Our Secret War, Volume 01

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You don't know who we are, but you've seen us around.

Bullied. Ignored. Cast out. Told we'd never amount to anything.

In short, we're losers.

But, losers don't always stay that way. Especially when we find a reason to rise above.

And whether we like it or not, that reason - and our time - has come.

Something is coming. Something evil. Like, seriously evil.

"End of the world" evil.

We've been chosen to defend the world that has always been determined to beat us down and erase us from existence from the evil threatening it.

This is our story. Unfiltered. Unedited. No names changed.

You might not know or care who we are, but we are the only ones who can save this world.

Whether we want to or not.

Table of Contents

Track 01. Bully

Submitted: October 21, 2018

Headphones are a great way to drown out of the rest of the world. And if you also happen to have a book in your hands, the world around y... Read Chapter

Track 02. Family

Submitted: October 22, 2018

SMASH! The sound of something glass shattering into a million jagged pieces rang all throughout the house, followed by yell... Read Chapter

Track 03. Revenge

Submitted: October 23, 2018

“My, my. What a poor, unfortunate soul you must be to pay me a visit. But I must admit, it makes me happy all the same~!” The gir... Read Chapter

Track 04. A Hero (is Born)

Submitted: October 24, 2018

The me today is a different person from the me of yesterday, to the point where that me should be considered dead. I have no idea if ... Read Chapter

Track 05. My Little Runaway

Submitted: October 26, 2018

Just keep running! I told myself this over and again as my tired feet carried me down the nearly deserted sidewalk, despite my body w... Read Chapter

Track 06. Justice in Murder

Submitted: October 27, 2018

Sitting in the dark, without even the glow of the computer screen for company, I stared at the trinket in my hands. It was definitely... Read Chapter

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