Halloween Watch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Imaginarium
This is a short story about Halloween for children after the Trick or Treating is over.

Submitted: October 20, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018



The pumpkin lights are out, and the road is quiet and empty. The children are all in bed and the trees stand alone and peaceful. A ghostly white shape comes walking down the street on Halloween. It is not wailing as it comes, there are no clanking chains and it looks nothing like a bedsheet with holes for eyes. This ghost is no cause for fear or alarm.

It is the ghost of Albert, the factory night watchman. As ever beside him is his dog Bess. Bess is as dark as night, and many would think her to be a wolf if they saw her coming on a darkened night.

The two walk along their route on Manor Road. Now and again they stop, and Bess looks into the night and sniffs the air.

Albert strokes her and says “Good girl, that’s it, you tell me if they’re there.” They walk slowly down the road until they come to the wall by the park, where they sit themselves down. 

As they sit Albert looks up and down the road at the now darkened houses. He smiles to himself as he looks down to Bess and says “It’s been another good night; plenty of houses decorated and super costumes on the night’s visitors. It makes me almost sorry we can’t take part anymore.”

Bess just looks up and wags her tail.

Albert gives her a biscuit and says “Yes you’re right; we do have our part to play.”

As they sit, they hear stirring in the bushes. Not the noise we hear from a cat or hedgehog, but a scratching sound that would cause us to shiver and tremble in fear at what might come out to grab us. There is no fear for Albert and his trusty dog. Bess races into the bushes to chase the intruder, as Albert follows shouting “Go on get out of it, you’re not welcome here!”

Any Gremlins, Ghouls and Goblins that want to cause trouble cannot come through, and have to go back from where they came. Albert and Bess are just too good at keeping away those that have no business being here. It is a job they have always done well, and one that they still enjoy.

So people can sleep safe in their beds while Bess and Albert watch over us all. For 150 years they have done their Halloween patrol. The road has changed a lot, but the spirits of Albert and Bess have stayed the same. You will never see them with your eyes nor hear them with your ears. Only the trees in their long and gentle lives have learned to know they are there.

I don’t know whether you believe my story, or whether you think it all made up.  If you want to know the truth, you could always ask the old Lime Tree that told me the tale. It might tell you too, if you have the time to listen and the patience to wait for it to answer.

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