Vion a boy

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Vion is a boy. Who got trapped by a magician and saved by Space Dog?

Submitted: October 20, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018



A boy

  And lives in a small town. His name was Vion. He was illiterate. And his mother and father were poor. One day there comes a fair in the city. So Vion asked from his mom and dad that he wants to visit fair. His mom and dad gave the permission. The city name was Yuhana. And it was the year 2050

Vion came in the fair and began watching the scenery of fair. He wants to eat Gol Gappa so he came at the shop of Gol Gappa and ate that snack. Now he has no money. His money finished in eating. He saw rollercoaster, the small car for racing and many fairer enjoying items. But lack of money he cannot have the enjoyment.

Now he comes at place where there was snail in the fair. It was kept by a person. The person was magician. When Vion came at that place magician asked his name. The boy replied that his name is Vion. Then the boy show that the snail was eating petrol. Then the magician asked something to the boy and does the magic on him. He converted him into snail. And magician kept him in the prison.

Then magician took the snails in his magical world. Where many magicians have many snails? So all the snails is to participate in the race. So to train the snails they have been given shock. Now the entire snail was ready for the race. By eating the petrol they run fast.

Now it was about to began the race Vion snail asks to his friend snail what he should do for protection of him. The all snails answered in negation. They cannot do anything. Then it was the race in the race Vion snail run fast as car as he also ate the petrol. Now it is time for their point. His point was up to mark.

But all this thing does not liked by the space dog as the dog always see the point and game of magician he became upset by the magician snail. As they are come by the magician’s magic on any human. So the space dog came and releases the entire snail from the game and made them human. Now all dispersed. And return at their home.

And when Vion dictated the entire story to his mom and dad. They did not believe. So the Vion became sad. And he told also that space dog is his friend but also their guardian did not believe.

One day he calls space dog to his world. The space dog came and the space dog was rich. So Vion wants to take the money from him. So he asks for the money. And he gave the money.

Then Vion family become rich.




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