Unfulfilled Desire

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Stars filled the sky like pale corn into freshly turned ground. It was the promise of life in the darkness, a sense of warmth springing from the cold. They both met each other, it was a love at first sight. But who knew that the newly married couple who shifted in an apartment would end up in the graveyard?

Submitted: October 21, 2018

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Submitted: October 21, 2018



Unfulfilled Desire


Sarah had no one except her grandmother. She lost both her parents in an accident. She grew up in a town where even though she was surrounded by people, she felt alone. She kept herself isolated at all times. A very few words she spoke were, only to her grandmother. 

Richard was also lonely. His story was similar to that of Sarah he too lost his parents at a very young age. He had no friends, no plans nothing going on in his life. He used to live in an orphanage. A brown haired boy his hair, dark and lustrous. Eyes were the color of dark roasted beans, he was fair skinned. Everything about him was symmetrical, most obviously his cheekbones, which would extend to the way he smiled.
 Few years passed by ...
Sarah was 26 when she lost her grandmother. It was a very difficult phase for her. After her work hours, she visited her grandmother's coffin every day. 
In the graveyard, rows of tombstones stood erect in silence to the left and right, in front and behind, like a sea of the dead. Some were crumbled with the weathering of centuries, some were smooth marble with new black writing and laid with floral tributes. Most though, were overgrown and unkempt, for now, even their mourners had joined them under the clay soil. An upon the hill a new grave had been dug to await its new occupant. The black hearse slowly wended its way down the central lane followed by a procession of black limousines.

The autumn brought forth an early evening, signifying the beginning of long periods of harsh loneliness and numb frostbite. Sarah sat in the corner of a dingy room, her back pressed against the cold tiles and hands shivering along the lined edges of the cracked bricks and fragments of hope. The state of raw abandonment would swallow her sanity whole; dawn by dusk she felt a reason slipping through her frozen fingers.

She continued to visit her grandmother, but this time she was not alone. It was quite strange as for the past few weeks no one had really been in the graveyard but now there was someone. It was Richard.

 Both of them stared at each other there was silence for sometime and they both introduced themselves.

He asked her is this where you always come when you feel lonely to make yourself feel good and make all worries disappear? Sarah smiled and replied maybe? not quite sure. He said well, this is my reason to actually be here. Sarah told him that she had never seen him before. He said he would often come to here to visit his parents. 

Sarah and Richard after their first meeting met every single day. Both took time out from their busy schedule and wanted to meet each other as soon as possible. Sarah found Richard quite to be like her. She loved spending time with him. They talked every single day.  Meeting at 7 had become their daily routine.

Richard was in search of true love his wish was never fulfilled until he met Sarah who was his perfect match. Sarah too was glad that she found one.

Sarah didn’t know what loving someone truly meant until she met him. Every time when they met at 7 in the graveyard they had endless conversations, Sarah said, "When I met you I'd already lost my entire world. How can you hang on to something so incomprehensible? How can you keep pouring love into an abyss? But then there you were. There was something in those brown eyes that was so beautiful, so safe and warm. In just one look I was "home." I reached out and made the connection, and like God, Himself had arranged it, you fell for me just as hard. That first day we talked, just the two of us, I still recall the conversation, the feeling you gave. You didn't know it, but that day you saved me. We became inseparable, and though not married yet, we were one from that day on. But don't the years take their toll, my love? "

Richard then smiled and replied, "Were we ever strangers? I'm not sure we were. That day I first saw you there was something even then, though I didn't know what. I wonder if there's an element of time that allows us to feel a strong love, like an orange glow bursting over a dark horizon. It was light for our eyes only, something to carry us through this life. It was the dawn of the person I am today, the person I was destined to be. I would give up anything in the world for you, I would do anything to keep you safe."

Richard said," The time has come that we should get married, I was always in search for my soulmate and I decided that until I find my mate I won't give up and now my unfulfilled desire has finally come true." Sarah was very happy. They decided to marry at a small chapel. 
They married got into a new apartment. Then it all started. the apartment was new and no couple actually lived there.
The watchmen in that apartment was very strange he always stared Sarah. His stare was like intentionally cold, his face somehow lacked the mobility others had. His eyes would rest on a point, even a person, and he'd stay like longer than the average person would. Others would alter their paths not to cross his and stand further back than was customary. It was like the elongated eye contact demanded a greater degree of physical separation. It wasn't something she ever noticed herself.
It made her really uncomfortable so much so that when Richard left for the office he followed her home. He stared her at every glance when she went out with her husband for shopping or when she came back very late in the night after a movie.
One day, she had enough and complained to her husband after when he came back from work. She told him that the watchman always stares at me and today after you left he came up to me, stalking me. Richard said he would look into the matter the next morning.
A sliver of moonlight spilled into the room, not enough to ignite the fiery hues of the Indian rug, but enough to navigate between the rough wooden chairs to the exit beyond. The waxing moon was mirrored in the almost unruffled surface and where a ripple curled it the tiny crest glittered like the white flame.

But she could not stop thinking about it at night. She woke up to drink water. Then she noticed something very strange. She saw a mirror under the table. The mirror was small and cheap, about the size of the cell phones Sarah gazed at her reflection but she did not see Richard.
she saw her reflection in the mirror but not Richards. She started panicking and went down running. The watchman asked, "what happened madam?" she said my husband is there but I cannot see his reflection in the mirror. The watchman replied, "which husband we haven't seen anyone. You stay here alone madam". But yes it is strange that you keep talking to someone every time you enter or leave the building.

Sarah's thoughts started accelerating inside her head. Her breaths came in gasps and she feels like she would black out. Her heart started hammering inside her chest as it belonged to a rabbit running for its skin. Everything around her spun and she squats on the floor, trying to make everything slow to something her brain and body could not cope with. She felt so sick. 
The watchman said, "Are you, okay madam!?". He called the ambulance but it was too late. blackness... creeping blackness... She was on the floor in a ball- the fetal position. blackness...she was gone... FOREVER!

The reason everyone stared at her in the apartment was that she did not talk to anybody but an invisible man who did not exist. Her coffin was buried between her grandmother's and 50 years old coffin of  Richard and his parents. Richards unfulfilled desire to find a perfect soulmate was finally fulfilled.

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