Dog Walk

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The story of a young boy who makes money in a way he loves.

Submitted: October 20, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018



Dylan is sitting on his bed, with is dog, Buddy. Suddenly, his father opens the door.

“Hey, Dylan. I heard about that dance, are you going?” His father asked

“Nah, I’d rather stay here with Buddy.” Dylan lied

They both knew that Dylan loved his dog, but they also knew that that wasn’t true. The real reason that Dylan wasn’t going to the dance was because he had spent his savings on a new skateboard even though the one he had already was fine. Dylan wouldn’t ask for the money, he knew what his father’s answer would be. ‘ you knew that when you bought that skateboard you wouldn’t have enough money to buy a ticket.’ Besides, Dylan thought, staying in with Buddy isn’t that bad.

Dylan’s dad could tell how badly he wanted to go, so he said, “Maybe you could make back some money. You know, the neighbor, Ms. Perry, is looking for someone to walk her dog while her leg heals. I could tell her you’re interested.”

Dylan thought about this for a good minute, I love dogs, he thought, I love walking. Buddy’s getting a little round, he could come with us on our walks.

“How much does it pay?” Dylan asked.

“She said, ‘Two walks every day, five dollars each walk.’ “

This was more than Dylan had hoped for, and definitely more that he needed.

“When does it start?”

© Copyright 2018 KJ Naetzker. All rights reserved.

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