Dragon Ranger Concepts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Contains details concerning Novatian Lore and Culture as well as Novatian Science and certain principles that characterize the world Ryugaeia.

Table of Contents

The Elemental Balance

THE ELEMENTAL BALANCE: The Elemental Balance is Ryugaiean concept that describes an element’s dominance over another element as wel... Read Chapter


LIGHT: Light is the most dominant of all the elements exerting dominance over all the elements. Light gives the elements form. Withou... Read Chapter


FIRE: Fire shares a relation with Light, in that Fire can emanate Light. Fire can exert dominance over Earth, thus refining it. From ... Read Chapter


WATER: Water exerts dominance over Fire. In the presence of Water, Flame can be quenched. Water to an extent can also exert dominance... Read Chapter


WIND: Wind can exert dominance over Fire or Heat, Lightning and Water, thus transforming into the Storm. Wind particularly exerts dom... Read Chapter


DARKNESS: Darkness exerts dominance over all other elements but is subservient to the Light. Unlike Light, Darkness takes away form t... Read Chapter


ICE: Ice can exert dominance over Water freezing it. When Light exerts dominance over Ice, it can alter its (Light’s) characteristi... Read Chapter


LIGHTNING: Lightning exerts dominance over Water, transforming Water into a channel through which it can flow its force. However, Win... Read Chapter

Elemental Balance Properties and Applications: Light Element Users

ELEMENTAL BALANCE PROPERTIES AND APPLICATIONS LIGHT ELEMENT USERS: Light Element Users possess the ability to enhance vision. The... Read Chapter

Dark Element Users

DARK ELEMENT USERS: Dark Element Users possess the ability to conceal form. They also possess the ability to alter form and are thus ... Read Chapter

Fire Element Users

FIRE ELEMENT USERS Fire Element Users possess the ability to dispel the ability of Dark Element Users through their ability to genera... Read Chapter

Water Element Users

WATER ELEMENT USERS: Of all element users, Water Element Users possess the greatest amount of healing ability. They possess the abili... Read Chapter

Wind Element Users

WIND ELEMENT USERS: Wind Element Users possess the ability to use stealth through mist abilities. They also possess the ability to le... Read Chapter

Lightning Element Users

LIGHTNING ELEMENT USERS Lightning Element Users possess the ability to animate inanimate objects, imbuing them with unique characteri... Read Chapter

Earth Element Users

EARTH ELEMENT USERS Earth Element users like Fire Element Users possess the ability to alter or refine ordinary earth into high quali... Read Chapter

Psychic Element Users

PSYCHIC ELEMENT USERS Psychic Element Users possess the ability to affect the perceptions and actions of living organisms. They posse... Read Chapter

Ice Element Users

ICE ELEMENT USERS: Ice element Users are Water Element Users that specialize in the usage of Ice Techniques. They possess all the abi... Read Chapter


NOVATIAN LORE AND CULTURE ARÄLPHEISL: A mysterious being who once walked the world of Ryugaeia as a man. Before his appearing, t... Read Chapter

The Fragments Of Aralpheisl

THE FRAGMENTS OF ARALPHEISL: The fragments of Arälpheisl are various components throughout Ryugaeia whose fusion results in the bein... Read Chapter

The Human Princess

THE HUMAN PRINCESS: The Human Princess is the first fragment of Arälpheisl. She represents Humanity. Aurora Saggeese is the Human Pr... Read Chapter

The Kaignis King

THE KAIGNIS KING: A mysterious being believed to be the ruler of all Kaisers. Regardless of the form or species of Kaiser, they all h... Read Chapter

The Golden Drakengaard

THE GOLDEN DRAKENGAÄRD The Drakengaärds are mythical beings charged with the protection of Ryugaeia. They dwell in the Heavens. In ... Read Chapter

The Dragon Sovereign

THE DRAGON SOVEREIGN: Alpha, Epsilon and Omega are one and the same Dragon though they can take on any of these three forms. Alpha is... Read Chapter

Reis Dragonhaart

REIS DRAGONHAÄRT: Reis Dragonhaärt is the descendant of King Dragonhaärt, the man whom the Dragons infused with their combined ess... Read Chapter

The Dragons Of Ryugaeia

THE DRAGONS OF RYUGAEIA: The Dragons Of Ryugaeia represent the elements. There are nine Dragons amongst them all regarded as the King... Read Chapter


ALPHA/OMEGA/EPSILON: Alpha, Omega and Epsilon are one and the same Dragon and are referred to as the Dragon Sovereign. He rules over ... Read Chapter


DRAGNARÖK Dragnarök is the Lord Of Flame. He rules over all Fire Element Dragons. In the past people believed that the world of Ryu... Read Chapter


MARINA Marina is the Queen Of Water. She rules over all Water Element Dragons. Marina’s name means ‘The Oceans’. Marina as Wate... Read Chapter


EHUM: Ehum is the Queen Of The Wind. She rules over all Wind Element Dragons. Ehum’s name means ‘The Wind’. Her domain is Freed... Read Chapter


SUM-KEBI Sum-Kebi is the Lord Of All Good Dark Dragons. His name means ‘Deep Darkness’ and he is believed to be ‘The Guardian O... Read Chapter


TERRA: Terra means ‘The Earth’ and he is the Lord Of All Earth Element Dragons. He possesses the greatest offensive capabilities ... Read Chapter


AYES: Ayes’ name comes from an ancient word that means ‘The Ice’. Ayes is the Lord Of All Ice Element Dragons. Ayes’ domain i... Read Chapter


DRACO: Draco is the Lord Of All Psychic Element Dragons. Draco’s name means ‘Dragon’. His domain extends to all living beings. ... Read Chapter


SAANYIGRE: Saanyigre’s name comes from an ancient Novatian word which transliterates to ‘Shining Rain’ also translated in later... Read Chapter

The Novatian Calendar

THE NOVATIAN CALENDAR: In Novatian Lore and Culture, there is no such thing as an irrelevant day and as such every day is significant... Read Chapter

Alpha's Day

ALPHA’S DAY: The first day of the Novatian Week is Alpha’s Day, also considered the most sacred out of all the days. Alpha is the... Read Chapter

Dragnarok's Day

DRAGNARÖK’S DAY: The second day of the Novatian Week is Dragnarök’s Day. This Day signifies ‘Fortitude’. On this Day, all D... Read Chapter

Marina's Day

MARINA’S DAY: The second day of the Novatian Week counting from Dragnarök’s Day which is the first working day of the Novatian W... Read Chapter

Ehum's Day

EHUM’S DAY: The fourth day of the Novatian Week counting from Alpha’s Day is Ehum’s Day. Ehum rules over ‘The Wind’ thus he... Read Chapter

Sum-Kebi's Day

SUM-KEBI’S DAY: Sum-Kebi’s day is the fifth day of the Novatian Week. He is the Lord Of All Good Dark Dragons. Sum-Kebi rules ove... Read Chapter

Terra's Day

TERRA’S DAY: Terra’s Day is the sixth day of the Novatian Week. Terra rules over ‘the Earth’. This Day thus represents ‘Hop... Read Chapter

Ayes' Day

AYES’ DAY: Ayes’ Day is the seventh day of the Novatian Week. Ayes’ Day precedes Alpha’s and Ayes’ rules over ‘the Ice’... Read Chapter

Special Novatian Seasons

SPECIAL NOVATIAN SEASONS You will notice that Dragons like Saanyigre and Draco do not appear in the Novatian Week. These Dragons actu... Read Chapter

Saanyigre's Season

SAANYIGRE’S SEASON: Saanyigre is the Dragon whose domain is ‘the Lightning’. He thus marks the raining season and the period fo... Read Chapter

Draco's Season

DRACO’S SEASON: Draco’s domain extends to all living things thus Draco’s season is also a season that marks ‘the Celebration ... Read Chapter

Novatian Medicine: Cellular Regeneration

NOVATIAN MEDICINE CELLULAR REGENERATION: A certain Novatian Doctor by the name of Gensai developed a formula to speed up the cell... Read Chapter

Novatian Medicine: Dealing With Toxins Part I: Marina's Method

MARINA’S METHOD: This method is unique to Water Dragon Wielders and is especially attributed to Marina. Marina’s healing art invo... Read Chapter

Novatian Medicine: Dealing With Toxins Part II: Dr Gensai's Method

DR. GENSAI’S METHOD: Dr Gensai developed an alternate method. A formula containing a minimal amount of the toxin that inflicted the... Read Chapter

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