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Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



Twisting, fating,
Becoming a painting.

Holding it up,
Finding the light.
Bring it back,
Dark and light.

The contrast and color,
 is infectious to the center.
Focus in the edges of the mixture.,
Textured lining.

Working lace and fabric,
Canvas of any color or none.
Weaving a new beginning,
Stroking a different outlet.

Taking back the knife,
Cutting deeper then before.
The shape and curve,
 Becoming the goddess of will.

Bending it back to the light,
Finding, reaching.
Finding corners and cliffs,
Blue and black to darken.
White doesn’t lighten,
 but washes away.
Take a light violet or pastel rose,
Take them higher and elevate.

Bringing color on more color,
It’s beautiful and adventurous.
Take the peeks higher,
Pushing the dark back but never losing it.


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