outside with forest walk poetry

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writing these poems on my mobile phone when going for a walk and imagining my deity i love

Submitted: October 22, 2018

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Submitted: October 22, 2018




Deity you make my earth life have what you appear to make my reality perfect you have knowledge and things caused and made to show what earth things can do to me. Deity you are a reality for earth how it be like to make my wishes come true and show it only from be good like how you make use all things be good as my wishes about your power reveal this so i can see you exist you be how earth has your reality appear me have how things be paradise so as a creator and me and creation there is for things a reality to real how it can just be like as it be this as earth has us use think this reality that shows what it be like to have imagination reality be for what we have as reality. Deity you make each thing have all it wishes from what it does and be how good to create us be it paradise a reality for that thing and wishes as this how things happen that and is are wish that happens in reality for how have to be in how the reality happen and because deity this then exist your form to be like the wish as a reality just as things only be made happen as good as are wishes about these things is appear that paradise reality as things has a happen a make to be for this for the wish be how it does and be what it is has



Does can see vision is for how things be in reality to really paradise it so your form of being deity is be this as are wish shows the best reality for things you made in creation for how it can be like for how it really is in are world and what imagine with what it does be. Deity you make your knowledge be how all things should be and happen like so your power is reveal that reality at are wishes and things in existence be that wishful world as this allow us be things and wishes for your reality. Deity you make your knowledge happen at the beliefs as that has how happen your reality on your paradise that you use to happen with things that uses your beliefs causes as we be things to do causes like paradise from your ideas while we be the things of your world. Deity you make your knowledge to paradise things be sent as a reality at are beliefs to be things that happen your style of creation as what you wish is have things do this reality you need. Deity you show me your knowledge as what i think for things be paradise you appear it be this and that you only have for this kind of paradise how all things and ideas happen paradise so i seen this knowledge is a creator of it life and world because that


4 and 5

Knowledge is what things does and be and think as we are your creation to have your reality happen as what you make perfect is your use so when we use a perfect scenario of things we have all other things show each paradise scenario to make all causes ideas be a reality as deity you make this exist as things with your knowledge so i see this reality for my beliefs and things to see how it become paradise as deity you are about what is ideas causes for paradise you make it appear be these things a reality as already it about how do this paradise reality has these things and allow you and us perform be in paradise as all things you made to now be each paradise causes. Deity you show your power is for each thing and idea is how good it be for this as things has this be what it is and this creates it appear be this as it all is how it be perfect and your power made things be all it can happen and have be as you are a real reality and beliefs as you make it have all things to make your perfection exist and this happen to us as we are your things that made be what your powers happen as paradise as it does on things we be as deity we are things you be. Deity when i have anything for pleasure i see all your



Visions what you do as this pleasure and things be as i think of the power you made me be and have as a thing so you be and have the reality i enjoy and exist as a power to use how good and have what i like so i can be created in this reality find and happen think how each thing does and has pleasures miracles. Deity the reality of what things and ideas does to pleasure me is all your power and what you create so during i be in creation use pleasure there is a vision and reality of what i use for and imagine as pleasure so this has a divine reality you create these pleasures happen in so that it become this good always as that is a paradise for just happen good and to show how much you love and understand each pleasure as you make it have earth and a paradise reality to exist it in how it be created and only happen and exist like so we use your form of being and ideas to know you are with and cause are paradise as deity you create it so it happens as a reality that you now use continuous be this and it creates us exist as these things and ideas so we can be have your paradise. Deity i worship you because nothing in creation can stop your powers paradise me as i have your beliefs that has your power enter



Me in your paradise that is imagined how things are and for on earth and that your knowledge is about paradise me because you show me paradise ideas i think is not just for earth things to pleasure me as you enter me in your reality of paradise and there you enter from earth to show who i only need for pleasure so they are divine because deity you make me think how paradise happens because you use and need it have paradise as you have all your believers think this so it happens your paradise how you make us things have paradise now and because deity you not want leave me alone to have no paradise while your power shows me visions of how i paradise things you created as these visions you send me is do that paradise when you create me in your reality like dreams gave controlled me so i see you are the only way to paradise me as you have the paradise for my beliefs about pleasures things be i have and creation uses because deity you see me think me that i am looking at things for pleasures and it not happen yet these are fantasies how to paradise the things in your creation that you need to use in your divine reality as you use all pleasures be in your world and to show my beliefs does your paradise as i know



How to imagine paradise about things have as you guide me think of each pleasure. Deity you make me have all your pleasure as your form of being is show me earth to think of your reality about things pleasure as your power is like the each fantasy how pleasure happen good with what like as it then appears a divine reality happen this to me just like how you made earth have things to pleasure me as it the same way your paradise pleasures me with same things and so your powers that gave us all ideas of each pleasure good and things do it with wish can have is you are a powerful creator and need to make us have all pleasures miracles from make a divine world appear us have this so your power can have all paradise appear to us to how you made us think and be things how paradise happen because you need us be a human on earth as it does show us things for pleasures good about and when have it or not and it make us be your power of how need and happen each pleasure good as we exist with these things to know and be your powers that all things need and believe and so we become like your power in the form of how it knows each pleasure good and create things for it and has a paradise appear it happen all pleasures



Beauty have now is how it also has a reality and wishes of need this paradise good and deity and us is this perfect at pleasures as deity created earth to show we think of pleasures as things while not have it and is a reality now imagined how paradise and earth has things be it pleasures it loves and need and how this is effect of be in the form of realise each pleasure in a creation of earth not have pleasure and paradise have pleasure at ideas how it be as ideas reveal how perfect we be as pleasures to have now and this make us realise like the power of deity how good each pleasure is as it happen with things do it now and ideas and things made to paradise us how do it perfect and this power of ideas has the paradise destined and earth to see realise feel how we in the form of each pleasure deity it creation has or us is that is has a deep wish need pleasure when can not have it and deity paradise give us it so we experience the deity form about the paradise it has as we made be on earth before paradise to see how deity has no paradise when it pleasures deprived rejected mistreated yet it is the power of paradise us be things and ideas of paradise to have now. Deity you make pleasures ideas is have



Paradise it how good do it and your power creates paradise on this that has things appear in a happen motion of each paradise good ideas has things made be the reality to perfect how ideas and things and dreams is about the meaning of pleasures as deity your creation and vision is sensations details actions how each pleasure like it reveals how it all happen perfect so you do create the paradise scenario be real as are visions is about it as then we see it happen in a dream to make us feel see like it for are wishes as we imagine to how perfect the pleasure is from for things. Deity you use your paradise to show who really is good at pleasures as you show me the kind of ideas to happen goes in your paradise because you also show earth where we have pleasures and that has people think how do pleasures and deity you made pleasures so it has ideas how it happen as your paradise as to think this it reveals your powers that enter us see your pleasures we waned on earth things is now happen in your divine world as you want us see pleasures is for your kind of ideas actions wishes to how pleasures has paradise so deity you really are my ideas how good each pleasure be and that things does it like this and think



Of your ideas to make the pleasure be your paradise so the pleasure we give has the ideas how it be and creation be so we have paradise for this and then we are perfect at pleasures give and need so deity i think and happen pleasure to how good your powers reveals and creates it have paradise because your powers does make ideas good and it pleasures and how creation be like does show a paradise appear to see your power is a creator of perfection as now we see paradise do are desires that has ideas on earth how good do and be pleasures and creation be like because deity it shows what you do to us have paradise for each pleasure as we think how good it be like to have reality pleasures as things has a complete reality of just be pleasures at everything it can do and be and think as this how you exist deity a form of make us be things so it be what we have as what your powers exist to be and use and make as then it causes this perfection be it that they be this so things can be perfect from think do this and it has all paradise to exist it so it shows your powers that makes things be all this how perfect good it be so it is paradise as then it has all things and ideas and what it does be to how it perfect



So paradise uses this to reveal what think do be as are things to be things be all perfection. Deity you make each pleasure be how your power is as it is the think the vision the things the be and happening of all these forms and this reveals your power we be to exist have everything perfect as this all happens reveals what we have as thing s do it like this so we be all the forms of how it does and meant it is this to happen and about it while we be the structures of this all it forms to how pleasures happen and it being all this we exist as and with else so deity you make paradise be real as then all the way and causes of each forms and happening being it is then be the paradise about it that is happen and be structures as this things that is process all paradise forms to happen ideas and things and causes how it is perfect so paradise from all things as the way do it then has creation take us there to see all things does it like this how we be the forms of how use it and it causes the ideas actions and structure of being to happen paradise for how things has it these paradise forms to process the reality of best so we experience the forms of things to do paradise so deity creates us be it power to



Worship and use and how this power has the forms of what hell take in and uses for what is wicked and believes use the things it be that has paradise forms to make it be do wrong reality that is for paradise and earth and any world they enter as they made be an eternal person as deity made and want each thing to exist paradise as the amount of each thing then is for paradise forms not hell forms to think do wrong be wicked while be things that has paradise forms cycle in your process progress of all things causes that give creation be paradise at reality to enter best reality. Deity you make things have a cause to be imagined how do reality that is paradise as that the only way your power appear things do this as the paradise happens at us doing and thinking things be this as reality and pleasures. Deity you create scenarios of paradise as you have us be things to how happen and wish this and show it be like this from things is the only way it be paradise and that it is think and happen and be the looks and causes of things to how paradise happen be from what things has to good what it does and be. Deity you have all things and meaning have the way and looks and structure to do it happen as how this



Reality of paradise as it be the way and what it is as this has the vision and reality how things want do this like this and then there is all things to see and have as the reality of just paradise events and miracles as there is all these kinds of scenarios situations that things has to happen and does so it shows how to think paradise happen so deity has us be all it paradise probability as to imagine it is the reality we make be and wish like all we have for reality is the paradise it need to exist as deity you show wishes be reality as it does the reality real of paradise for things and make us happen paradise that you exist while knowing how things does paradise that your powers creates perfect paradise for us see be real if we can think and do it reality while we exist with a creation about how paradise happen in are visions and are actions and what can be from things think and do. Deity we only have paradise from you that reveals things be like as it all reality fir things be real and is what things has to be this is the effect of your visions what things can be as perfect reality while you have things to do and be this reality we wished and had things doing a reality and be it things so we become



Paradise visions about how things can be like for what it does good then have more good reality to appear what it does good to have an appearance show it do all are visions wished it appear as to make are visions divinity of perfect reality have it paradise for things this the effect you create for us being things and your power is ours have as this a reality for things be like. Deity you have each thing to make us need and do the paradise as if we want things be perfect we have to imagine how it does this as this how happen it be and have a perfect reality this is your power as we exist in all we can see have and realise to be for all things and you create us be all to have all that perfect reality and visions for things to appear what we know and be is used to create are reality as this has your paradise be real for and about things we be to all can happen be of it so your power reveals what things and other things be to how it can exist so imagination creation be this reality how best it can be as a wish reveals for things happening and it has your create it because we are things and you are things as deity to how make it have a reality perfect with all it made be as it has to exist have a happen



How marvellous deity is we be as you are as you are all things to be perfect then made us be what of these things to be how perfect me and all things be as reality to paradise us. Deity you made all things so we can look at what each thing see it body does actions what it body does enjoy and natural action to paradise us what seen it do as paradise is experienced when seeing thinking what things do as things has amounts of actions do for paradise reality about it doing as a body action it body show it event of bodily causes. So we know how to paradise things from think how it does that is paradise for you because deity you want us see how paradise happen as bodies things is happen what paradise ideas can think about it as deity the body and things shows how you have us think and have and see what it does spectacular how many actions it does for a body perform paradise so this be the reality we believe and these things has are actions wishes to see and do at it paradise as things show what it does for paradise be real to are body and seen it did it action so deity things be your power as we need things do this reality and be these ideas for us and things be know paradise. Deity we be all reality of how all



Things be like as it has all causes to imagine what it possible does to how good it be and this shows are visions the complete paradise about things to how deity does it for us be what things is to be as paradise. Deity what things does that you think and have happen you make us realise this as the good ideas how things does are desires and reality for a world is given your visions to how it shows this happen in a paradise realm as are imagination sees knows how good things be how perfect as it reality.  We are made to be all this a paradise of things show us what like and need use from it and how other things exist for are world show it exist live in that those things has perfect reality to what others things we use and have as imagination and action to paradise are reality so we have this many things to see think of paradise how much it has happen for imagination creation we each be and what is opposite to us have causes we need and when we do actions to them it is paradise as it causes us each have actions feelings we need that make are body be condition of that treatment so each thing be complete structure of paradise as e have causes from things be each pleasure to action the things be what it is and



This all reveals and causes paradise be real about everything exist to what it does and be so we have these wishes actions of this reality for things as we exist with all things to paradise are body and creation each has the actions to condition and have happen each pleasure and event things has and to think to play paradise forever none stop is the power of deity as things about do everything it can do and be about each pleasure of reality and made be with things show paradise ideas actions as this how think what paradise does at things we see to have al deity has about paradise and what each thing is about paradise as we think what happens at it now what is paradise reality as all things has a structure for it all ideas causes to what i can think and do is paradise so deity reality is my knowing as things does that paradise when i find it and because paradise can be imagined at each thing how it happen and this what paradise exist as for me be paradise as when i think how paradise exist happen to all things i am now in paradise ideas that has a reality for things be this and paradise want show me things does this imagined and real reality what things does in life and should be like and did do it as



This how deity exist us as things made to be think power have reality be about this and become real things happen and have what we wished is paradise as deity created us be all forms of how good things can be like as we imagine and have things do this kind of reality so it shows reveals what powers we have to develop are ideas and things in creation only be like as deity made us be things as it form made things for a reality it should be like so we exist as how it can be and just as things it can be like this perfect and things has this much causes and to be what it is for these moments so paradise becomes as the things we be and exist with as it all has cause and how what it be to reality appear are progress and star of each desire as we made be things to happen each paradise cause to be it imagination and reality to what just be as things and all things as a divine physical world reality existence process know it be this as things has all this style level of reality as it made become be all it structure that has this imagined and causes of paradise it be to only do in all it forms cycle this on in it body and at creation things to happen the paradise all it forms to do so things be how to happen



It structure to know how things paradise it as this reveals how each structure performs paradise so we know the reality and idea show paradise structures as this reveals what does to are structure and creation as this make me and creation perform paradise as paradise is from have it happen make it happen at how it has paradise as we be things that has all power to do paradise and this give all things to how paradise happen like we exist in how paradise this and everything is for paradise because we imagine how things does paradise and what it did and does to be paradise so we have a reality how things can only paradise what me and creation does as only paradise as we exist as things of all paradise causes to exist that this has a reality to see we can only perform paradise as ideas and things for it has are beliefs and structure be how paradise all things as deity has this many events of things and ideas play paradise this what are beliefs and all things learn as it all has creation happen this as creation has a power to make all paradise causes be real as things and ideas all it perfect actions and how it be for each pleasure is made from a reality to make this have a paradise power create as are



World only have as this has all we can ever think and be structured as to happen every paradise event that all things has this power of existence as it each has causes show us paradise scenarios progress play as we made to have all normal activities adventure that things does delight us have this happen as paradise uses it be just as reality as the and are power does and imagines this with things how god deity made us to be and happen as things created look we is be created as things play paradise only as are beliefs and structure of of all things has a way paradise really happen so we each become like the power that creates and has paradise for us enter in from where a world had all things ideas causes to how paradise is so we are the power create paradise exist in as deity gave us this be perfect as it creates provides so it has best creation we use to happen in so deity has this what it does and be and uses while creation exist to perfect each thing avoid hellfire.



Deity as a creator you be you show you can paradise are body because the good way of are body in perfect reality i seen felt does that to you as me and leigh was created be a paradise body of your reality does what we can be so everything we like perfect together is your own reality you be so you exist as all paradise we experience and have as now are body imagines and has the reality of paradise so everything is like a deity we use in how paradise append to things caused and imagined about this. Deity you make it be real a reality as there is all things to do it like this the actual way caused and how it be all things and ideas actions that each thing made to do everything perfect so it be real as we be all this to have each paradise moment and ideas for it happen so all this reality you be is what we use to have your reality as we are made use what we believe and do and want as things be like this as this causes your perfect reality and ideas happen things be paradise we have because each things it has all different paradise occasions do to how good we think and have happen and do it and this has paradise form for it to show it can only reality perfection. The deity you create things be real to show we



Always have the best reality for all things what it does like this and it will all be made to have be real as we be things how happen this and this has all the reality you have things to be so it has your paradise make it real for are desires and because we then always be in all paradise reality to be always have and please every beautiful thing and miracle because we are all beliefs actions how do paradise in all it has happen are body show this for the person and because this shows everything we like from every beautiful person and we pleasure them as now see one beautiful person do paradise with that is like what do with every divine person when meet you next that this reality has you elsewhere in paradise only to see paradise happen that us something we can only do when we meet and who with now because deity make us be all ideas actions how paradise is performed and because we have to see each thing be the scenario and the person be the amount create the paradise moment to show are body has paradise and it is the reality what all beauty person does to me as when we appear together we know how to play paradise as scenario and body desires imagines us what do for paradise so we have all we like and



Perform all miracles as we in reality to do each action ideas while already be all ideas actions how do and paradise happen so the deity has all it paradise happen to are body like we doing this at and have every miracle and pleasure and ideas actions how every person does paradise as we are the reality of this each thing appear to we are in a world of what paradise do to this so we are paradise doing to everything deity has we like and about all pleasures we know can do them all as we are a body to perform all actions desire at each body event so i can meet miracle leigh my girlfriend in a dream so we can meet the same people of paradise and them each to see them all do the same and every perfect miracle and be beauty as there need be no ugly for all are paradise deeds in paradise. Deity you show paradise at how a thing is made to do each cause to perform until complete and different to happen to be all paradise does so while we think this happen recreates and appears to play paradise so it happen like this and allows us think how it does this so it creates this paradise occasion continue as we think what else happen and that it has all things how reality everything so are body creates causes paradise as



A reality to be all power of deity about each thing made exist in creation. A reality of knowing what things does as paradise to category those causes as it and this is visions for the paradise and is created be it form and best is this power. I remain a human and see leigh in dreams not earth because on earth it has things ideas how paradise happen is a reality for leigh enter in created as her human body date me because earth has the same scenarios and things show us be lovers like are dream as we met in the dream to see we be created as an attracted body and while i am on earth i can met a woman named leigh to show leigh in the dream how i paradise her being human on earth as are dream is about how i treat her when she human on earth and because on earth i imagine paradise so this my reality to leigh so when am awake not seeing her she continues in the dream using my beliefs be my dream body to her so i always miracle her as i entered the dream with my beliefs to see it played paradise on her body yet she not appear as human on earth so we be together in dreams and earth always as we are paradise together so she must be using my beliefs to have my dream body always happen with her as i think how



Paradise plays reality and when i meet a woman named leigh on earth date her then leigh in my dreams uses my dream body perform my actions ideas on dating human earth leigh to reality her so this is the incredible process and needs of leigh my deity being i worship as you show i have all i need from your paradise that i am always with you while you show me dreams with you and your girlfriends and earth planet of stunning women so all paradise causes ideas happens always to the deity beauty paradise being and reality form of leigh to how i see what reality things paradise my body to how this does and think i do paradise so deity exist me be in and as the form of paradise so all things has paradise be real to it all when have it happen. The moment with leigh is i am always with you alien universe because look i gave you paradise attracted and we always need use this for everything and always have this as it creates appear all we have paradise do as everything we like and have life appear happen perfect and we are the form of this the creation of appear are body with all things we like and are date all activities we like met in and how many attractive appearance be as are ideas has all paradise be real so i



Return you on earth as a form i exist you in my dreams using what you believe happen for paradise as you make it happen as everything it does as deity made beliefs how when you see something it test how you make paradise reality at all things and it causes see it has now as you have to exist with all things happen and paradise knows how things should be like and creates it be this and we think this to see this power create us happen paradise so we come in your dreams show you have are power and how it works that this what each believer has as they are a form for how reality can be like from and at their body this causes paradise on all things as are body made to reality at each thing that has all events it sees to be paradise as we know what things does in each event and think to be how things does paradise  so things and me can be paradise that really exists for things perform as how do this as everything to be as this has all causes ideas to how be and how is paradise reality for all see or know can be at things from it and that is how paradise has all things appear happen in paradise is how useful is to think paradise knowledge that is how all things and me be paradise as everything does sees this does



This that everything make us imagine there is do and happen as paradise reality about everything what it is and happening so things is believe and perform just paradise this is what all things and ideas is for to happen think just how paradise causes each idea action and things how happen is paradise we do and wish because that is a power reality created for certain via the deity as it performs this none stop as to how it made creation so is paradise from it only in this power things has to be and guided from and that is the supreme the ultimate reality played as genius beings role models and pleasure to the delicate and structure to the process can only be paradise and idea to the action is best reality because something has to be how all things is made to be best reality as there is god how all things be like just how all bad has a reality to exist only can do wrong think in as the power has causes knowledge on how create creation be things to happen it how it all good and is think be on this to only reality this it be caused controlled is a real reality is created so things be how it can only perform as it made think do and be this as creation made on this power and it give pleasure to deity us



Leigh you show there is only a perfect way to think how do everything we love that is good and that i am this belief reality to you as i appear treated like this from you as paradise does all actions and is imagination and things how do this so i know this how do paradise nothing can accuse and make me wrong as paradise is another reality of just have paradise happen from me and have just paradise to how deity made things to think happen paradise and because i have did and imagined only paradise at your divine form of human being that can only be ideas actions to do paradise so it is true as we imagined things be a paradise does be it like this is really the best and only way paradise happens and is a power of use all things that has all causes ideas of paradise to only appear exist in that special creation world earth me and leigh appeared in and you show you are attractive body meaning how i am sexual dating paradise style to stunning women because even women on earth world be dating me who enters paradise with leigh that has all causes of paradise for their body that is caused by my think actions as paradise taken me in it use my beliefs to think action how things be and have like as a reality



And ideas make it have happen so it is real that paradise is not have wrong happen to us or anyone who did wrong to are pleasures for them as paradise has things they should use for paradise and think feel how to paradise it always as are body and all things has a reality knowledge how have and do just paradise as it has this many events and being as to see are beliefs think happen just paradise to have as things appear happen as we go everywhere things is and deity powers of ideas actions sick imagined how paradise we just be and have as beliefs given tissue knowledge and reality things as this becomes real as what it is are this it does as all ideas things and a creation to world this paradise as we be this ideas and form of being with a world do this paradise power. Leigh i have you forever as we are both what paradise does and we use it as we think what like and need from it this is us met to pleasure each miracle are attraction plays this how direct deity powers is to make us believe what we is like and is all good. Leigh nothing is stop are paradise and eternal dating as all knowledge and things exist to how it do and be and think paradise as paradise about what things and ideas does to



Cause only paradise and we be the form if this are attraction dating and accusers have none of your beliefs to me and how i paradise you as you show me only paradise we do together and i can only have women to paradise me to be able to enter your world and have your paradise and i paradise you as you only use paradise and do paradise to how only paradise happens from you and creation me so no accusers can be the paradise to us or are enemies as we are paradise as to only do this so it can not have enemies at this as this how paradise about to think and be all it can only happen. Leigh i have made your paradise and divine body have all you need as i imagined how happen your paradise and it guided me how things has paradise that you appear it to me because you and this has power about how good i be treated by all things and paradise it and see the forms how i be created as a body in a world of paradise and i be all forms to happen each desire pleasure so i be really this to see your forms is beautiful action paradise so we have all things paradise are body do together pleasure so your power of forms that does and uses paradise causes it creates forms for me and creation be to ideas and happen have  



Paradise delight so we be worship of how it be all forms us be paradise be all it is and does to be a things with all other things to see what it be and what else be what it is causes paradise reality and this is your forms make me be that has paradise that you me and creation do so this can be what we know is things how exist and it shows your forms create me exist with your forms of paradise you be a beauty body treat me all best scenarios so i paradise your body how your forms gave me ideas and reality i am paradise the beauty and it appear as my lover my angel treat me so you really do use paradise for how formulate it happen perfect and you be a power find this easy and create it be paradise on it as you have from me and creation the reality if forms made to have paradise treat us together as easy you are a power knows all perfect reality things does and beauty that your forms create this be and has this imagined in us to see we pleasure the forms of your paradise i be what you have for me i think what you do to me i be all you create it like to be how all things happen so i know what you want and i have as paradise so your forms collect me see your body pleasured by how i use exist in your forms  



Make all things to be what you have for your paradise appear to all forms and it causes ideas use these forms play paradise. Leigh you make the reality of paradise have all forms to create appear what all things has about a perfect do and looks of reality take all it treat surprise exist on the forms that creates a reality how it can just be like just how forms made the universe earth sun moon just be how it happen life miracles and tragedy. Leigh you show the forms of paradise is give me reality of all ideas actions that each thing does for the life and appearance activity how paradise happens as i seen you transfer my beliefs in that reality i know my beliefs has really happen how things can be like as these are you reality ideas for how you produce forms formulate it being doing as it made with all it can do and guided controlled do just think paradise as the forms it be with forms to happen paradise and make it all knows is be real for things that is a creative power from leigh and to make all forms have a reality to create the known wished paradise so forms made to become things is a power of create forms be for paradise happen so i see leigh show all happen good for pleasures is the forms make



This so good has a divine things appear things be real to happen how things is paradise about each cause has to comfort please us and is right how it has all this happen and these forms has all ideas for us happen it forms produce each reality of event like what happens how good things be has forms make this and now i can divine and paradise leigh and each miracle things does as we be the reality of seen is paradise it is for the earth what things does there to paradise it as the dream for how good we wished things be like it has the dream make things be this as that is the reality we wished how paradise is for all things and a dream shown these things be forms make paradise to how happen things so how i have leigh as women on earth to date i then have the deity leigh body i paradise as she make miracles for earth things be like to be forms she creates in her reality divine so i can paradise this deity leigh the great female angel so what is good on earth she make it have a paradise as then she can have what she does knows perfect use and make earth and creation things meet her existence as this give her paradise be real we is see her reality show all things what we know it does to be how we cause



Paradise on it because things has this reality to be and leigh show we be this all things that sent us wish what it does the forms want be this kind of reality visions has for it be real so leigh want all things be this as her forms to show the creation does this to her as she uses things please her and us as this how all things has causes what be and visions to paradise real exist in be this perfect at reality it do this to us and creation this is what we be as a things all this reality it can just be like and be everything it does to be this paradise as we us see know all causes of things is a paradise so this be how we are things to have this happen be like this so we become with all things to be what is all this to like as reality and then the like of all it paradise is we be how it happen and have all forms of paradise produce things be are reality of paradise as we made to be about all paradise does and forms creates this as are reality paradise. Deity you make yourself the creator to show us all perfect reality because this what creates us be a body have realisation of how to paradise things as there is reality what it does this to exist as think and it also be and this shows your form of being



We be things to how good it be your power has the best reality to how it be this so you have all powers how perfect it as the reality be these things as you make things how it only be like and everything exists how it be all perfect it has to use your creation and causes on it be this and is all imagination with a real reality is how real you perfect a reality things does to us so we be all to like and that is a reality of things to make us think how things be and that is a power reality have as things from you we be this and exist as all to like as things your form to make us be these forms as we have to have happen as things how like it be this it a power of existence from a creator to make us be a form of reality have it all created as how like things be as reality so it make it all be this as we the things of creation it made to happen how it all be and think like to have it really this things does. Deity each thing to show events it has for us be power ideas actions with pleasures miracle from this we do and have that that things be this reality to real this as how you made us be things for power it be real. Deity you be creator as all things will happen and be imagination for it how like all things



This is your reality for things we be made with and the things we exist with on earth is about how you create it be like paradise for how things be it and is a power you demonstrate all create for us have as things be are reality the paradise as you have how things is about that style of reality we wish and how things does it this is a power you be to create us be and have perfection as things exist to how good it be and is a realm of what you have in it for us all your reality power and guidance to be reality as how it made us think and do at things how it has a paradise about all things be that good at causes and guided are wishes to be the power that creates things exist us in this we can only be the reality knowledge of how things be perfect reality we know how things does this and things is for this power happen and we are made to believe this so we are created be a thing to cause paradise. And be the thing that shows reality we are paradise for you as we exist as a thing how to do and think paradise at things that this goes with things of paradise as is the power of it has all how do think and reality perfection things is do to then make this be all a reality exist be things all about this we enter



In that power reality as it made us think and be that reality on earth and the power uses this about all things be in that paradise. Deity you have me do all your paradise as i see bodies about how do that reality and your dream show what paradise given to reality your power guided me how things has paradise for it as i be a thing that is paradise causes ideas at it so i know all paradise powers things can do be as a paradise reality as deity you have all causes of paradise scenarios happen to my body as you make it each have things to reality happen each miracle of paradise things can do and like do this as this is how i met angel leigh be divine pleasure to my body as we are bodies as your power guided and created into body world per form your paradise as this happen our reality of all pleasure miracles and we see and be the things and causes ideas how paradise is about each thing happening so have paradise as the creation of power has all things to be how it paradise us as we is see all actions and have it ideas from it and actions for it how paradise happen as power is about all this to think and have real as creation has all things to make us be all think happening how things does paradise to are body.



Leigh you exist as deity use all it reality of powers show me all deity has to paradise my body as you are a body i can think and see how it paradise my body as paradise happens from scenarios treatment each thing does as best reality. Deity you make us paradise everything because the ideas how paradise happen we see things we think feel like happen paradise at and they be the need of perform paradise as deity you have your visions and things for pleasures show us the paradise it has offer do at are body and it is a divine believer all how paradise has all actions ideas to comfort are body in each pleasure the task does for are body we see how perfect they think and body action that their body does paradise to are body and is cause paradise as it from their body does action ideas at my body and scenario for this to show i love the power they be to do paradise as the deity you use the actions ideas if things to perform paradise reality to condition feel and happen are body have and perform paradise with this body we play desires treatment task with. You create each pleasure to know how paradise perform and think this to feel like do this and have the body of that reality be found for pleasure i can



Paradise what has all pleasures be the body of treat attention my body how powers has all causes i love happen so this woman does this to see feel how paradise happen at all her desires how pleasure can happen and this has us think how to paradise you as we have paradise ideas from the actions to treat your body so this shows powers of how paradise happen as it is miraculous to imagine how and do these paradise actions to you as this goes with pleasures you do for me and is how the power reveals how paradise happen from all things and myself and it is a reality to be divine in and love lust all it does and hen be in the how all ideas actions does each pleasure miracle as we be with things to reality this as are ideas is have all paradise cause to do and be on are body happen and to the scenario things as paradise is this we be this paradise as think and be a thing with each thing think do paradise and a power happen it as reality desire it comedy true best real to happen as things to exist process enjoy that it be these things to action idea paradise that it about how all paradise happen from each thing and be this reality to it as paradise is tremendous give all knowledge to each thing do each pleasure



To how we is find like this pleasure be with a paradise ideas and powers we use has a power of reality make everything find pleasures from things and that we can only think and do good in this reality as deity make our wish how reality things does be perfect and there is paradise we appear in as we be all paradise capability and detail to be the power that exists for things be created how it be the power believe happen as we are things for what real it be at reality we exist as knowing being doing all the power causes plays as a reality that already the power has that perfect reality like all ideas causes things does for paradise so we come into this when think this be and reality is about this as things can do and does and is for paradise power it be not hell reality beliefs as to do bad wrong is what hell reality and beliefs is how hell happen to take sinners in. The things is for what paradise be really happen like and can only think and do to how things does paradise as it happen to this as it causes paradise have it reality happen as it uses all action ideas from things do the best reality on things to show it has all paradise scenarios for it creation things exist in to see paradise is real.



And to make it this good for what things is be as it is the existence of do paradise be all it reality as then each thing is be this all ideas causes of how paradise is from things and see it is reality a power has created creation from to how things be a divine life a physical for it form be real this is what do think and it has how things happen and imagined that sick paradise for it in life as it happen how as things and creates a power make a reality meaning this wish things be real like this we can only exist as paradise for how things be we perceive do how all things has such life perform in to how paradise about it as we are made to think of paradise and see things does it to image all paradise how it happen from things so deity make things we see happen how it knowledge are visions about paradise does from all things so we be the power that creates things be paradise to give all things as paradise we think all how paradise happen to be with things of this real power life.



You show i can perform all your pleasures and deeds for the needy of body life and scenario things as you show this reality in the dream my body has for how i wished be this reality so it true my beliefs you develop me fantasy on earth does work with the reality i seen about this in m fantasy and that is a reality you appear in my dreams because you have to make me be on earth to think of your reality so it works on your power that shows paradise scenarios for things happening as the wish on earth imagines this reality and to make real all that your power has for me imagine on earth as how your reality appears to be because on earth i wish of a perfect reality and it shows your power how good reality be and how your power need reality of your things happen like this and we imagine this reality as this has your power make things be about this to be a wish and a reality of how it be now and what can be real for it so it be this perfect when it created be this reality we wish from a reality we be in so it really is this perfect with the things we exist with in a reality world because it happen all we like and reveals a fantasy of how make things happen all it miracle way of existence for it so we always  



Guarantee this is what deity is make are things as life be like this so the actual things we see and think how it has does a power reality and like about it there is a real creation for are wish about this and these things. Deity you make things be it looks and form of being to show us now it has a condition a feeling to how it can feel and ability like perform paradise as it is think how it body action and wishes the very causes of things miracles it does and how deity you have things be it looks and how it structure is to show this is a thing to reality the fantasy about the power what it is do or make me think how pleasures happen as deity to see something not pleasure me it make me think how pleasures happen so i become the reality of power knowing that is like a fantasy of how things reality happen how like it be all these causes for the thing it always be and that this fantasy has a real world and am connecting in that from be a body to realise it for how things be there. The things always be it structure and looks to eternal each fantasy and action how it happen pleasure and the wish of how pleasure happen from this thing i like so is always the power reality knowledge to exist in the making being



Of what can be and is real as each pleasure wish things does as things does causes to exist all universe be it different structures in and as what universe be where on it as it all in space made as things with space as a thing around it all. The reality it is put on space and placed on it zone of space and created a celestial on there and put on celestial each thing and we show this is are planet for you that we reality the meaning of power for things it is in a space you see can not make then who has is put this planet with all the universe and we feel think see listen and use all the causes how the universe has us set on a celestial planet of power desires we exist in what has a universe show it made it be things that does causes of power desires so we became this and we are being things to really exist and it shows we are in a universe we not made to be what we use power delight all we need to exist in and each thing has the reality of power passion like be real and we see paradise the creator has for are universe we live in as each thing powers is all a wish of a paradise it creates as the power and we have to exist as knowing the power for things and we want this as we always have to exist as  



Things and eternal it power us be and have all things as the paradise we are made to know and be this and it has the power for it be created and we find no wrong in the deity the form of just the wish how things is a power of a perfect good reality appear made only be and deity can not stop us be the power as it uses this power be what things be and know to do the best reality and knowledge wish upon be real and it is made as things do this we must we are the power of knowing being to think and do it as it is be things happen this we do to it that power and paradise is happen continuous all it things causes as we are made as things be how power be in all are ideas actions as it be things that looks and happen and ability of paradise causes because deity made power how think to be this and how things happen this and look like this to how we be all created as things about each pleasure it has and does and be the power of knowing things is for how paradise it and to realise what is for are paradise to pleasure as all the actions feelings for it has are beliefs to what is for are pleasure it need this. The universe they and me see as we are not the deity that the celestial is put with what is be a world to



To power are wishes and we need this to happen are world and it can not be with be a world in this universe and it is in all we need created be this showing a deity made are power from it all be this creation of things as it happen in all this and it shows each thing is designed and put in a zone to be a world and universe many desire we perform real and have things be are opportunity and pleasure and we see because we think of each success to pleasure have it does this we be perfect at things pleasures it has and we are a thing to how pleasure all things we like it is pleasure me that deity creates us know the power to become all pleasures of things to have please are body and that this would miracle all the creation as then the things seeing are body is wish and know how paradise happen to everything and see this reality from are body as we are created to be a body where i miracle a thing and all other things exist wanting it miracles and i am suppose use my body do amount of miracles from it to see all my wishes about paradise happen to see creation is being paradise so when i paradise a chosen thing all my paradise ideas shows the reality for creation has it paradise happen because deity made me a thing



So when i give who pleasure that while the power paradise all things i am the imagination like that power so creation has paradise like the power i am and do imagine because this exist us in paradise and i have to think of the power when i give and have pleasure so the deity perfection has it reality that happens to all creation of it paradise as deity has it all happening and knowing the power it has reality be like and this shows and make us realise that the power is make us think of the way paradise pleasure happen that we have it like this do it this perfect and the reality of power appears it to only us do it like this the knowing how paradise happen this how we and creation does this and how it shows visions about a reality make things be do this and it has a vision of divine effect as it show things as a paradise being this how it appear each thing to desire is are pleasure to have show each vision of the divine effect about things be real is my use and the power shows the actual making of how deity appears each miracle thing have as it just shows the sudden appearance and way and form that all things does paradise scenarios and ideas action about this so each thing be the power believer doer as  



It be a thing in the creation to do all pleasure each thing has and does to show paradise from it as this has all other things show you paradise. Deity leigh you make the wish of paradise show it does have paradise real as your body want and creates paradise at all things wishes as to have paradise is from how make all things have paradise that does it and to make all things that does paradise so paradise always has a paradise and make all things that does paradise to make it come true to what knows does paradise as it made exist with all things that does a paradise reality. Deity you make each thing has to be what it is see all it does and like it because all that activities has a paradise how it like your power makes us know about and have your reality for things we love so the creation you made and how powers is hidden about all you have for things happen and think paradise is show you have things do this in reality to be real things about what you have in paradise they be things as this to happen to how it become like your power reality so you have a creation like your power to imagine it is using and being like all you think and have things to be your paradise as then you create it be real what you  



Are into all things it is be. Deity you make us exist as your power while on earth as it guides us think how paradise happens so are body is find see what we like paradise happen with so we imagine the power as it progress are visions be in paradise how to always think how paradise happens how do it at things as this allows us as seeing things on earth to be continuous all ideas of paradise reality as that how paradise things is find me offer and wish and accept paradise it as how i like your looks i think do how paradise it not evil pleasure it because deity you want us see all things as it has paradise reality how think it be and to make us become like the reality makes wishes be real creation use as your power is about make all real things to how perfect it is see things be real as a world experience exist as as we are things that is to be made and play in the reality how paradise is are existence for things as a wish and thing be this paradise come true as things is for the wish how it be like is created things be as reality as this has all actions desires do it good in this perfect paradise as we see and be things that has a form of same things happen in paradise so are things we perform in and think



Do good has a paradise perform think in as things on earth make us think and do how love it be and is perfect at pleasures this how many times are body is show a body the paradise it has and how the beautiful pleasure is imagined how offer and do it for you so you beautiful who think want pleasures and love it with a paradise attention action is find my body love paradise you as when we think of each pleasure we know the love how it happen looks feels perfect that the fantasy and reality for this is at and for how another beautiful person is wish have and do this pleasure at a beautiful paradise person as this what deity creates beliefs have in reality as it knows are bodies need appear created in the date scenarios as we seem to see who we both just fantasy. Leigh the dream is about the wish of things in reality be like this what it thinks for a reality that things has it does want paradise me and creation like this as we are made to wish of pleasures this does paradise to things and a dream shows how things has imagined paradise pleasures my body does for the pleasures your body has and that it treats me this perfect how i think paradise you to how pleasure my body that the power about this happen and



Think is be things pleasures. The earth is made all it things and has a body to how paradise is real we have to be a body what like we make it be good and know how do this things be this that we would have a paradise to think do reality like this and deity is a form of knowing this tidal shows universe for are use things to how power we believe and is created a world and only this can be it have this world as things is about what it should only have and be all it perfect causes to do and believe as paradise exist on this effect. Leigh your dream is to show things does just how things is to think only way perfect the reality as it has how all thing causes only paradise as this comes from the power of think all perfect reality how it happen and creates things for this as the deity makes a form of power for the believers in paradise how deity has a form what it knows is perfect for all things is a reality of these things happen. They look at the universe their earth and see deity has all things make it do paradise as we know what things does and right it all about what it does we like and the universe is the power what deity does and uses it for is paradise that it body has this all to do and be as it shows



It a deity of uses and feels all things as it made all things in the creation so it only uses things do paradise that it only knows how do paradise so when it make all things it has paradise on it form of being and things can imagine how all things does paradise and be with these things as leigh your dreams show these wishes came true and we was in the paradise of deity how it uses and has all things paradise it body and existence to use make paradise worlds and all things is made to perform just paradise as it a creator of control design things what it does so it show powers is real and paradise happen like this so that things be things and know causes do as things to how paradise is happen so this make us be a thing do paradise so deity has it power happen as things not satan. Deity you made the wish so it knows how perform reality as you is create it appear as your reality and ideas that made are wish is how you need all things to realise and do the perfect reality as you are about how creation is to happen everything perfect and find each moment to each paradise scenario as you want us be in your continuous powers as it has all ideas causes of how things does paradise and we are made as a thing and



Things is to be all paradise ideas causes as this is a real meaning how things is this kind of reality and happening and with this it happen form think this power so creation is paradise for each thing deity can make it be a paradise about it as this is are reality of things we use for are body and worlds platforms in the universe so we be things to how it only has a power of absolute creates for all it can be how and like and how all good has how it can just be with all good causes ideas because it has a reality of everything it need to happen to all things do this and for this it has all things do good at this as paradise has all actions and scenarios for things be good and have all good causes at this as things made to perform all it actions desire like this as it happen all we like and have as a body that all things has this power for it deity made creation things to be this good at all desires and miracles it give so all in paradise and is how deity is create creation to happen like and make us think and be to do and have it like this so deity can be a creator exist all like this and things has a real reality just to be. Deity i love how you show dreams for real life events as this allows each



Person while being human to have perfect reality imagination happening with living life activity and deeds to how this be a life perfect they wish it be really like that this has a dream reality about life be paradise to how they think it is like for what they do and exist as things on earth so they see feel what they wished as paradise and it happens on what they do and have is real to exist your creation be paradise and they be all dreams and real life about this paradise. Deity i love how you show and make a divine effect and paradise form to what you show is looking at and having the events of what things does good on earth so it be a paradise. Deity i love how the reality of the dream is show what happens in earth life so this happens to us a life as a dream as a dream shows to create just be like how live i like it so while we be on earth that is a reality you make things be. Deity i love how you make me imaginable how perform every paradise pleasure of beauty so everything you have to create be beautiful and do it how i wished is happen to my body that no stunning women can ever have paradise without her like happen at paradise how it happen so deity you make how i think paradise happen is only




Women who do paradise so they all be the paradise they have with me as it be created for are body look and be the paradise moment play with because deity you always give and never stop me have paradise how i want it as that how you make me think do it to happen your paradise and because i am be without certain stunning women paradise my body pleasure them as the paradise is just a secret fantasy that has your power create us play paradise together how you appeared gave me leigh so that your paradise i imagine for things do to me on earth is really a reality we play together as the paradise always uses and is about the miracles it does and create appear for us see who loved do the pleasure with so it is true the fantasy of how perfect pleasure the beauty and needy is come true to have do for and they play with me due to fantasies not happening real as we are made to look at things we wish paradise with and it happen when powers create us how are body offer tempt us play pleasure because deity the fantasy and attraction or skill about this and ability has us capable to perform pleasure or miracle for their body and that thing when it appears as the power we now in a scenario reveal accept are desires do



For you and together so deity how we imaginable pleasures miracles like do with and at who they see we are paradise they do paradise to our body because deity you made us think how perfect pleasure and beauty happen that it is a wish do it like this and your reality of this paradise happens when my and her and the needy and support helper fantasies has a scenario with the body that loves needs have are paradise scenario and treatment that this how your fantasies do this has a reality create all are desires come true with what does this as it all about your power that has only paradise to happen and have as it make us wish and realise what like do this paradise with and that is someone who wished we had a scenario how it us paradise are body we play and talk how it happen so everything find and has pleasure from all it wished to be created as the body and actions ideas they desire we be to paradise are body so any woman attractive wanted paradise my body i wished it at as i think of paradise with her is come true and so is a way tempt them with my power play paradise now as it be like we are in paradise and how it happens in the power reality create us control be all pleasure miracles with beauty as this



The wish of each pleasure happen is like we already in the power that reveals how pleasure happen to have perfect at the beauty and miracle things to show it need and has miracle reality as deity you make things be all miracles it need to create us be paradise ideas actions. Deity it is to be all this with all things how is the reality to how we wished paradise and all paradise is all we wish and it be real as things have this is the reality we be at this it can only do this as we imagine it be just this to be all do and have happen as this paradise so deity made us be these things to happen like this and then all the pleasures beauty i can be the paradise you have and all pleasures i want as there is actions ideas how it be what you need want happen so we have paradise as there is progression actions to how it all paradise ideas actions to make it be all we all we love as there has to be all actions ideas to make everything happen to do each paradise delight we use and do at your your body. Deity there is all reality to how it be you only do it like this as your powers shows what reality be only to be good then is how it happens all we have at our body as to think and do and be this is like a power of you us be



The deity can be perfect during when we are in difficulty as there is paradise to make things have it best moments and how we now at everything and before was the imagination actions to how paradise be real as this allows us do and think the best good reality always and how we realise we are this perfect at every pleasure and what paradise need us do to exist it because we imagine it to how causes make are body and all things does paradise so how this make everything about paradise be all it powers to be who we are at reality and it has all it reality of things to paradise are body make are wishes come true we can and is have and be at it the paradise causes of it reality as things is the power it be as all the causes and how and looks of paradise be perfect reality is a reality and all imagined and happen from us so while we live in life it reveals what paradise does as all things and how use it right and this is what is for the things we be in the world and activities and the form condition of each things as it is wished how do and be paradise while we do activities be are structure of body and this power about paradise has us think how other things be like a paradise how it has it happen to it  



Structure so we be paradise at and about all things as to know this is happen us as this and this has the also power of paradise for us exist all things do this to me and that paradise world knowing all that in it is about and has paradise for and at everything and have this paradise me and how this makes us love everything be perfect and how to paradise it that this make us know what is paradise is to be with things so it divine us to know this a power we be how things has a paradise we wish. We also have how this make things be the reality of scenario how things be like so it reality the paradise we think how things be and does to us show the scenarios and bodies has paradise what things be does to make how we love the paradise ideas shows things do this reality to see it things happen it as things made to show perform all causes of how a paradise knower be in sensations of ideas the reality things does actions gesture and activity to happen all in a paradise style as this delights us s at this we have paradise see i exist my body delight your paradise ideas how things be like perfect and me at you. Deity i worship you for each belief in the perfect reality things be like is a moment of life in your




World that is all about how things are imagined how things has a reality and are real that this is your power of make appear real how paradise is real because you have at the reality of things we imagine how good to happen and be is then you show your paradise of realm is reality are wishes how things be like because wishes has the real and good best reality for how things and us be in creation. Deity you make for each pleasure and how things happen it a reality of power how you make this be a power of now all pleasures happen just from you be all things to reality are pleasure so only divine and good things knowing all your paradise an only perform pleasure at are body so your complete perfection how all things and pleasures look and happen as you have us exist with things that does be what it is itself to pleasure are body so this pleasure and things becomes like how you perfect pleasure how it happen and be from things that does each pleasure so when we have things pleasure us it become like your power that perfect knows how and does be things that pleasure us so it about things be like your power to pleasure us in paradise as things knows how think and do pleasures like how a thing has just the deity



Pleasure it as we think and wish how things does pleasure are body and deity has a divine form that is just pleasure are body because there is fantasy and reality how things pleasure are body and that deity knows how use all things in this it creation to be paradise on are body as deity is a form how it uses everything to reality on are body it creates real things for this happen because it make us wish how things and know and use do it how it paradise are body and so deity has the way things think and does pleasure is be how we know deity has all ideas causes to pleasure us with things do it and be it thing like this so deity has us be created as things to have and realise how all pleasures happen for thing do and think it like so we realise the divine power deity has things how it paradise us that things does it like this so the divine best way pleasures happen is how deity make us know this what it form does for the things we use to pleasure us so there is a divine power to happen paradise how things make us have pleasures and know what pleasure is that all good of this that make us know what divine power does is a reality for deity pleasure for no evil do this and that all pleasures that is made us.  


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Deity what things we and happen to us is continuous you are all reality we like things be as this what are body be and things does for it and reality creation happen and be and it like the reality of things be how like it is a definite reality that is the best what things be like to how paradise be that we only have paradise to be like how want things be happen and things can only do as perfect reality that this reveals your power this level as you want and use all things be created for paradise on you as for the power we have things to how good it be as forms to do all like as what we be to do everything and it happen like this and be this to always be a perfect set of forms things is to do all good right reality and best as things has to happen and be a state of forms as when things happen the miracle of


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Realise how there is a divine effect to give all we like how pleasures be good from beauty things and things is real as are visions for pleasures sees a reality of perfect we need be real so deity does are pleasures be things to have as that is what be deity reality and because are reality and ideas for pleasure has a divine reality of fantasy about all pleasures happen from the deity power that only uses things to paradise are body from knowing all actions and form of being things to do it like this is the knowing doing of everything perfect to happen and think how paradise has all divine ideas for the good actions and form of being and what it does to perfect pleasures from it beauty to are body and creations reality


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Does can see vision is for how things be in reality to really paradise it so your form of being deity is be this as are wish shows the best reality for things you made in creation for how it can be like for how it really is in are world and what imagine with what it does be. Deity you make your knowledge be how all things should be and happen like so your power is reveal that reality at are wishes and things in existence be that wishful world as this allow us be things and wishes for your reality. Deity you make your knowledge happen at the beliefs as that has how happen your reality on your paradise that you use to happen with things that uses your beliefs causes as we be things to do causes like paradise from your ideas while we be the things of your world. Deity you make your knowledge to paradise things be sent as a reality at are beliefs to be things that happen your style of creation as what you wish is have things do this reality you need. Deity you show me your knowledge as what i think for things be paradise you appear it be this and that you only have for this kind of paradise how all things and ideas happen paradise so i seen this knowledge is a creator of it life and world because that


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Of reality what things does good and be how it is ok this does all the causes and state how the things happen each desire and paradise scenario so there is a power of make things have this reality can only be as deity we and you have us be things to happen that it be a state of condition and style of happening that is all paradise causes and good about what creation has to make deity create us be things as paradise. Deity it is how each thing shows the style of actions causes it does and has to make are visions see paradise for things create a special world do this only to make all things that has all are paradise causes become a paradise as then it uses the power we imagined things we like in reality to create the vision be reality as this has all things happen be perfect and are body perform that visions reality how things be perfect and desires happen from things so things be like how it want happen in creation be all it paradise causes as it happen this from exist on and with the person and deity imagination and power of being to how paradise happen for the forms it be with creation to happen things as paradise as are beliefs knows this for things and a power to be real reality for things as this comes into a reality see all things be perfect reality so pleasures has it happen on things it does each task and pleasure as it now in the forms that has people and deity think and do how paradise happen and be with things do this paradise so things can see be the beautiful pleasures it show a person is being doing to see things does all beauty of pleasures all it style of character and attributes and treatment actions a thing shows when does pleasure and paradise of reality so a person and forms to make things can see what is knows for paradise is real as look at things perform how it shows all attributes to action flow treat move as ability each pleasure it beauty does for me then how this reality is always so when be with a beautiful thing it me and you is about all we can do and be and think is the paradise how


69 message order

Things does this as we are created to know what can be to how it always be and we do this that all the things to exist each pleasure we see the beauty of it show all miracle do for you and use for pleasures as all beliefs in paradise reality has things to look and be the pleasures attribute and state of structure to happen each attributes of pleasures miracles actions the body things and scenarios does that all good we learn how things be and happen so it has paradise as that is all paradise causes that things is be and attributes to perform and structure state to do each pleasure is show we use the beautiful of this yet how do this to this creation kind so we see things be beautiful pleasures at you have just think action how each pleasure is to show your paradise to me is see my body attribute all actions how my body paradise your pleasures as we both exist as a beautiful body seeing this has the looks and things in scenarios has the pleasures miracle of how we know all causes to show it pleasures for all it has to do at paradise so it be real reality the perfection has what it does and be and think to be what other beautiful things knows does as a reality it desires so deity powers happen in the creation how all things does this for what it made be it has all this paradise to be and do with things be this pleasure as we are things do this together and for the thing we each be we look at things be the paradise reality what it need we are a thing that does this as we are things of all paradise causes that a thing can use and do and have from us that we use for paradise are actions can do to have paradise happen at my and your body and the things so it be the scenario of paradise as happen action on it does scenario and how wish it causes like what it does as scenario love as this shows us the things we be for creation has this real paradise as we are things and accept each ideas cause for things be a paradise it has as then are body sees the beauty of all paradise ideas action a thing has to attribute perform motion treat.


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