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this is a collection of short stories. some stories contain content that not everyone is comfortable with, such as
-self harming
-lgbtq+ couples
and suicide

Submitted: October 20, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018



Short Story #1

I look straight ahead at the back of my girlfriends head, her hat's on backwards as usual. My sex ed teacher stands at the front of the room droning on about the importance of  protection and how many different diseases you can get from having sex, yada yada yada. My girlfriend's hand shifts to under her desk, she's most likely on her phone again. My phone blinks letting me know I have a new text. I look at Mr. Drew his eyes are glued to the computer screen as he flicks threw his power point. I pick my phone up, the texts from my girlfriend

r u paying attention at all?

I look forward at Em, but she's looking straight ahead.

no r u?

I vaguely see her pick up her phone again.

nope. r we in here long enough for me to take a nap?

I chuckle when I read her text, Em sleeps in more of her classes than she's awake in.

"Mrs. Conrad, something you'd like to share with the whole class?"
I jerked my eyes up to see my teacher staring right at me.

"No, nothing important."

"Mrs. Conrad, front of the class please."
As I go to stand up I see Em raise her hand in the air.

"Mr. Drew, it's my fault she was texting. She was just responding to my text. I was asking her a question about the notes."
Mr. Drew looked at me, I was still standing by my desk.

"Is this true Mrs. Conrad?"


"Very well take a seat."
I slid back into my seat and put my phone in my pocket. After another 36 minutes of Mr. Drew endlessly monologuing the bell finally rang. I started shoving my stuff into my back pack, making everything fit. Then a pair of arms wrapped around me and I resisted the urge to flinch.

"Hey lovely."
I smiled at my girlfriends nickname for me and turned to face her,
"Hey Gorgeous."
My girlfriend looked me up and down.

"You look good." She told me, her lips pulling up into my favorite dimpled smile.

I smiled up at her, then turned around and picked up my bag. We headed towards the door together, her hand finding its way to my lower back. I moved away from her hand and walked a little faster. But she was right on my heels.

"You ok?" I turn and look at her.

"Ya, I'm fine." She looked at my face, I tried not to show any emotion, I failed.

"Bullshit, what happened."

"It was nothing just a brief argument this morning."

"Did they hurt you?" I looked straight ahead walking at a brisk pace, I didn't want to think about them right now. Or the fact both of them would likely be waiting for me when I got home. I only had 5 days left till I was 18 and could move in with my girlfriend and her family. Em grabbed my arm making me stop in the middle of the hallway, I heard the first warning bell ring.

"Ray, did. they. hurt. you?" I looked into her eyes. They were a dark brown and full of concern. I sighed and gave a small nod. She cursed under her breath and headed towards the girls bathroom.

"Em I have to get to class." She didn't respond, she just kept dragging me a long beside her. She threw open the bathroom door and looked around, it was completely empty. Once the door shut she locked it.

"Where did they hurt you?"

"EM! I'm not doing this right now." I turned to head to the door but she stopped me again.

"Ray, please I need to know you're ok." I sighed and set my bag down. I lifted the back of my shirt up, there was bruising on my back that wrapped around to the right side of my hip.  I let my shirt fall back down and bent down to lift up my skirt. There were multiple red marks on my calve. Em stood there with a stone cold face.

"Babe.." She stepped towards me and wrapped her arms around me. I sighed, here I didn't worry about my family. Here in her arms I was safe. I heard the final warning bell ring and she pulled back.

"Let's get you to class."

"God it must be nice to have a free period."

"Would be even better if I could spend it with you."

**Skip to the end of the day**

I walked out of my last class late and scanned the hallway till I saw Em leaning up against the wall, she looked up and smiled at me. I held my hand out for her to take, once she did we laced our fingers together.

"You're late, why?"

"Ugh Mrs. T kept us late cause these boys were messing around and took Matt's insulin case." She chuckled and we walked through the mob of people

I looked over at her,
"How was the rest of your day?"

"Majorly boring, how do you stay awake in all your classes?"

I laughed and told her "Talent." We headed down the stairs hand in hand. When I got to the main level of the school I stopped and pulled her in towards me. I smiled at her and kissed her on her nose then on her lips.

"Love you Gorgeous."

"I love you too Ray."

"I gotta go, Alex is picking me up."

"You work tonight?"

"Ya 4:00-11:00"

"Call me if you need a ride home." I smiled at her and told her I would then I kissed her quick one more time then headed to the back lot. I threw open the door and scanned the lot for Al's truck. I spotted it and took off running watching out for ice patches. Al was my one protector, he tried to keep John and my dad from hurting me, but he couldn't always protect me. I opened the truck door and jumped into the cab

"Hey Al you-" my words were cut off due to a slap to my face. My eyes watered and I looked over to the drivers seat. John was sitting where Al should've been.

"I've been out here waiting on you for 15 minutes, what part of back lot right after school is so damn confusing to you?"

"I'm sorry my teacher kept us late."

He didn't respond as he sped out of the school parking lot, swerving to avoid cars.

"John, slow down the roads are icy and your going to fast." He started yelling at me, telling me I hadn't been driving long enough to correct his driving. He went to swerve lanes and missed the car in his blind spot.  I heard him yell, but I was silent. He swerved to avoid the car but the left front tire hit an ice patch causing the truck to hit the cement barrier. John's side got the worst of it but I still felt some glass cut me and something was wrong with my shoulder I probably shouldn't have gripped the door. I sat completely still in my seat, my only thought was that I had at least told Em that I love her. My head hurt, I thought that I felt something trickle down my face but I ignored it. John fought to unbuckle his seat belt while cussing up a storm. I whipped out my phone and called 911. He yelled at me and told me to get off the phone, and that we were fine. I unbuckled and threw the door open, I wanted out of this truck, I wanted away from my brother. I tried to use my right shoulder but it hurt to much. I told the operator where we were and she told me that help was on the way but she would stay on the line with me. My brother barreled out of the truck and came towards me.

"I told you to get off the damn phone."

"And I told you No." I ran towards the truck cradling my right arm against me and jumped back in, locking the doors. I knew it probably did little good cause the drivers door was broken and John could break any window. But I didn't have to last forever, just long enough for the police to get here.

"Mam are you still there?"

"Yes, I'm still here." I kept answering the ladies questions, but it took me a while to respond. John yelled and reached through the broken window, scraping up his arm. I heard sirens in the distance. I grabbed my bag, unlocked the truck and headed towards the police car, the ambulance was right behind them. I was almost to the cops cruiser when it suddenly became blurry, and I started to see spots. I was a few feet away when the weight of what had happened final hit me and I fainted.
I'm awake, well am I awake? I can hear people moving around me. I try to open my eyes but I can't. I start to freak out, what if something happened and I'm now blind!? Ok Ray that's worse case scenario, don't jump to conclusions.

I heard John yell "Don't touch her she's fine!" If I could've flinched I would've, wait, did I flinch? There's some voices barking out orders.
"Don't touch her neck, we don't know her condition" and
"Officer, contain him so we can do our work." Him? Was him John? I feel myself being moved. Something touches the bruising on my back. I wanna yell at them no not there, that hurts! I hear a cry, is that my voice?
"Stop!" The pressure on my back is gone. I relax and I try to focus on my breathing I'm rolled over onto my left side and am relieved that it's not my right side. I feel the cold on my back, hands start poking and prodding my back. Ow! I wish I could open my eyes and yell at them to knock it off.
"Let's move her watch the cut on her head and the bruising on her back." My head? I try to think back threw the accident and if I hit my head. I'm being moved again but this time who ever is moving me doesn't touch my back.

"Get her to the hospital. I'm gonna stay here a bit longer and question the man who was with her."

"Yes sir. Hey! careful with her she hasn't had anything for her pain and she's been threw a lot." I hear an apology and I try again to open my eyes, nothing. I try to form words, I try to tell them that I'm awake, I'm here.

"Sweetheart, my name is Tessa. I'm gonna give you something for the pain, but I want you to just rest. Alrighty there you go honey, you should feel better now." I start thinking of Em but it gets harder my minds turning fuzzy...

I'm laying on Em's bed. While she's playing a video game I use her thigh as a pillow and read. Em growls and sets the controller down."they're worthless and they don't even know it."

I look up at her and smile,

"I miss you." she tells me. How's that possible, I'm right here with her. I sigh and wrap my arms around her torso and close my eyes.

"Female. Her blood type is A negative, car accident on the high way truck hit a cement barrier. Major open head wound, bruised back." I hear someone explaining my situation, I think it's Tessa.

"Alright lets move her on three. 1,2,3." I'm lifted then laid back down on something much more comfortable. I'm Awake, and I want to know what's going on.

"Do we have a name for her?"

"No, she was with a man and he was not thrilled that we were taking her. She had a bag with her, I don't know where it wound up." It sound's like a male voice where's Tessa?

"It's here." A female voice, Tessa. "Her name is Ray Johnson, five days until her 18th birthday. No pass code on her phone, the most popular contact is someone named Gorgeous." I became extremely alert, that's my girlfriend. Call her, text her, let her know whats happening! I tried to focus all my energy on moving my fingers. I think they twitched.

"Tessa, her fingers moved." Yes! Success is mine.

"Ray, it's Tessa again I'm gonna call this person in you're phone I think it's your girlfriend or an important family member. Either way I'm gonna call them and tell them what's going on." Yes please call Em, she needs to know. I can't speak or really anything but hear at this point. But she could make everything better.

"Ric you take care of the gash on her head and make sure everything else is ok. I'm going to call this person and see if there's an update about the guy she was with. Talk to her, let her know what your doing. I'm afraid you'll have to do all the talking."

"Alright Ray my names Ric. I'm gonna give you a shot of morphine so I can stitch up the gash on your head." Ric kept talking to me. He talked to me about his family, wife and one son. I wondered what his life was like at home.

"Alright Ray you're gonna feel a slight pinch, that's just the shot." There was a pinch, Ow. I imagined I could feel the stitches, as a distraction I focused on my breathing.

"Alright Ray, you're finished. I don't think that it'll scar. I'm gonna go try and find Tessa and see if she got her call to go threw." I heard foot steps leaving the room and a door close. I was in a room by myself and I let my mind wander.

"Ray!" I became completely aware, Em. I wished I could open my eyes and see her. I felt her pick up my hand.

"Lovely, it's ok I'm here. I'm not leaving. What happened?" I assume she's asking someone else, given my current state.

"Well, there was a guy driving and they hit an ice patch causing the truck to hit a cement barrier. She has bruising on her back and some marks on her calves and her x-ray showed a slight muscle tare on her shoulder. Do you know anything about this?" The room was dead silent, Em no.

"Well," I tuned her out. I didn't want anyone else to know, I didn't want to deal with having to go to court, or anything like that.

I hear an annoying beeping sound. I hurt all over, and I really wish the damn beeping would stop.


I hear a voice I'd recognize anywhere. I try to open my eyes but they're so heavy.

"The doctors say you can hear us even if you can't respond. You've been in here for a few days. The nurse Tessa say's something about your body processing whats happened. Doctors saw your back and they say you had a slight muscle tear , but they knew it wasn't from the accident. I'm sorry lovely I had to tell them about your dad and brother, they're going to jail. But I made sure to tell them Al wasn't a part of it and now your going to stay with me and my family for a while."

I wanted to respond I wanted to tell her that's all I ever wanted once we started dating. I fought to open my eyes, I think they flickered.

"Ray? lovely can you hear me? Please Ray open your eyes, I need you, please open your eyes."
I fought some more and saw a bright light, then dark gray walls. Then a pair of beautiful brown eyes.



Short Story #2

God I hate school. I'm trudging through the hallways with my eyes barley open.

"CE'S" I moan when I hear my best friend yell my name.

"Sunshine, I love ya but you're at a 15 and I need you at a 7."

"Ya know I've never gotten why you aren't a morning person." I look over at Ave and she goes quite. The rest of the morning was uneventful filled with to much homework. Also way to many preppy cheerleaders, seriously, who is that happy at 9 am.
It's 12 o'clock now and I have a half hour left in my class before I can go to lunch. I'm not paying attention at all so I jump when I hear the classroom door slam shut. I jerk my head towards the front of the room and see a new student. She has bobbed hair that's been dyed a dark blue. She also has the brightest green eyes.

"Damn.." Shit did I say that out loud? I look at my friends Kasey and Tiggs who are two desks away, their looking at me and quietly laughing. Yep, definitely said it out loud. I wonder if....

"Babe, babe wake up." I jerk awake from my dream to see Leila standing over me, staring at me with the same bright green eyes.

"I'm awake Hun, what's wrong?"

"We gotta move, agents are heading this way." Me and my girlfriend have been on the run for about 3 months now. President Wyatt was killed and the U.S fell into chaos. All children over 18 were automatically sent to fight, that's what happened to Ave, Kasey and Tiggs. Then there's also the fact that we were framed for assisting in the assassination of President Wyatt.

I stand up and moan as I stretch "Alright Lei I'm up." We grab our things and take off.

"Well Lei where are we heading this time?"

"Underground, there's suppose to be mine tunnels." I groan in response. I really really hate ear wigs, worms, ants, well any creepy crawly type bug.

"I think I'd rather take on the 5 agents trying to kill us."

"Hun it's more like eight." My girlfriend informed me while marching ahead. I roll my eyes,

"Oh, sorry I wasn't specific enough for you." Lei looked back at me with a smile. Even on the run she can't resist teasing me. I smile back at her and we trudge..

"Wake up prisoner, you've got a surprise coming. It should be here in 10." I jerk awake for the second time. I look around and realize I'm in a cell. A couple weeks ago Lei was sleeping and I saw agents about 3 miles away from us. I ran a half mile back to our camp
"Leila Babe we have to leave now!" My love jerked awake and struggled with her hiking boots.
"Babe please we have to go now. There's at least a dozen agents only 3 miles out, probably 1 by now." I grabbed my pack and hers. I ran to the cliff and saw an agent almost within reach of me. I picked up a couple rocks and throw them at the closes agents. I then sprint back to where Lei should be. She's up with her boots on and stamping out the fire.
"Leave it!" I yell at her while racing past her. We sprint into the woods, choosing to believe we had the upper hand. Lei is a bit ahead of me, she's always been a better runner. I hear yelling, I know they're close.
"Keep going I'm gonna try and lead them off." I tossed the packs to her and ran in the opposite direction for a few minutes. Once I assumed Lei was safe I slowed down gasping for air. I took a deep breath before yelling
"I'm here!" Lei kept running, four agents were on me within the minute.
"Here comes your surprise." I look up at Ean the current guard on duty. I look away from him when the door opens.
"Good Morning Ean. You tell her about her surprise already?" Ean nods and Liam is slightly disappointed.
"Well, it'll still be good. Go ahead and look up here girl." I look up at what he's holding, it looks like a person. No she's gone long gone. I watch as Liam shoves my surprise forward, I was right it is a person.
"Lei!" I try to move but my wrists are cuffed and the chain won't reach. My love blinks her eyes and looks at me,
"I'm sorry, do I know you?" No.

"Lei, that's not funny. You're not being funny." My girlfriend shifted so she was right next to Liam.

"Li, who is this, why am I here?"

"Don't worry Plumeria, we just had to stop by so I could drop something of to Ean." No I'm fighting against my chains I just have to reach her. I want to know if it's really her, if they really did this to my girlfriend. I know my chains aren't gonna break and there's no point, but I keep trying. Leila and Liam go to leave, that's when I loose it.

"Leila get your ass back here! Lei! Babe, I love you please come back to me! Lei!" She stops and looks back at me

"Lei, please, come back to me, marry me please." She looked at me and for a moment I thought I was getting through.

"Come on Plumeria, we've gotta go." She took Liam's hand and walked out the door. Leaving me to rot in my cell with Ean gloating outside of it.


Short Story #3

There's a town in Maine...

"Don't you dare start that without me!" I tell my best friend Raven. I'm standing in the kitchen of my dorm waiting for the popcorn to be done. While I can easily see the tv from here, I prefer to have a real movie effect. On the couch, bowl of hot popcorn in my lap while I'm wrapped up in a blanket.

"I'm just watching the recap which you normally skip. Besides it's not like you're missing anything, you've seen this show multiple times." She informed me, her eyes never leaving the TV. The popcorn was finally done and after I doused it in salt I raced towards the couch, jumping up onto the table before falling back onto the couch next to Ra. She laughed when I almost landed halfway on top of her. I lifted the bowl of popcorn up and she tossed the blanket over my lap. Once I was situated she hit play. Once Upon A Time's theme played before it took us to Neverland.

"What!" I smiled down as Ra freaked over the revel of Pan's true identity.

"I Know!"

"K pause it I need to refill my drink." Once she'd sat back down, I hit play on our 'last episode'. Three more episodes later, I'm half asleep while Ra is curled up to me, I can't see her face but I'm pretty sure she's fallen asleep. I lay my head on the back of the couch and close my eyes, telling myself it'll only be for a second. There's movement and a voice. I blink my eyes open and see Ra is awake.

"Ah Ra I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"No it's my bad we probably should've stopped two episodes after our 'last episode'."


"It's late, I should go."

"Hun it's 2 in the morning, you shouldn't drive."

"I'll be fine." She made a look that meant there was no point in arguing. I sighed and stretched before I wrapped my blanket around me and got up to walk her out. We walked down the hall towards the door, quietly chatting.

"Bye Hun I'll talk to you tomorrow, well, later today."

"Bye." I watched her go across the road to her car. I went to go back in but realized I only had my phone, not my key.

"Damn it." I fumble with my phone to call or text my roommate but I turn around when I hear a crash. In all the movies everything goes in slow motion, that's not what truly happens. To me, it felt like someone hit fast forward I saw Raven almost completely pull out of the parking lot and a car couldn't stop in time and T boned her. My blanket halfway falls off as I run and dial 911. I race towards her car while I gave out my address and a rundown of the situation.

"Raven!" I hear the glass crunch under my feet and send a silent thank you that she made me put on my toms to walk her out. The airbag's deployed and there's glass everywhere. The car hit smack in the middle of the two doors driver side. I fight with the door and when I can't get it open I kick it. The drivers window is cracked but still semi intact. I knock on the windshield.

"Ra, Raven can you hear me?" She moves a little, that's enough for me. I race around to the other side and open the passenger door. I see blood on the airbag, the paramedics show up and start telling me to move back. I'm pretty sure I told a few to go to hell and some other choice phrases, oops. When one of them tries to pick me up that's when I loose it.

"Are you shitting me? You're worried about me? She's the one who was in a car accident and is still in the car. Get Her Out!" They manage to get the door open and I race around to the other side, dodging a paramedic along the way. They have her out and lay her on a back board. I drop down to my knees beside her and grab her wrist, there's barley a pulse.

"Ma'am you need to move back and let us do our job."

"Go to hell, she has a faint pulse and a major head wound. Your job is to put pressure on the head wound and get her stabilized then get her to a hospital." I see my blanket by the door where I dropped it when I was kicking the car. I grab it, wad it up and put it to her head.

"Hey, Ra, don't worry you're gonna be fine. Everything will work out." Her eyes opened and she looked up at me, she tried to say something but she couldn't form words.

"Shhh, it's ok don't worry I'm here, paramedics are here everything will be fine." I place my hand on her stomach and I feel something wet. I look down and my hands covered in blood, no. I pull back her shirt ignoring the paramedic and I see her stomach cut open with pieces of glass in some of the wounds, her solid glass waterbottle. I told her that was a bad purchase. I cry out to the paramedic who's on the other side of her. I see her stomach stop moving.

"You're ok. Breathe. Just breathe. Open your eyes, come back. It's ok, you're ok. Hun wake up. Please wake up, don't do this to me. Don't do this to me, don't do this to me! I love you, I'm completely in love with you. Please come back!" The paramedic had started cpr but it didn't work, she'd had her glass watterbottle in her lap which meant the steering wheel and airbag pushed it through her stomach when she crashed.

"No, no, no, no. I love you Raven. Please come back."


Short Story 4

I'm running. I can hear him behind me, he's there lurking in the shadows. I scream while I run, but no one can hear.

"Saph." I assume it's his voice and keep running, my legs quickly give out and I sit on the ground shaking.

"Saph wake up." I'm still shaking but somethings not right.

I jerk awake. I'm laying in bed, tangled in the sheets and also sitting in between my boyfriends legs laying against him.

"Babe, you ok?"

"Ya, I'm fine. With the court date so close I've just been a little worried." My biological father's court date was in three day's. He was there due to physically and sexually abusing me.

"Who were you before?" He looked down at me while tightening his arms around me.

"Before what?" I asked looking up at him.

"Before he broke you." I sat there unable to respond.

"I don't know." My free hand traces up and down my arm that's covered in scars from cutting. I lean into my boyfriend and try to breathe. Who was I before? Before the bruises, the assaults which thus lead to screaming nightmares. Before the self harming. Who was I? I think back, to a time when mom was still with us. I'm laying in the library. A book on my lap and my free hand petting my cat, Pirate. Moms standing on the step stool trying to dust the top shelf. I hear the front door open and close.

"Dad!" I yell without getting up. He stands in the doorway and looks at me, a half smile on his face. Then he turns and looks at my mom.

"Rose, come here please." My mom's down off the step stool and crossing the room before I even mark my page.

"I wanna come to." My dad starts to agree but my mom interveined before he could.

"No Honey, you go outside and I'll come get you when I'm ready for us to start dinner, you can help me then." I watch as my dad gripped my moms wrist and pulled her out of the library.

"It got worse when my mom died." I told Tay while I'm still sitting in his lap.

"I'm sitting in the tv room trying to figure out an annoyingly long  algebra problem when my dad walks into the room. I look at him out of  the corner of my eye." I tell Tay while trying not to completely loose myself in the memory.

"Dad,  Emma invited me to her birthday party, can I go please? He stands in  the doorway looking at me, well looking me up and down may be a better  term."

"You have to work for that Hun." I hold back a whimper reminding myself that it's not real anymore, that's no longer reality.

"He said that often. That I'd have to work for it. Almost anytime I wanted something or if I needed something, that was his response. Who was I before he broke me? I was a happy kid who was blind to the reality because my mom protected me, and that bastard killed her. He made her life such a living hell that she saw death as her only option." Tay's arms tighten around me and lean back into them wishing it was my other parent who was gone.


Short Story #5
"This your first time?" I slid onto the table while nodding at him.

"Don't worry Love it'll only hurt for a little bit." I looked at him and laughed trying to hide my joy from his Irish accent.

"Is that what you tell everyone who comes here?" I ask while looking around the room before I land back on him. He let out a low chuckle.

"Only those who are nervous love." I nod at him while I roll up my pant leg.

"Where do you want it?"

"On my calve wrapping around the whole leg once."

"Aye Love, I can do that. Let me see the picture." I pull my phone out and hand it to him.

"My name ain't love, it's Elizabeth." He hands my phone back to me while pulling a very attractive smirk

"Nice to meet you, Love, I'm Jack." I shake my head and take my phone back tensing as Jack preps the ink and needle. I look at him and I knew, this was really going to hurt. But when he turns the machine on there's a loud beeping noise, that keeps getting louder and louder. I blink my eyes and am no longer in the tattoo shop, instead, I'm laying in bed with my fiance right behind me and his arm thrown over me. He kisses my cheek.

"Love, it's time for me to get up." I moan and groan and tell him no while locking my fingers with his. He chuckles and kisses my cheek again,

"El, I have to get up, it's 6:00." I use my free hand to hold his arm down over me, I don't want to get up.

"Jjaaacckkk we don't have to go to work."

"Hun the shop can't open without me and if our secretary is late I think the boss won't be to amused." I roll over and look at him while laughing.

"I think I can persuade my boss to let me be a little bit late." I smile up at him and lean in before kissing him.

"Hmmm." I go to kiss him again but he's moving and is up out of the bed looking down at me. I sprawl out like a spider then I grab his pillow and hug it to my chest, enjoying its smell.

"I'm going to shower, then I'm going to open the shop if you're not there by 8:00 you're gonna be in deep trouble." I moan at him and rearrange the pillows so I'm using all of them. I hear the water turn on but then nothing else, I hug my fiances pillow to my chest, then I'm out.

"Goodbye Love, I'll see you at the shop." Jack kisses my forehead.

"Mmm love you."

"I love you too."


Short Story #6

"Elaine! Good morning El." I roll over in my bed and smile at my mentor and my best friend Alex.

"Good morning Lex."

"Time to get up." I lay in bed and groan I roll over again and hug my pillow, letting my gaurd down and relaxing into my bed. After a few seconds of groaning and burrowing in my bed I feel her starting to come to the surface. I tense when I feel her rising up, I was to relaxed and zoned out to stop her.

"Go to hell angel."

"Demon, be gone. Bring back Elaine."

"She's slipping, you know it. I know it. Soon I'll be in control and she'll join the darkness."

"No. El is better than that, stronger than that."

I can hear Lex, I keep trying to fight the damn demon into the darkness. I finally gain control of myself again and I feel herfade, still there but no longer in control. I let out a sigh before I bury my face in my pillow


"Ya?" My response is muffled by my pillow but still audible.

"Are you ok?" I feel Lex put her hand on my back.

"Never better." I give my muffled response. I stay there, in my bed with my pillow on my face for another minute or so. Lex staid with me her hand rubbing my back while she hummed. I took my face out of my pillow and turned to her.

"Why is this happening to me Lex?"

"Hun-" I jerk to an upright position while glaring at her.

"No! No Hun, no I don't know. I want the truth and all of it. I want to know what's wrong with me."

"El, nothing is wrong with you. You're going through a hard time." I look away from her and let my gaze land on the pillow in my lap.

"You lost your mom and one of your sisters less than a week ago. You know that our other selves become more present when we don't know what to think or how to feel. Ya know, I'm not so perfect either." I looked back at her with an as if look on my face.

"It's true, my other side came out and staid in control for to long. To this day I still don't know what brought her so close to the surface. But she was there, waiting. I lost myself for almost a week."

"How'd you come back from that and what about the clear pills?" The longest anyone has every come back from is two days anything more and the person was considered gone.

"I was reminded why I wanted to be good and the pill wouldn't have worked, I was fully gone and my other half was in control. We headed towards the end of the woods."

"We?" She looked over at me with a sad face.

"They never travel alone." I went silent and waited for her to continue.

"We reached the edge of the woods and saw a family, a couple and their kids. One of the demons on my right laughed at them. He gave the kill order. The family didn't even realize they were in danger until it was to late. I saw the monsters rip them limb from limb while they toyed with the kids. I was horrified by what I saw. I ran away as fast as I could, I heard him yell after me. He called me Lex just like you do, he made me feel special. My darker half told me to turn around and go back to him, but I refused. I ran until I got to my mentors house. Raya took me in, reminded me who I was before." I leaned over and hugged my friend I'd never seen her look so broken, so exposed.

"I'm sorry Lex. I mean Alex." She chuckled and looked at me

"I don't mind if you call me that, it was your nickname before he used it." I gave her one last hug before I got out of bed.

"Mae laid out your close on the back of your desk chair." I glanced at the chair and saw an all black outfit. I rummaged through my desk draw and took out my clear pill before I took it I looked at Lex, she looked expectantly at me. I didn't think twice before I dropped the pill in my mouth. I felt myself become numb and my other half was no longer fighting to get out, almost like she was asleep. Once I was numb I went to get my clothes off the chair to get ready for my mother and sisters funeral.

I walked out of the funeral home and took multiple deep breaths. I hate hospitals, I hate funerals and I hate funeral homes. My pill was starting to wear off and I knew what would be waiting for me once it was fully gone. I looked back at the funeral home knowing that any minute friends and family members would come out of there and tell me how sorry they were for my loss. Which I call bullshit on, half those people I don't know and a quarter of them had shut my mom out of their lives when she was pregnant with my oldest sister Mae. I closed my eyes and sighed.

"go ahead." I felt my darker half immediately take over right when the homes doors opened. I looked back to see Lex. She knew what I'd done but instead of being upset she smiled at me. My darker half smiled back at her than ran to the woods. I see the edge of the woods before I start to slow down. I slowed to a walk and look around. I fight to get to the surface, I don't have any luck.

"What do you want?" I turn around and look at the guy behind me. He was a couple inches taller than me with broader shoulders and shaggy blonde hair, his hair covers just enough of his eyes that I can't see the color. My darker half chuckled.

"Nothing you could give me." I turned around and started to walk away. I was at inner turmoil with myself. I'm almost to the surface but she knows I'm fighting and doesn't want to let me back in control. She keeps walking but something stops her, she's surprised just enough that I gain the upper hand and regain control of myself. I look back and see the guy from early I don't think I just react. Next thing I know this guy's clutching his nose and there's a little bit of blood coming out of it.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry you startled me and I was fighting with her." He looks up at me and I see dark gold eyes. I'm screwed, there's no more good left in him his darker half has taken full control. I stand there awkwardly backing away from him while looking at the ground.

"Don't sweat it angel." I look at him again and see the bloods already gone.

"I'm not an angel."

"Your eyes tell a different story, yet, I can see your battling yourself. Always fighting to keep control, make sure good wins. You know what they say about good people, don't you? They were  originally born evil, but were trained to be good." I looked at him while scowling.

"So you must also know what they say about the demons; that they were never trained to be good." His smile sent a chill down my spine.

"Oh sweet Angel they tried to train me, I just didn't listen." I watched him. I didn't know him and yet I really liked him.

"Come on demoni im, win the fight and come join me." I smiled, I had never been given a nickname by anyone aside from Lex.

"lex.." I didn't know I'd said it out loud until he chuckled.

"demoni im I wouldn't worry about her, she's with us." I looked around at the edge of the woods and saw others who had dark gold eyes, Lex was among them. I didn't question it if she was here than I was where I was meant to be. I didn't fight anymore I let my darker half gain full control letting Elaine drift away.

"Welcome demoni im." Through these new eyes I recognized him,

"Luca." A friend that had quickly became more than a friend he had become someone I depended on and someone I'd fallen in love with. But he'd gotten sick and 'passed on.' Now I knew the truth..

"It's good to see you again laine." I smiled and drifted towards him

"I missed you dritën time."

"I missed you too demoni im." I smiled up at him while he looked down at me. I slowly moved closer until my lips found his. He was exactly like I remember but had a darker edge to him.

"Hm, you're even better than before demoni im." I laughed and wrapped my arms around him, I'd missed him.

"Come on dritën time, let's go have some fun."


Short Story #7
I'm Sorry

"Ty!" I moan when I hear my mom yell the wrong name. I ignore her, I'm not going down there.

"Tess, lets go, dinners ready." I look at my doorway and see my dad. He's the parent who's accepted my transition the most.

"Be right there dad." I pull my phone out and when the screen lights up I see my girlfriends face, the only other person who supports me.

Hey gorgeous, hope your rehearsal went well.
I slip my phone in my pocket and head downstairs.

"You know what time dinners at, is it to much to ask that it doesn't get interrupted by business?"

I stand outside the kitchen while my parents argue.

"Where is he, I called for him almost ten minutes ago."

"Jay, couldn't you at least try to accept her?"

"Why? It won't last, this is just a phase same as piano and rock bands. It's nothing more than a phase, soon he'll remember who he is." I feel tears start to fall, I knew she didn't approve but I didn't know that's how she truly felt. I back away from the wall and quietly head back up stairs. I shut my door and start pacing my room gasping for air. I look at the shoe box that's sitting on my dresser. I pull my phone out and see a new text from Natalie.

Hey gorgeous rehearsal is going late, two of our violinists bailed at the last moment. I love you, I'll call you when I'm done here.

I sigh reminding myself I'm one of the lucky ones. When Cole transitioned his girlfriend broke up with him.

I'm sorry about the two girls bailing, that sucks! I love you too call me when you can. I look back at the shoe box on my dresser. I shouldn't, it's been two weeks. I toss my phone on my bed and head towards  the box. I take the lid off and set it to the side, then I pull out a razor blade. I slip it into my pocket and head to the bathroom. I open my door and see my mom standing there. I try to stay calm, she doesn't know whats in my pocket, nothings wrong. 

"I told you to come downstairs for dinner."

"Right, and when is the phase of family dinners going to end?" I slip past her and head towards the bathroom, leaving her there puzzling over my comment. I lock the bathroom door and pull the drawers open, blocking the door. I slip my hand into my pocket and pull out the razor. I don't hesitate. I take my long sleeve plaid shirt off and stare at my arm in the mirror, there's cuts scattered all over it. I lift the razor to my arm and feel the blade pierce the skin, it doesn't help. I push the blade deeper into my skin and bring the cut towards me. I sigh when a wave of pain washes over me. I lower the blade down into the sink and rinse it off. Once it's clean I position it on my arm again, a bit below the fresh cut. I repeat this five more times. I then get a rag from the drawer and get it wet with lukewarm water. I then wipe away the blood and make sure the cuts are clean. Once that's done I put a bandage on them and slip my shirt back on. I bury the rag in the trashcan and flush the toilet, just in case someone was listening. I shut the drawer and open the door. The house is quite. I lean over the railing and look into the living room and see mom sitting on the couch with a wine glass in hand and a bottle on the table. I watch her for a minute, she's on the phone.

"Yes I want to schedule an appointment. It's for my son Ty. Yes Dr. Holsten is fine." I was done. I ran down the stairs, careful not to slip on the hard wood floor and sprinted into the room she was in. I yank the phone out of her hand and ended the call.

"Are you kidding me?"

"What's your problem?" She yells back at me.

"I'm almost 18, so while I may not legally be an adult I refuse to go see Dr. Holsten and sit in a room where he tells me that my transitioning is wrong and if I transition, that means I'd be gay. And being gay is unacceptable."

"You're not going through with this, I forbid it!"

"You Can't Forbid It!"

"Like hell I can't, you're 17 years old, meaning you have to have parental approval for any alterations."

"You. Don't. Know. Anything!" I throw her phone onto the couch and take the stairs two at a time before I slam the door. I go through the same routine automatically and don't realize what I'm doing until I'm cutting bandages.

"Damn it." I growl at myself while yanking them off. They fall to the floor while I repeatedly shred my arm. I toss the blade into the sink and let the water run on it. I reach for a rag and realize that the drawer is empty. I pick up the bandages off the floor and get them wet and use them instead. I then bury the old bandages in the trash and put new ones on my arm. I make sure to shut the water off and pick up the razor out of the sink. I shove the drawer shut and throw the door open then head for my room. I toss my door shut and am slightly disappointed with the weak slam it made. I see my phone blinking letting me know that I have a new message. I pick it up and realize I have a new message and a missed call from Natalie.

Hey gorgeous, rehearsal ended earlier than planed, good if I come over?  I look at the time she sent it and realize I got it 15 minutes ago, meaning. I hear my moms sickly sweet voice,

"Of course, come on in Natalie. He's just upstairs in his room. I'm so sorry about this transitioning business, it's just a phase and I'm so glad you're sticking it out." I hear Natalie thank her then there's a knock on my door.

"It's open." My amazing girlfriend walks in and smiles at me. Her curly blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail and her face has minimal makeup on it, she looks perfect.

"Hey, why didn't you call me back or respond?" She asks while wrapping her arms around me. I lean into her embrace and hug her back. God I missed her. She's barley taller than me so it's easy for me to scoop her up. She shrieks and clutches onto me,

"Put me down! Put me down!" I toss her onto my bed and laugh. She throws a pillow at me and I catch it. She stands up and starts to move towards me, I don't trust her one bit. She stops and looks behind me.

"Hey, what's that?" She asks as she climbs across my bed, ducking to avoid my ceiling fan.

"What's what?" I ask watching her head towards me, I still think she may be trying to get back at me for picking her up. She's at my dresser when I realize that I never put the lid back on my box and put it away. I lunge for the box and succeed in grabbing it, but I'm not able to put the lid on before she sees what's inside.

"Tess, what are those for?"

"They're for the knife my dad got me." I look up at her and she's looking down at me, she doesn't believe me.

"How long?"

"Before I started transitioning, before I even met you. It's better, when I'm with you. I feel like I can breathe, like I matter."

"Show me."

"What? No, babe trust me you don't want to see them."

"Yes I do, now show me." I head towards my bedroom door and quietly shut it I then unbutton my shirt, take it off and toss it on the bed then slowly unwrap the bandages on my arm.

"Most of these are ones from after I met you."

"You have more?"

"On my thighs a couple lower, but those ones are harder to hide." I stood there bare chested and watched her face.

"I'm gonna count them."


"Because than I can see how many times you needed me and how many times I wasn't there."

"No." I head towards the bed and am just about to pick up my shirt when she stops me.


"Because they're not from you or because of you. Babe, they're healing because of you."


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