Dragon Over Edinburgh

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It was something like out of the story-books, that Dragon with the wings on fire. It appeared for just a few moments, but the question that was left in three men's minds was the question that should have been on everyone's minds.

Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



"Have you been outside, Dennis?" said the stout young man as he strolled through the pub's door.

"Work gets done inside this pub, not outside. So the answer to your question would be, NO," Dennis said with a smile.

"Well if you’re gonna use work as an excuse then you ought to do a little and fetch me a Pint," the young man replied as he took a seat next to Rodger MacGregor, a local newspaper reporter.

Then the young man turned to MacGregor and asked, "How about you, Rodger, did you see the Dragon in the sky over Edinburgh?"

"When was that?" Rodger inquired.

Dennis delivered the beer to the young man and said, "I don't see no money on the bar, Calhoun, and there's no free drinks for dragon stories. Pay up!

Calhoun fumbled around and finally pulled a few bills from his pants pocket.

And as he plunked the money on the bar he said, "This is no story to tell, just as I got out of my car, there it was. The clouds just opened up and there was this flaming Dragon staring down at me. It's an Omen I tell ya, a sign of some kind."

"Sure, sure," said Rodger, "Dragon's in the sky." Then Rodger and the bartender had a good laugh.

Calhoun countered by saying, "Come on you two, step outside and have a look for yourself."

So, all three men went out the door to see the most mysterious sight that they had ever seen.

There was a hole at the edge of a bank of thick, gray, clouds. And above the clouds was what looked to be a dragon looking down on them. But what really caught their eyes were the dragon's wings, they seemed to be on fire. 

Just as they stood there, spellbound, the cloud closed up and it began raining, heavily. So they made a hasty retreat back into the pub.

"Well what do you have to say now?" Calhoun asked.

Rodger thought for a moment and said, "Well when you're right, you're right, there is a Dragon in the sky over Edinburgh and that's for sure!"

Then Dennis chimed in and stated, "And that leads to a question that we all should be asking ourselves."

"And what question would that be," Calhoun asked as he reached for his beer.

To which Dennis replied, "Is that rain falling out there or is that Blasted Dragon taking a Wiz?"



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