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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 21, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018



"Sir, The scouts have come back from their patrols" A soldier calls out from outside of the command tent, Rex let out a sigh as he thought about how annoying it was that the consol took him out of war up north, just to start another one. "Sir?" The soldier called again, Rex slammed his hand into the table. "YES, I heard you. Tell them to rest for some time and then come to me when they feel is just." The soldier lets out a small whimper as he forces his words out, "Yessss... Sir!" Rex could hear him as he scampered off in his armor, and glance back at the table that had a map laid across it. He rubbed his eyes as he notices that him slamming his hand on it cause a lot of his wooden marker to fall off onto the ground.

He let out a scream of frustration, as he stomps out of his tent. His tent was station above the main army camp, it made for a beautiful view of the sunset every night, but more importantly, he could see straight into the governor room, as he commands his town guard alongside his Captain. This was only supposed to be a few days to take the town and set up defenses, then head back north. But sadly they people of Lock Town were more loyal and dedicated then he hoped. When they had first gotten here, it was an ordinary peasant that close the gate on his army.

Rex let out a growl as he shouted out at a guard behind him "Spyglass!" he could hear both soldiers Russell through their belts to grab their spyglasses when a familiar voice let out a loud sigh. "Ah... Relax boys, I got Mr. Grumpy here." Rex glance over his shoulder to see Hope, at first glance any man would make a mistake in trying to sweet talk her. But Rex knew from experience that only a fool would become of that so-called man, she was a mercenary plain and simple. Hope tossed a spyglass as he reached an arm behind him and caught it with needing to look back.

"Pretty good for an old man." She said as she walks up to him then let out a yawn and let the wind take her off her feet. "Old? I'm barely twenty-five sleepy head." he lifted the spyglass up to his eye and turn his focus to the building windows, leaving Hope to talk to herself. He scans through the open windows of the manner, he watches as the servants ran back and forth from the kitchen and governor room, or whatever room he was in at the moment. He watches as each servant went to a different place, the governor knew a thing or two about tactics that were certain. Every once a while a group of the militia would walk past the windows, they look like scouts. But they seemed to always disappear before Rex could find out where they were going.

"Son of a cunt." He mumbled to himself as he throws the spyglass down next to Hope. Rex let out a sigh as he gathered his thoughts, once he had calm down he notice that Hope wasn't talking anymore and couldn't help but look towards her. She was barely seventeen and had seen as much war as he had, maybe even more. Rex couldn't help but let his eyes wander from her face, she seemed to notice as she opened her eyes and stared at Rex while cocking an eyebrow. He broke eye contact and turn towards the town again, "Why not just take the city, you have a ram, and you outnumber them." He let out a sigh as he continues to mumble to himself, after a couple of minutes of staring at the clouds he answered her question.

"Because..." He pauses as he notices three riders starting up the hill towards him, at first Rex thought they might be reinforcements, but after a quick glance around camp, he could tell there were no new troops.  "If we just force our way in, they will be able to organize and put up a good fight. But if we kill the governor or better, the captain of the guards we could take the town with fewer deaths on both sides." Hope sat up while looking up at Rex and cock an eyebrow, "Both sides?" He looks down at her and followed her example and cock an eyebrow, something about how she said made him take interested in the comment.

"Well, well. The legendary leader Rex, only twenty-five and be held so highly by the king." Rex turn around to see the three riders starting to dismount, he quickly recognized one of their faces. Lord Thomas, known for taking a city with an only hand full of men, at least noble standards of hand full. But most people know him because of his smooth face, charming eyes and his smooth blond hair, then finish it up with a smooth, yet firm jawline that every girl is in love with."How are the citizens of Lock Town Sir Rex?" Thomas lifted his hand, as he dismounted asking his companions to let him have some time with Rex. He let out a sigh as he turns back to the city.

He hated how people now treated him like a stuck up noble ever since the war. "They’re trapped behind their walls." Thomas walks next to him and grabs his shoulder firmly "Just like rats, good thinking." The comment sent chills down his spine as he knew that Thomas would rather him just slaughter everyone inside weapon or not, Man or child. Thomas noticed the worried expression on Rex's face and made a sweet smile. "Everything is going to be ok," he said as he released his hand and turn back to one of his companions "Sir Martin, it seems our friend is a little worried about the battle to come. I'm leaving you here with five knights, help him as much as you can." Martin slammed his fist on his armor as his face narrowed as Thomas padded him on his shoulder as he passed, and mounted his horse. "Good lad, well Lord Richard we must be off. We'll have to leave the fighting to Sir Rex and Sir Martin this time." Richard merely nodded in agreement the turn his horse to stand next to Thomas. As they started back down, Rex lost total interest and turn his attention to the future now. "Martin come. Join us." Rex said as he walks back to Hope, who was now looking through her spyglass hoping to see something Rex didn't, she seemed to had a change of attitude since their last conversation.

Martin glances down at the camp as the two horse ride off back around a hill, then five more horse speed towards them. He quickly joins Rex's and Hopes conversation, "Look, if we locate the room there meeting in we can hit it with a couple of trebuchet shots and then we can take the gates." Sir Martin and Hope seemed to be taken off guards by his plan. They both look around the whole area, Martin even glances down towards the camp, even knowing that he would not miss such a big and key weapon. "Don't look towards it. But we're hiding it in the tree line behind my tent." Hope eyes widen as she realized that, Rex seemed to be two, no three steps ahead of everyone. He didn't need the extra knights, he could do it with a mere hundred.

Martin fought the urge to look around for the fantastic weapon, he has always dreamed of seeing one up close, unable to resist, he slowly started to turn towards the woods. " Pleased resist Martin besides, you might get a chance see the weapon in action very soon." Rex words caught his attention as well as Hopes. Rex grabs the spyglass from her and presses it to his eye once again, then a grin as wide as Viking longboat came across his face. He lifted his hand as one of the soldiers sounded a horn, and the whole camp let out a war cry. As soon as the camp heard the horn, all of his men grab the weapon and set up at the front of their camp, and the cavalry units began to move quickly to the most north around the town. “I still can’t believe how much trouble this wooden wall have been to us, but no matter.” Hope still confused with the change of events turns to him in hope to get some answer, then the screaming of horses caught her attention. She and Martin turn towards the forest behind the command tent to see the large weapon tear down the branches of the oaks it passes, it emerged from the shadows Martin raised an eyebrow as he notices it was calvary pulling the weapon, not footmen. Then with a hand signal, they cavalry dismounted and gave their horse to another group of people who rode off towards camp, as they started to aim the first shots.

“How long have you been planning this?” Martin asks as he watches the horse arrived at the front of the camp, and a battering ram was being tied between the horse. Then it hit him because calvary wasn’t as effective fighting in towns Rex plans on using the horse to get his equipment closer faster. He turns towards Rex as he notices that Rex was focusing on the battle and wouldn’t even bother answering his question. “Sir! I’ll-” Rex lifted his hand to cut him off, “No, Sir…” All the sudden the trebuchet launch let loose of it first boulder sending far into the front yard of the manor, the logs shake from the movement of the weapon, and the backlogs roll out from underneath of it, stopping from being moved any closer like the plan. Rex lets out a hiss, as he lifts his hand again and another horn sound off, as his army marches towards the main gate. “Keep firing! But focus on the towers by the gates. “Martin take your knights and start heading towards the main gate of Locktown, guide our brother in the fight for the first couple of inches.”

“Yes….Rex, see you later, brother.” He quickly and mounted his horse, as soon as he left Rex whistle and two horse came running from the forest, as another shot was fired from the Trebuchet this one land a direct hit on an outer tower breaking the top off, but not making any opening for the army. The men let out a cry of joy as they saw it hit, but Rex and Hope didn’t have time to congratulate them. They mounted their horse and begun to race to join Martin and the rest of the army in the fight, as they rode Rex watch as the resistance at the gate got stronger and stronger, not killing those two was Rex failure as a general… Now more people would die, on both sides. As they rode both felt the pounding of the ram coming from the ground, so powerful that with every smash the horse seemed to lose their footing. As well the familiar sound of arrows hitting the shield wall in hopes to stop them.

“What happens if they get the horses?” Hope says as she rides up next to Rex, he turns to her to see her still trying to strap her quiver of arrows on her back. “They can’t get to them. We dressed them completely in Iron armor, plus we covered their eyes with chain mail as well.” He said as he slammed on his horse side. As they both pick up their pace the pounding stop Rex looks back at Hope as the question starts to haunt his mind, he turns back the shield wall to see the battering ram and it horse run away from it. “They’re retreating?!” He thought to himself, but then the riders quickly did a large circle, that when Rex notice it was no longer the riders he knew, this rider were people he had never seen before. Question filled his head, but before he could ask any of them, the rider kick their horse and chargeback towards the gate.

Martin watches as his knight force the horse to their max speed and charges at the gate, he lifts his hand up and shouts for everyone to be ready. The horse flew by him as the knight jump off the horse as the ran straight into the gate, the sound of wood shattering as the hit sent chills up his spine. “Finale! Knights follow me, everyone else behind them!” He said as he lifted his sword up and bolted towards the shattered gate. As he approaches, he could see the wall of men and women standing beside each other in hopes of guarding their town, though Martin knew it was pointless. He let out a scream to encourage his knights as their bodies slammed against their shields, for a second the mer villagers held their ground. But once Martin drops to the ground and start to strike at their legs they began to back off, as his few knights join him. Rex army killed those the knights didn’t die, and ones who were stunned on the ground.

Rex arrived too late to join the main assault by the time they reached the bottleneck had already become filled with bodies, they couldn’t even move if they wanted. Rex look towards the front of the crowd to see Martin and his knights leading the charge, he was happy that Martin seemed to had noticed that his men were less train than his knights. The horde of men started to inch faster and faster as Martin chew through the soldiers, but Hope wasn’t one for waiting. She rode up to the wall and jump off the horse clinging to the gaps between the wood walls squeezing her thingers in the gaps and slowly scaling it, one the soldiers look up in amazement as he watches her climb up the wall as if a spider on it own web. Rex look back to the crowd of the soldier, debating his next move, then an “amazing” idea came to his head

He held his blade up and shouted: “Make way for the Cavalry!” The soldiers didn’t miss a second and quickly made a big lane for the horse to gallop through. Soldiers were confused to see Commander Rex slowly walking through the center of the lane, instead of the cavalry, “Where the Cavalry?” One soldier mutters to himself in which Rex responded. “I’m it.”

He drew his sword and bolts towards the knights with the army in tow, as he approached the back of the knights he slide in between one of the legs as he stands up next to Martin. After they both give each other a glance at each other smiles they both began to strike at their legs, soon as their men slowly fell down a horn sounds as they start to retreat. Martin reaches up and starts to signal his knights to chase after them, but Rex caught his hand and told his soldiers to go up instead. “Let the knights rest, you got us this far, let my people do the rest.” Martin looks at his men all still standing and ready he felt a sense of pride as he saw a knight bang on his shield, showing he was ready. “Don’t underestimate us knight, Rex.” A smile appeared on Rex's face as Martin, and his men go sprinting past him to join his men at the next gate. This was going to be more challenging than the first gate, he thought to himself. For the governor or his captain was smart enough to not put his men on the walls, probably gave them all swords and are waiting inside the building.

Hope walks up next to him and lets out a sigh, as she looks at the wall, “I’m not climbing that, they most likely have archers waiting on the roof or windows.” Rex nodes in agreement. He glances around the place around him the marketplace they were in had no real cover from an onslaught of arrows, they would have to rely on their shields the question was did they have enough. As he stood there lost in thought, a loud crash came from the right of him, Rex grew wide as he notices the trebuchet we’re now firing on them! He turns quickly to tell a runner, but by the time he turns around he saw a person already mounting a horse and speeding off towards camp. He shook his head blaming himself as he never told them to stop before he could regain his train of thought he heard another shot from his trebuchet. Panic flooded into his voice as he shouted for everyone to get away from the gate, sadly only a handful of his men and Martin knights heeded his screams.

While the others stood there confused by Rex seeming random command, some just ignored him, due to the whole calvary stunt. Martin looks up to see the incoming boulder and turn to join in the screaming, but a loud bang of the rock colliding with the gate drowned his voice. The men stand in horror as the gates fall upon them large indent on the ground where it crushes a hand full of soldiers. Rex stood there. Not knowing what to really say, do. Then through the know open gate, he saw a brief glimpse of a face in a window before it disappears, only for the door to the manor to swing open and for the man to walk out.

His red skin was all too familiar to Rex. A Tallon, a race of men that was hell-bent on attempting to conquer the lands of Empire. They would have done it if the elves of the white forest didn’t intervene. They had an uncanny ability to move at ridiculous speeds, Rex watched as one second he was at the door of the manner that was a good 30 feet away, and in a second he was on Rex troops cutting through their armor like paper with his blades. His men weren’t far behind him when they saw him charge they all followed suit before Rex knew it the fight went from his favor to an even battle as the defenders killed any soldiers that were still in a stun phase. Rex watched the Tallon as he looks Rex in the eyes and smiles, then seeming disappears. Rex eyes narrows as he recognized the scar on his face, “Red mist” he mutters under his breath. Martin seemed to remember him as well, he quickly strips his armor and tells his knights to leave the militia to Rex's army, they would handle the Captain if he returns. He gives a quick node to Rex in which Rex return it and then bolts towards the crowd as Rex disappear somewhere else.

Martin and his men Charge through Rex army, shoving their way to the front. Or one them, Martin soon realized that they had gained a decent foothold due to the disarray of the troops. Once the knights got up to the front it started to tip in our favor, then the same red skin appeared in the battlefield, but this time it was a younger boy problem around fifteen maybe sixteen. Rex watch as he glides across the battlefield similar to his kin, to any ordinary soldier it would seem as if he appeared only to strike, then before anyone could react, he would disappear again to hit someone across the field. But Martin and his knight all were there. They all had seen the horrors a master of their skills can do, so when it came to this merchild, they could easily keep track of his moments. He is fast but still lacks in experience. He struck another soldier and begun to slide across the field for his next kill when a shield slammed into the ground in front of him. Tripping the Tallon, he rolled for a reasonable distance before jumping back to his feet. Only to find Martin on top of him, bringing his blade down.

The Tallon easily backstep out of the way and launch a counterstrike. A knight quickly rushes to block it, but the Tallon was to fast, he cut through Martins cloth shirt, spraying his blood across the dirt like art until Martin caught it with his gauntlet. He slammed his foot into Martin in hopes for him to release his blade, but before he could pray the sword free, a knight was on him slamming his shield into the sword breaking it in half. They were surprised it worked, but due to the poor quality of the sword, it had made sense. He stumbled back and notice that the knights had surrounded him stopping him from leaving, then another knight launch a spear at him, in which he nearly dodge the spear leaving a gash in his leather armor. He was surprised by how aggression the knights were being, Martin noticed his reaction and bolted towards him swinging his blade blindly. The Tallon laugh at Martin as he merely backs up to avoid his blind swings, What he didn’t realize was he back right into one of the knights! As a spear pierced through his leg, the Tallon screamed out in pain and swung behind him hoping to knock the knight off balance with a blow to the head, even so, the knight was too far away. Martin saw his chance as the Tallon starts to lose his balance from his swing, he tucks his hilt into his chest and dash full sprint at the boy.

Piercing him through the chest, and carrying his body a few meters before finally dropping it in front of the defenders. The militia froze as they saw the Tallon at Martin's feet, some notice that the mayor left the field and now with the commander of their force gone, they slowly start to back up shivering in fear. Rex's army, on the other hand, let out a war cry one last time killing the last of the defenders that still wish to fight. But all the sudden a spark was lit, and the militia made one more shield wall and watch as Martin and his Death Knights begun to march towards them. Some started to drop their stuff and make a run for it when all the sudden everyone froze in fear as the sky was swallowed by an eerie Black Flame, that somehow produce its own light. Everyone stood in shock as the flames disappear from the sky, Martin looks around at the sea of soldiers all looking at their friends for an explanation. Martin turns to his knights to see them looking to him for an answer but he none. In his stun stance, he saw Rex and Hope sneaking into the crowd of soldiers from the upper walls where the strange flames came from. He turns to a knight to say something, but Hopes shouting catches his attention first. “Drop your blades! Or face the magic of the Old Gods!”

One by one they all drop their weapon those who didn’t meet a swift death. Just like that Rex command his men to capture any survivors and tie them up, and to go and get the outside farms to support and feed the army. Soon all the people were brought to the town square as Martin, and his knight cleared out the manner for any hostile locals. Rex lets out a sigh as he looks around at the small crowd of survivors, “My name is Rex. My army is now of control of this town, now I know what you all must be thinking. “He going to kill us, or send us back to the capital.” Right?” Rex stood there staring at the crowd for some time, but alas no one spoke only gave a death stare towards him. “I Rex Tempest, claim these lands for my own and now call myself a king.” The locals look around stunned at his words, looking towards each other in the hope of someone to understand Rex game. After a short time all eyes were back on him, but now, most of the death glares had changed into a more interesting look as they wonder where he was going with this. “I’m commoner like you. So I plan on making a kingdom where everyone can reach for the throne, and only the best will win. Anyone reject this idea?” He waits again, to see no one rejecting him, he gave a node to his soldiers, and they started to untie them.

With that a new kingdom was born, but will it fight for Good or Evil.

© Copyright 2020 Dark Charmer. All rights reserved.

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