The Farmer and His Wife

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I did something consistent and accidentally hurtful to someone I once was close to. Today I thought about them for the first time in a long while and realised that I never actually apologised. We’re not really in touch anymore so this will have to do.
I doubt you will but if you see this - I’m truly ashamed by the way I behaved back then.
Written: 22/10/18

Submitted: October 22, 2018

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Submitted: October 22, 2018



How do you apologise for wrongs 

You barely remember because 

They felt right at the time?


How do you face up to mistakes

That were born out of a misplaced

Hero worship turned infatuation?


How do you say sorry when

All you’re really guilty of is being

Young, alone and in love?


How do you make amends now

That you’re wholly you and not

Partly her, misguided and finding her feet?


How do you provide an explanation 

For something that seemed so natural;

Friendship forged in sun drenched childhood?


How do you justify actions that

One might describe as creepy

But were never meant with ill intent?


How do you show remorse to

Someone you hardly know, now,

For something built on ill-advised nostalgia?


I’m afraid I don’t know the answers

To any of those questions but

I hope you can sense my honest regret 

Because I swear I will never do a 

Thing like that again. 


I beseech you, please forgive me.

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