The Caulm: A story of their beginnings

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Count downs are hard.

Chapter 35 (v.1) - The count-down

Submitted: February 04, 2019

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Submitted: February 04, 2019



I woke up first feeling his arms lax around my waist and his nose on the back of my neck, his breath playing with the fine hairs there. It was making it harder to stay still as it tickled me more and more as it continued.
finally wiggled my way to facing him and bit his lip as he started to wake. I nipped until a smile and a groan later he rolled on top of me and trapped me to the bed.
“It’s hard to sleep when you’re blowing on me,” I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me than licking his cheek as he smiled down at me.
“You’re making it hard by talking about blowing. Watch out or we will be really late for you’re training,” he kissed me forcing his tongue between my teeth. I sucked it in further and he groaned approvingly and I felt a chuckle rise in him.
I held on tight to him now. When he pulled his face away from mine he rose to lift me up a bit before giving me a look of amused annoyance. I bit my lip he smirked down at me as he came back down, “Can we pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist for a while longer. I don’t care about being late.”
“Are you sure? You’re already a bit late as it is. If you stay any longer I will miss my meeting with Arcozia,” he took a serious tone and cleared his throat before trying to leave again. This time I let go once I was sitting up. Morning wood was a problem when a big man came rolling over me and I felt like being helpless to his touch.
“So that’s why you ignored my problem? Arcozia needs to see you?” I crossed my arms.
He looked at me pout and put pants on leaving the zipper undone for his own problem to subside. He sighed down at it when I got up and kneeled in front of it. He tried to take his eyes off of me at this point but I darted my tongue out leaning my head back to show my wide open hole ready to be entered. I took his hand and licked the middle finger slowly before pushing it into my mouth letting it touch the back of my throat before closing my mouth over it. He was in a daze as I played my tongue over the length and sucked it in deeper.
His other hand went to his waistline pulling down his briefs just an inch before breathing deeply from his nose, “Puppy needs to do this quickly or else I’ll just skip you and make you hard all day and then refusing you. You have two minutes.”
He checked the clock then pulled down his briefs the rest of the way and the moment he did he smiled at my eager mouth as I let go of his finger and sucked his cock into my mouth almost violently.
I whimpered for his cum as his balls tightened from the sudden attention as I massaged them with my hands. I was so eager that I only focused on the tip for the last thirty seconds, making his juices flow into me and I smiled and sucked the most I could. Getting the most out of him that I could conjure with my hands and tongue.
  He groaned his orgasm and held my hair as he rode the high of release in my mouth, “You’re lucky I let you use your hands.”
I kept his length inside my mouth as I held my member tightly playing with the precum that came as I had blown him.
“I have a meeting to get to Puppy. Either you finish up by the count of ten or I help out with my little sensation play,” Damon looked down at me and stuck himself further down my throat making me feel full in a delicious way.
He put a hand on my face and they other stroked back my hair, “Ten.”
My hand started to move faster up and down my length leaving me gasping for air as I forced myself to feel everything. I moaned.
I stuck my butt out and let my anus feel the air there.
I twitched as my hand kept a fast pace, feeling exposed by all angles now.
My legs spread apart farther as I swallowed around his length.
I stuck my unlubricated finger in my vulnerable hole as it gaped for attention. Roughly pushing in and leaving it there to hit my prostate
His hand held my nose shut now I made eye contact with him as he smiled down at me.
He bit his lip quick before leaning his head back.
Looking down at me as my cheeks sucked in more and more as my hand sped up from the pressure building in me.
I went faster focusing solely on my tip now as I felt the barrier start to break.
I came in so intensely as he let go of my nose and I could breathe and he pulled back out of my mouth coming on my face and open mouth.
I left my mouth open as I felt weak and fell to the floor my bum hitting the wood as my fingers twitched touching my prostate. He bent down and added to my hole with his still partially slicked finger and used that glorious trick on my prostate making me cum further and felt at full attention as he did it.
I felt harder than ever within the moment of his hand reaching for my behind. Now I felt so full and empty it almost hurt when he had to pull his finger back out and take mine with it. I sucked them clean and was picked up after.
“You are a beautiful creature puppy. Never change,” he kissed the forehead ad he grabbed my legs and proceeded to put underwear on me and my pants and shirt. He combed my hair with his hands then stood me up, “Brush your teeth and try to focus in training today. I’ll come around a little later this afternoon.”
He went to do the same before glancing back at my sated body that stood still until he placed a hand on the door, “I should probably let Jake know of the situation now.”
He looked straight at the door, “Yes it would be proper to tell him for our relationship and help him understand I don’t want to share.”
“Of course,” I felt my cheeks burn as I watched his back tense through his shirt. That tight fabric that anyone can see his beautiful body through. Was he doing this on purpose to make me want to be jealous, “Can I hug you goodbye before having to scale the building and run to the training grounds?”
“Of course,” I ran up behind him and wrapped my arms around him too quickly that he was still facing the door when he sighed out a laugh.
“I only need you,” I spoke to his back before letting go and jumping out the opened window. Catching my footing then running into the forest before circling back to the training grounds.

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