The Pickup Artist

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: The House of Poetry

Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



You said your sweater was made of the same material as you. Boyfriend. 

That cheesy line made me want to buy stock in your brand of fabric 


I said when you enter a room everyone disappears and then accused you of being magic. 


Our little banter and cheesy lines light up my world like fireflies in summer night skies  


I said I used to recite the alphabet but now I can’t make it past “u” 

What I didn’t say is that your eyes made my favorite color change from green to blue 


Your skinny jeans, your vans, and band tees make my mouth curve into a smile. Cardiac arrest going on in my chest and my thoughts run absolutely wild. 


I can’t quite decide what I like to watch most as we talk. Your mouth hugging it’s words, your eyes as they bring me into the sea, your hands as they guide me through every point in your story, or your walk as you hop a little at the toe of each of your feet. Maybe your beard as it dances hugging the curves of your face as you speak. Or maybe the way you smile as our gazes occasionally meet. 


I sometimes watch your hands and wonder how they’d feel. Wrapping into mine and somehow my heart you’d steal. Right from my chest, just like you do my breath when you walk by. You could steal it all and you don’t even have to try. 


Sometimes I watch your lips and wonder how it would be. If there were a moment you ever felt compelled to kiss me. And when I think about it I simply can’t believe the way my heartbeat fumbles and how I can barely breathe. My hands get sort of shaky and my knees a little weak. And suddenly I can’t think straight though all my mouth can do is speak. And I feel my face redden and my whole body seems to blush. And when you smile and laugh a little I get this crazy rush.


That lovely hipster bad boy mixture of your style and your tattoos. It’s like cookie to cutter we’re from the same stencil and batter and somehow I feel at home with you. I wonder, do you feel it too?

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