Break Me

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I have had rough moments in my life: challenging times in my schooling, broken hearts, loneliness, etc. This poem basically came from those struggles and how no matter what I'm faced with, I will be determined to overcome the challenges and to succeed. Several of the lines of this poem were inspired by the Pink Floyd song, "Wearing the Inside Out". I hope you enjoy reading this and will check out some of my other work!

Submitted: October 19, 2018

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Submitted: October 19, 2018



I may stumble and fall,

But I’ll get right back up.

You can try to tear me down,

but I will be rebuilt.

You can try to crush me under the weight of a heavy beam,

but I will lift it above my head.


You can make me a cloudy day,

but I will be its sunshine.

You can try to drown me,

but I will continue swimming.

You can tell me I’m going to fail and become a broken record,

but I will prove you wrong.


You can close the book in my face,

but I will flip back to the current page.

You can break my heart into a million pieces,

but I have had a broken heart a million and one times;

I have become immune to the pain.


You can extinguish my torch and turn on the night,

but I will dispel the darkness.

You can hold my throat until I choke,

but I will take the words from your mouth.


And with those words I will write the novel of my life.

You can break me down,

but I’ll be damned if you destroy me.

Destroy my will to live,

my drive,

my ambition,

the breath that gives me life,

my love.


I may stumble and fall,

but I will get right back up.

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