So, You've Made A Mistake

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In this 177 word etheree poem, a woman wakes up and sees a guy feeling so totally stupid about spending the night with her while drunk.

Submitted: October 21, 2018

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Submitted: October 21, 2018




woke up

one day and

saw Ray sitting

on the floor with his

hands on his forehead and

said, "You're wondering what you

should say to Lucy. Is that it?",

which made Ray lift up his head and ask,

"It really shows. Does it?", before Kim

nodded her head and Ray had let out a

sigh and said, "I really can not

believe that we were both stupid

enough to let that friend of

hers talk me and Lucy

into going to

this bar with her

in order

to toast



that was

before Kim

placed a gentle

hand on his shoulder

and said, "Hey, go easy

on yourself. So, you've made a

mistake. It always happens to

everybody. Now, I think we should

get dressed and head for the church before they

put two and two together and ruin

the happy marriage that you and the

future Mrs. Raymond Page are

supposed to be having.", just

before both the groom and

maid of honor had

put their clothes on

and left the



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