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night writing poetry

Submitted: October 22, 2018

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Submitted: October 22, 2018




Deity i love you as you are a form of how you need all things each appear all the reality it does for you like so everything happens to how is a wish it be this as you be everything you like that reality does so your form has creation do this to what you made be a creation so when i exist as a person i wish all your reality so that me and things shows what you want in creation be real as we are things to happen how you wish your reality be real as then it sees know this happen from us things in the creation so it be like all you wish that happens things paradise and shows you we be what you think for things happen like this as we are your reality of things that think how perfect it be and do it be this moments things does to be this.



So deity it makes you be your form of paradise as we are things in creation happening and knowing of the wishes that is about things be that reality so this make your paradise form and reality be what happen to us as your creation so you have all like be real for your creation you made to be this as the things we be has a wish and action how things does paradise so it shows you want us be created as that reality that your form has to know all paradise causes for all things so you exist as the vision power and reality of paradise as you made creation be real things and create for it paradise it can be so your always be paradise form as to what make be real for things as we know what creation can be like so you be this to create as are reality



As you exist as all can make real for creation only that you want paradise for creation as things is imagine what it like reality be like for things as to how it has paradise form and for all things as we exist as a body in a world what do we want creation be like to paradise are body and the creation that this reveals your power form of being what you exist each thing for as we only wish how things can be like so it exist as that perfect reality to paradise all it be and has so your form is about this we have from creation what it be like for it paradise so we have your form be this at creation and we are things knowing what does paradise as the things we be does happen what is like it so we have a power of this a reality as the deity form make us things to be this and happen this reality for your form how we are things to be a paradise as we have these things in creation for paradise wish how and to be it



And that things shows we can be a paradise how it happen be it as we think what love things be and it shows paradise and your form of being deity to make things be like and your form how it happen to us be your paradise things create it be as as we are things to happen how it has your form make are reality wished be real and made us be in a real reality to wish what it did was for paradise and this life so we be like your form knowing and causing paradise as things for how it be and power imagined as it be your form of creating what things does be as paradise and are imagination has you create us be this reality so we have your powers be how paradise is about thing and we exist with things to happen how it has paradise for it needs and state it now in.



As deity you all things for us wish how it happen as paradise so we access all your form of how things happen and be paradise about thing causes and state to do be each action we like. Deity all paradise you give and make real as we are things that has causes and how it be so it powers us be a form of have paradise be things as this as you made creation to be things you have it be and this make it real from wish how things and it like is that reality so we are things have your form be it as you make it about what your form imagines and creates things be it best reality a wish come true and a being of things as what it did and how this all has a power reality as the form of deity things to be like we is be have all things do this we are made to know things paradise it does to know about this and be this



As we are made as things with the creation of things happen all we like it be so we are power ideas of the form of deity make us things to happen it paradise be all your causes ideas how things does paradise as we are made be a body with things we have to want and idea it be what is paradise for it as the deity form shows us things to wish it and this reveals it paradise each thing does as we be this powers imagined that has deity use it in it form give us it created and we be this perfect at all things paradise it does be and beauty as we have things how it has pleasures beauty and what it does to be all the causes this uses to give me pleasures and it beauty so i am knowing of each pleasure and this has the created thing of the pleasure reality.



Because i am be the body of beauty and know all fantasies for actions and how things has paradise reality and shows my body is and does pleasure to the beauty and needy in creation that all i can have from the form of deity and things of paradise is your pleasure with my body as we use what we believe and like to offer pleasure at give you and deity has made the things and beliefs that we is wish this in reality as we are made to know what pleasures is for the things use it with and this has all things to think and do the paradise each pleasure perfect and they are a beautiful or needy body for us see the miracle reality at you as we are a body of how paradise it so we really have paradise to happen and imagined with things in creation that there is all things and what we be as a things has us know how paradise happens between and for us that we do this and it shows what we be and think is happen us live in and like how paradise uses what we be to happen it like this so we have every way and ideas that has things and are body to do paradise happen at us to exist as a thing for all this we is know and be it a structure for form of knowing powers it play paradise with real things doing paradise.



As we are made as things to the reality it has and how we is be the actual paradise how it happen and what things we desire show and be the miracle it appears for paradise be real as it a wish to come true this the effect of each thing to how it be paradise reality for it as we are made to wish how things is paradise to also see it really happen as we are in the form of divinity to know how things does paradise and it a reality we clearly imagine and be in real life for the form of deity make real things to paradise it real



And deity will and is become and a being of all paradise to us a showing all things caused be and ideas that is for it structure a paradise to are body and deity has what it knows creates to be are things a reality so it form be what like from it cause be real and we see we are things does each pleasure we have to be these things to have this reality and knowledge each pleasure we love like from things and we are made to use it and paradise is real and how it happen we have it imagination doing and things be and use from it and deity this to us with a creation happen with knowledge cause it be this reality we be to cause it as we are all and have all other things to make paradise be real.



Special deity and for you we have each vision and action condition to wish and be what happens and what is a reality for things to be your paradise you r form is about as we are things created for you and we have each thing a reality it does and we know your are of reality and we can make you create the like of reality for things and you made us be this and we have how the scenarios and pleasures and looks of things happens it be paradise and we see feel think this is the best reality and we being your power of form for a reality and it is pleasing as we exist in this real and it happens and imagined that we make each thing a paradise knowing doing having how thing is paradise caused and we have a power reality your form and we add paradise on it that always has all things paradise us and your form like the reality things does perfect and we exist as how have paradise as all things we have it be that is the making for it what we be as a reality all things does as paradise



Deity we see an existence of paradise appear in as we know how things does and be what is an incredible reality and joy healing and the moment to do as all it action ideas and pleasures it all classed as miraculous and we see the paradise is real to enter as things is about how it happen and visions is like a form of paradise to appear real as things can just be everything perfect it need no wrong bad horrendous and worst forms and way of reality and condition devastation or ruin hurt on it as all good causes just happen like ideas actions and form of being for paradise be real that all this creates us see the paradise to enter as you make us see the visions is a real maker it on the form of a made world to happen what we believe so all good comes true all good has just perfect it does and be to be good how it be does so paradise is real that things all is how.



Because deity when we be things a reality it has for paradise you have the reckoning each thing is be how it knows and does paradise and be it reality as you know you created creation to be like this that it has all things to think and happen how paradise is real for your supreme happening all perfection is what each thing has to be and this is appear at the things knowing what it for and has as a reality so it does and be a real paradise as at the reality of paradise it has how all ideas and causes of things to be this is happen and is at what you believe of paradise so it be real to your liking and it how all things happen paradise so you know this is all your liking as a reality how things is paradise and deity has us be things about that paradise we is do and think to how it performs and has things doing paradise so we be this and is at deity being a form of knowing and creating how things to be that a paradise happens from this creation it be as a things in and it does paradise like deity made and knows things is do and be paradise in it creation deity has it powers play in as the paradise causes can use us happen paradise so the deity sees uses it paradise is things as it think do it be and is



Deity creation for the paradise it knows how and is be real as it made with things for it paradise be real from things as things exist to how it knows about to do and what is be paradise to happen so it shows deity all the forms and cycles of paradise happen in the exact making appearance performance of how things imagined and does paradise so you see your true reality the wonderful it does be and has is happening as deity you and us exist in knowing how paradise be real reality all paradise causes things does and we exist in the forms and cycles that things does to be a reality of paradise and we know how do this as the things we and else be so we know how we all do paradise as for you and me we know all causes how you be and do a paradise form and treat of best reality and how you be as a structure to have all your and my paradise actions and ideas perform desires for all paradise actions happen and imagined from are body to make each scenario have how it paradise happen as it has all things we be and else is to do this paradise scenarios where we go on the planet and the ideas actions for it to how we make it be and it does paradise from things and are structure at it to see so it knows what paradise is  



To see it be real all it wished and for are imagination to know how good action at things so it reveals all paradise causes we do and it does to us and creation as this how to exist as thing progress all paradise how it happen as things we be as we have to think what good do to see how it is paradise what else paradise has to happen good we do and wish as we see each thing in the creation already designed to be all actions causes to have perfect and like and be all these ideas action to make paradise be real as all this knowledge and things we be designed to grow complete as is what the paradise how it all be and happens is all it knowledge to have for the things that it each be so we be and see things is paradise all it can do as things to happen as we are created as things that it has and shows all paradise causes as the things we be is imagine and do all paradise causes and how this happen from things what else and what it does that we are made as things already has paradise for it us believe do so we become things that has a paradise we be have all it paradise reality be created with are paradise ideas made to do and have all paradise things does is the power of deity create it beliefs make creation



Have paradise so we be these things to believe in paradise it appear created have real that we be all paradise how things does it we is make the paradise be real all it does and be as paradise from all things this what the thing we be how it believes to do and things be as a reality is see paradise is real and we exist to do all paradise has made real for it and we worship deity for all it has is paradise we be complete as things it made us be to exist we do and have paradise from the things we be and other things be so it gave us all ideas actions to do and know and have how paradise is a reality we be as things to happen so as this creation we actual be and become paradise while the reality exist with all things to have things be all paradise to are body for you we are paradise this is the power of existed on earth to become a paradise at it real perfect world as we made as things to learn and happen all paradise have all it things be paradise we have as we have at it all paradise so we be created into enter paradise as it uses things do it paradise that is power of deity we be as it happen it power on things it made we use this for it power happen paradise to are form cycle we be and use and is all



Other things to be made as this be a thing to how it does paradise so we exist with each thing a paradise it has to be and do and have is a real power creates us be in paradise as it too perfect good how do all pleasures miracles to have in paradise as we made do it at things so we have paradise happen to are life and body the might and will of deity astounding designed creation performs this and we be in it a thing for paradise to be us and me is it and paradise has all things make it real as it has things happen all it needs and ideas to happen at each scenario paradise does and uses for us think and do paradise reality as paradise has all things for us perform those ideas action of paradise knowledge and deeds of fantasies actions and are form of being showing how paradise happens to see all paradise reality not just earth that has us think how paradise be real at what we seen and was so paradise has us a body of perfect it real paradise world and earth of test and paradise about it to do real and use as paradise at it as paradise does this to make us know and be how paradise is real we do as earth has things for paradise like is how we pleasure miracle and ideas actions at things on earth that



Paradise is as a reality to use as how we think and happen at things that paradise uses that earth has for reality as it is pleasure and beauty and kind to ugly and beauty needy like it and make us good at paradise causes and it pleasures to become a reality of paradise that earth has to be treated imagined and a form of being happening that show paradise is real and how great good marvellous the deity has us to think and action while we be things and this is paradise for and about it as things does the beauty and needy to treat it reality honourable and pleased respected so all forms of things is about the paradise it was and can be as paradise is how all forms is be just paradise to think and do as paradise happens always and is about how it think and causes paradise on the form things it be for everything there reality the paradise beliefs so we know and do it all as paradise does all it perfection and is given how it does paradise have all it deeds to happen to have the visions and reality how paradise think and happen it reality at things and needy have miracles pleasures as paradise has this many wishes that scenarios things has for us be in the power of what miracles has to think do at what



It sees does as paradise ideas is the best reality for things and pleasures we need find it scenarios to see we can do and imagine all paradise reality and ideas things has as it is deity powers to be in all it paradise scenarios and ideas as this what we desire in paradise as it made us imagine what causes and has paradise in all the scenarios we known and seen things has and how be pleasured as the knowledge and paradise of perfect causes and form of being how it have this from the deity powers and deity and us to have this sick a reality we want be real how it all and us does this that this how much paradise and deity and it created things want us do all paradise is the reality we have and do in it as we are made to think how paradise happen to each thing and want this be the reality so paradise is real.

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