Madness In the Shadows

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Submitted: October 19, 2018

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Submitted: October 19, 2018



There are those who are mad, but their madness is all but merely a hidden skill sort. Locked in the cages of their mind lies the principle of a lion trapped in a mangled cage, an eager sort, waiting for the next set of prey to land upon their greedy jaws. They are curious and peculiar, cunning and deceitful - one moment, a lamb in distress, and the next, a ravaging beast. They are hidden in layers – first, a kind smile, and next, a damsel in distress. Ah – yes, tis this kind of madness that lurks in the darkest corners of the mind, daresay to challenge the madness would to be challenging the darkness within each one of our hearts. And in a peculiar setting, and a peculiar time, there is Alexandria Knoling, a personification of madness, herself.

You see, she was the sorts to seem, as you would say, “normal”. Nine to fives, prim and proper, seemingly just a woman trying to make a living – ah, yes, a “normal” girl. But what is normal? Is it only what society defines as socially acceptable? Or is it all merely an illusion?

Yes, an illusion is what you might say with Alexandria, for she was, on the outside, what seemed to be normal, but was far from it. There was a pure madness that lurked inside of her, gnawing away at her insides carnally, awaiting to be unleashed. To others, she was innocent – a kindhearted individual thriving on lavish livings, living extravagantly amongst the crowd of pleasure-seeking thrills. She was the first to give to the needy, the first to smile at a mere stranger and ask how their day was. To all around her, she seemed to be the perfect image of a role model.

But Alexandria had a secret like no other. Beneath that perfect exterior, she wanted to burn the world to pure ash. No one was worthy in her eye to breathe another second, to blink another eyelid. She was the secret murderous sort – a true sociopath – and in time, the world would be soon to find out her rage and scream their cries, begging for mercy. Ah, but only in due time.

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