The Ghost Within

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I see her all the time.

Submitted: October 19, 2018

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Submitted: October 19, 2018



You ever have a love that passes
 and everything was real and perfect through your rose tinted glasses
You see them everywhere you go
In the store, the mall
 every movie and show
Everyday your reminisce 
about they way they made you feel from their ticklish feet to their gentle lips 
You want them alive for for one more day
So you can say your goodbyes is the most spectacular way
But all you can get is a ghost and the tears after you toast to the thought. 
It's all for naught.
Your love has moved on until you hear a song on the right station
 then you grove on wishing for a situation
In which they will be there when you get home
 they'll play with your hair and you wont be alone 
and you think maybe if you die too
They'll we waiting for you.
and you spend everyday thinking this way
longing for what you miss 
you make yourself sick
You sit there absent and glass eyed
Your mind is occupied
You miss out on those who love you the most 
You've become the ghost.

© Copyright 2018 Robert Bright. All rights reserved.

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