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A Short Story

You missed her immensely, to the point of insanity.
She left you for reasons unknown to yourself and all you realize now is she's never coming back into your arms, exactly from where she left.
Your eyes followed her profile, she looked so similar to the one you lost.
You've been suffering the breakup alone, it has been a difficult path.
One that you can no longer stand without help.
So that's just what you did, found help in the most self-harmful way possible.
She wasn't her and will never be her...
But, eh, close enough. It's only for one night, you thought.

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Your Caress Awoke Me From My Slumber

Submitted: October 23, 2018

My very first chapter, don't expect updates constantly. I only write when I feel the need and have the urge which isn't common. I still hope you enjoy what is presented to you through this book,
thanks for your patience and recognition.
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