innocent game of hiding go seek

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a young boy account of what he saw during an innocent game of hiding go seek

Submitted: October 19, 2018

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Submitted: October 19, 2018



HEY there I’m here to tell my story about what happened to my brother and I in the woods well let's start then shall we, it was a saturday afternoon pacific about maybe 6:40, we were in the backyard playing some game I can’t remember , but anyway we then stopped playing whatever the game was and decided to play hide and seek in the woods , I know it was stupid to do that at dark but we were too young to understand that , I was the one to hide first so I ran deep into the forest and looked for the tallest tree I could find , it was hard to find one so I abandoned it and hid inside a bush , once I got in there I stood still trying to not make a sound and I started to listen for my brother ,listening for a few I started to hear a rustling sound coming from outside the bush .I stayed still while thinking that no way he's going to find me in here.The rustling noise started to get louder and louder like my brother was coming closer and closer to the bush I’m hiding in , as he supposedly  neared to the bush he stopped and suddenly ran for some reason I stood in the bush very confused trying to come up why he ran but my thoughts were caught off when I heard the loudest scream ever.Now frozen with fear and my brain telling me to run just run but I just couldn't I was frozen with pure fear I never felt ever in my young kid life as I stood there a another scream sounded. I was out that bush that time and just ran.I didn't care which way at all,as I ran for a few I started to hear loud footsteps behind me so I ran even faster but the person or thing tackled me to the ground I struggled until I stopped not because my arms were giving out but as that person who tackled me was actually my brother.I then hugged him tight when the hug ended he ask ,”why I hugged him”, I then told him everything but the most shocking part was at the end he told me that he never went that deep in the woods like I did.THE END

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