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Short story based on School days. This is a story of a teacher and student.

Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018



I have lived in an old nair tharavadu in Kerala. It was a rainy day in 1973.


I was a student of 7th standard in Government High School Cheruthuruthy.


My School was 5Km away from my village Attoor.  There used to buses in


Route but we used to walk to School most of the days. Bus fare was


10Paise. My mother used to give me 10Paise which I was using for while


returning from School. We had sixteen boys in the class. Most of us were


poor and never had even sandal to wear and used to walk around bare




My first language was Sanskrit and that had given a chance to be in a class


where girl students were also there. I was an average student and was very


scared of Maths subject. Our master name was Syd who used to live


in a village called Nedumbura closer to a canal opposite side of School.


Syd master was physically handicapped. His one leg foot portion was


bend and had difficulty while walking. Every day before the School bell we


used to stand in front of our class to find out whether an umbrella was


up and down on the other side of canal. We used to be afraid once we see


jumping umbrella. I was among the most afraid student among boy’s gang.


Most of the days the Math's homework was in-complete or with wrong




As expected the my fear began to raise as the bell rang for the 2nd Math's


period. Syd master entered the class room and all of us stood up.


“Ok. Students. Who are all completed the home work?”


Few among smart children stood up. I too stood up. I was hoping that my


homework was correct.


“VK. Bring your book” He screamed. Even though I had done my


Homework my legs were shaking while reaching his table. I showed my


book to him. Master looked upon by face till bottom. I was shivering and


Standing with very sad face. My favorite girl friends Saral and Vasa


 were among who were looking at me. Most of the friends were very close


with me and had sympathetic look for me.


Syd master shacked his nose with the powder and sneezed took the


wood rod which was kept side of the table. Seeing his step I had already


forwarded by hand waiting for the big hit.  He hit me twice and I couldn’t


control the pain and sat down on the ground.


The class period was Physics and Chandran master got the


exam test. He called out my name first. “VK. Come here”. I was still in the


shock of previous Math’s class. Slowly I reached and stood with a sad face.


I went through a glance among my friends. All were having sorry face for


me. Sir patted on my shoulder and given my paper back. I was shocked


to see the marks. It was 33/50. Oh. My god. “VK stood 1st in the class”


“Students. Who has achieved these marks”? “I am very happy about VK.”


Sura got up from the back bench and told. “Sir I think he copied the


answers”. I looked at his face and kept quite.


The class period bell rang and Chandran sir left. We rushed out and started


Playing in the Verandah. Suddenly a beautiful slim teacher in saree reached


our class door. “Is this is Class VII-A?”. I replied “Yes teacher”


“Ok. get in all”. “My name is Rosamma & I will be your Chemistry teacher.”

“Ok. Students.” “Who is 1st in this class for Science subjects?”.


Sarl got up and told. “I used to get 1st but this time VK got 1st in Physics.”


“Who is VK?”


I stood up. Teacher waved her hand letting me sit down.


I was walking towards well after having lunch. Our School was having


student wings of all the major political parties in Kerala. Haridas was one


of the main leader. He waved me hand and told to come along with him


for the meeting.


There was an issue in the School strike next day. I also joined them and


walked with the gang of senior students and started removing other




Next day was Sunday. I went to my aunt’s house in Pudusseri. I was


returning from there and was about to pass teacher’s hostel.

I heard someone calling out my name. “VK. Come here?”


I could see Rosamma teacher on the Veradha. “Yes teacher.”


“How are you?”


“I am not fine.” “Let that be like that.” “Tell me where you are coming




“Teacher, I had been to my Aunt’s house in Pudusseri.”


“So you are continuing the playing after doing all miss-chief in School”


I had noticed teacher was very angry and annoyed while telling that to me.


“No teacher.” “I didn’t do any miss-chief.”


“Do you know? How many days class was lost due to this strike?


So, this is the reason. Rosamma teacher was upset for the strike.


“Why are you walking with the strike team?”


“The leader Haridas is my friend and he stays near my house teacher”.


“So?” Teacher’s face was in red colour. I was not looking into her eyes.


“I think. VK. you are a smart and intelligent boy.”


“Do not walk behind these people who are creating strikes in




“If I ever see you again, that will be end of you.”


“Let me meet your aunt or mother.”  “Sorry teacher. I will not repeat it.


 I promise.”


I will not join for strikes or do any miss-chief in School.”


Bowing head down I walked to the Chungam bus stop. I was just thinking


“What made her so angry?”


I had stopped all the miss-chief activities and started concentrating in


studies thereafter and passed out 10th standard in 1976. Very few of my


friends passed out of Cheruthuruthy High School during that year.


We too passed mainly Emergency was declared during that year and School


strikes never took place.


Looking back now after reaching the present successful career in


Middle East I owe this success to my lifetime favorite teacher Rosamma.


“Thank you Rosamma teacher.”


Had she not stopped me from the wrong doing I wouldn’t have achieved


present successful position in life.


I do not know whether she is around, but


I am sure she will remember me forever as I too remember even now after


so many years. Few people will live in our heart for life time.

© Copyright 2019 RAJAN V KOKKURI. All rights reserved.

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