The Pockets

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This is a story that I wrote in one sitting. It is about a little boy that gets back on the people that put him down for so long. This is not a tale for the little ones so discretion is strongly advised.

Submitted: October 22, 2018

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Submitted: October 22, 2018



“What do you have there?” Principal Dally exclaimed when he waddled around the corner of Mulligan High. It is a place that is on the thumb of Michigan. It is the little wave that is the happiness of the entire United States of America. There is no silence to be found on this day.

Gordy, the little boy with the hands in his pockets smiled at Principal Dally with his moustache dancing on the skin below his nose.

Gordy presented the cards that are within his pockets. They are baseball cards that he collected for the past three years now.

“Oh. Who are you trading the cards?” Principal Dally is nosey, so nosey that he wondered what shape is the poo that came out of the human body from a little boy that came out of the bathroom every morning.

“I don’t know. I’m not planning on trading the cards.” Gordy is telling the truth. He doesn’t trade cards for the fact that he has no one to trade cards with. He is a child that is lonely in the middle of Milligan High. He has no friends and no one to talk to. He is severely bullied by the kids that are all around him for the birthmark that he has between his eyes.

Everyone around here calls him road rash. Hey road rash. Where did you get that stain from, blowing your dad? Hey stripe head, did you get that from your momma’s regularly used vagina? Hey dick, give me those cards or I’ll correct that stripe that is between your eyes – with my boot.

The parading keeps going on and on with his mind changing the shape of what he sees in the world around him. He tries to go to sleep but the voices keep him awake at night with their dim parading that is making him giggle at the sound of that garroting. He waited for the dawn to come up when he has something horrible in mind. He has many pockets on his motorcycle jacket. He has so many pockets that many are amazed to his sly of sorcery. Many think that he is a magician when he kept the craft of the pockets to himself. It is a grace that he admires. It is a craze that he desires.

“You keep them out of sight. If I catch you trading it will be three days of detention for you.” Principal Dally nodded his head when he waddled around Gordy, accosting another student that is in the delicate halls of Milligan High. Gordy continued to bop and beep down the hall with that smile upon his face when he noticed that there is less than two minutes left in the halls before third period commences. It is only a matter of time before he comes to the truth of what will be in the corner during lunch period. They will be admired to the pockets that are within his motorcycle jacket.

When lunch period comes around and the bell tolled, Gordy came out of the class that serves Trig-Geometry. He is doing well in that class when he kept the books against his right thigh as earlier, he recalled the teacher that told him to take off his jacket. Gordy is always cold in class when he told the teacher that he is cold. The motorcycle jacket serves him well when he knew that there is a drug problem that is happening around school. They wanted people to be stripped from their jackets when Gordy told many teachers that he is cold, cold all the time when the motorcycle kept him warm. He walked to his locker and pushed the book in his little cubby spot that is on top of the locker. He is paired with another person at the locker who is three times bigger than him and likes to spit gum in his books when he is not there.

Eat that, faggot! The boy that he is paired up laughed when he slammed the locker when Gordy is not there. The boy’s name, he couldn’t  remember when Gordy walked towards the door on the west wing and trundled out of it with not even a cloud in the sky. The cracks are upon the sidewalk when he stomped down it, correcting his motorcycle jacket that is upon his shoulders. The flag that is on the pole at the front of the school swayed with the wind when Gordy smiled at that, hearing the conversations of the older kids that are sitting up against the school with no else in mind but to create trouble from time to time.

Gordy smiled at this scene when he started to walk towards their direction with his hands shoved into his pockets. The curls on his head did not move when he stood on the outside of their little group with sexual perverseness ganging about in their conversations.

“What are you doing here, ginger?” The older kid by the name of Owen has a lollipop in his mouth. The other two kids came out of perspective places with their eyes being like the eyes of pit bulls before the viciousness is ensued. They looked to gear the ginger kid up with a smile still on his stupid face.

“Yeah ginger, what you are doing here. You want to get your ugly face corrected?” The other big kid by the name of Clance came off of the brick, slamming his right fist on his left hand with that bandana wrapped around his head.

“Just give me an excuse. Please.” Owen wanted to grab the kid but there is something wrong with him. The smile on his face is menacing. There is something clearly wrong with the kid.

“I think you want something that is important to all of you.” The ginger kid smiled when he grabbed something out of his pocket and presented it to all of them that made their faces change from anger to glorious wonder.

“Is that?” Owen looked at the shape that is within his hand. The shape circled and swirled in Gordy’s hand, creating a swath that is amazed to the eyes.

“I never had seen that before since I was a kid.” Clance came closer, pushing Owen aside when they looked at the thing that is swirling in shape.

“Hey, what are you homos looking at?” One of the other kids came off of the wall when they looked at the palm of the kid that is standing before them.

“What do you say you want to do something cool. Just give in and let me take your souls.” Gordy smiled when the fog came out of the pocket and encircled them all, sucking the life out of them when their souls came out of their noses and mouths. The fog retracted from his pocket when he placed the form back into his pocket.

“I want you to bully each other and then eventually kill each other in front of the entire school when you get their attention. Agreed?” Gordy smiled when they looked at each other with no life in their eyes. Their eyes are cold and dead like the eyes of hungry sharks.

They all looked at each other and nodded their heads when they wandered back in school like zombies. Gordy smiled when his anger started to force into his muscles, his head started to shake when his hands formed into fists.

“I am the commander and the master of the world! I shall be just!” Gordy giggled when the dark forces came through, turning it into black when he tried to remember but remember no more.

In the late hours of the afternoon to the night, this will be the worst and unknown cause of what happened in the halls of Mulligan High School. This will hit national news by six o’clock when Gordy will be at home, finishing up his school work when he will hear about this on the news. He smiled when he came off of the chair that is his favorite, coasting to the jacket when he started to rub it like a happy dog that is in need for some quality pampering.

“You are my light. You are my world and no one will ever take you away from me.” Gordy didn’t realize that his mother came out of bathroom, looking at him when she wondered about children being weird in that stage. She shrugged when she went back to watching television, noticing that the news is on when she switched the station to a re-run of Friends. She hated the news, it is always depressing when she sat back and watched the opening credits. She is in a happy world and no one can change it. She is happy.

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