Big Sky

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Enjoying the beauty of the sky in a new locale.

Submitted: October 22, 2018

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Submitted: October 22, 2018



When I exchanged a coastal life for life on the plains, I traded big water for big skies—wave watching for cloud watching.  Both elements feature constant change and motion, are endlessly fascinating, and reduce a human to feeling very small.  

The skies of north Texas are particularly awe inspiring and dramatic.  Immersed in an urban beehive, looking up has become my respite and quiet pleasure.  Where it was necessary to seek out water, the sky is always available.  The relative flatness of the ground in my part of the state makes the sky the main attraction.  The weather conditions can change rapidly, going from placid to frisky, to turbulence that needs to be respected.  It is well to keep an eye to the sky.  

Regardless of its current dance of the moment, the sky can be a constant friend—always there, ever interesting.  Stalled in traffic, taking a breath from the intensity of drivers bearing down upon me, I glance up at the sky and remember who I am.  When the light changes and traffic starts moving, it's back to the challenge of staying alive.  Our Texas drivers behave like a herd of cattle stampeding toward a salt lick!

Living near several small airports and only miles as the crow flies from a major airport, there is always some aerial activity above.  The last few years, I've lived next to a major hospital trauma center.  Daily, people are helicoptered in for treatment.  I've seen many whirlybirds drop down from the the sky and take off again.  It adds to the big sky drama.

Today,  I will look to the wondrous sky, thankful to be alive.






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