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Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018




The human brain and its perceptions are like a tool that is pointed on both ends. For being born as a human being, having such a brain is a painful gift. Methinks, our brain is mocking us in a tricky way.

To take this topic forward, all human characters are filled with psyche excess or deficient. No human being is perfect.

There is no speciality subject to calculate or describe the mathematics of human brain; so called psychologists or neuroscientists take only analytical ambush on other's brain and derive data based on their presumptions.  The treatment they offer actually may not work, even if it works after sometime symptoms bounce back, because patients do not let the therapy work on them. It is the patient’s brain and anomaly,

Take my case, if I speak more than 15 minutes, I get bored, I feel it is not social and then I switch over to interact with listeners. I feel empathized, inquisitive and enter into kind of imagination from the answers of individual listener, which I must not do as a speaker at the podium. I have a tremendous amount of obligation and responsibility towards all listeners not to particulars one. Normally, the individual listener is being overlooked or lost in several. But in my case, I feel empathy to some individual listener and then few of listeners become my centre rather than the whole lot.  If I go to a doctor, he says it as empathy disorder.

When I talk more than 30 minutes, I feel like a narcissist manifesting myself in extreme antisocial arrogance. Few times, I psychoanalyzed myself out of curiosity about this predicament, never found an answer, frankly, I do not want to and I shall not try for one.

I found I am drawn into 2nd parallel thinking process while doing speaking; maybe I am hard-wired for a dual thinking as I am not much of an interior person.

Am I unstable during that stage? It is also not dualistic thinking. I am alright even at dual thinking. I find another answer; maybe I have to undo or unload as much as I can of my thinking lest I should be neurotic. Because the human brain is designed to experience a short burst of feelings, not the prolonged pressure.  

I had discussed my anomaly with my friends; found none of them had this anomaly.

Being a half-way neurotic is much better than being worse or a whole one. While in complex situations like I am in, speaking is a good way of letting out the stream before the next episode of anxiety or depression is built-up in spite of few glitches as I cited above.

So, knowing my stage at the age of 66 years, to relieve neurosis or anxiety or depression I am now more active in writing, speaking, and practice extra-hours of consultancy continuously by indulging in conversation with clients to my keep my internal compass intact or not to be broken.

Through a year of my observation, I have established fewer facts.  Among many, one is the mirrors in our brain can reflect many through the spectrum but eventually leads to show one that is “ the best of you”.  Instead, we endeavour to point at the worst of others.

There are many kinds of you.  The “real you” is one what you are, as long as your internal compass is not broken or otherwise influenced. That is “real you”. Impact of hardships and growing age, age-related problems make every human being vulnerable.

As we age, the best thing to indulge is in positive psychological activities. We have to encourage ourselves, increase interactions to help productivity to help seekers. When we do this, helping others strengthens our loyalty to ourselves and from benefits. It is a sort of support group therapy.

So, this is how I have been fixing my psychic problems, not seeing a headshrinker because I do not believe them. I do not like to be dope-sick.  Now, I am not any more on the spectrum.

Know thyself is this “A man, who knows and serves himself first can serve humankind later”.

You do not have to work in a moral home to help others from there. Maybe, moral home does not fit with morality at work. Your morality starts from you and spreads from your home.

Socrates said that people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves.

Plato also referred to the fact that understanding 'thyself,' would have a greater yielded factor of understanding the nature of a human being.

So from the ancient times and great thinkers, one saying has been true. The key to finding a purpose and fulfilment in life begins with knowing and understanding yourself. We are each born with this knowledge but finding a purpose and achieving fulfilment requires the sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and support.

To participate yourself in “give back to Community” share your knowledge, wisdom and support to help-seekers, A volunteer act from you from your home at your free time enables others.



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