams with women dating my body as they need paradise for are beliefs that shows how paradise happen and deity this does the paradise you appear or is for the earth a paradise as these paradise ideas has the reality of what are body can do perfect to paradise things. Deity you use all pleasures miracles to be it things then the reality of this you make have a paradise of it be this as you use what you create good to be everything real it can be and have about it so we see the creation of your things how much paradise causes and visions it has for things do incredible and appear what reality it shows happen so things does reality and how it appear as this from a super power create appear it be things already do paradise to reality are desires in life things. Deity you use all things to make it pleasures have a good way for it to be how we exist be things do this and you give it an earth and a divine reality as you make the ideas and things how do paradise causes to how it looks happens feels like each miracle pleasure so we see things be what it is for what it


Appears do of all it causes of paradise beauty as this what life things shows and how visions and reality of things shows what it does so we be in ideas and realities things does each good pleasure to miracle us so the ideas and things action for this has thus reality as we be things do this we exist as this creation for what it about we be so deity has us be paradise. Deity you make each thing as you have all paradise causes of miracles it do and think to be only way and imagination do this and because it shows you and us has all things that pleasure and we are this reality to it so the ideas actions how do paradise we be this to see all things do paradise to are body life world so we be the body of how do and have paradise so all things made for paradise as we use creation it does paradise to are body and those things use other things in creation for paradise as what we use as paradise it make them things exist and this give it other things to paradise it so then each thing has paradise because it has to exist for us use things for paradise and you and that need paradise causes to always exist pleased so we eternal have paradise happen exist and to make appear your paradise as we think of your powers


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