For A Little Moonlight Swim

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In this short story, a young woman finds out too late why going skinny dipping at night is not a good idea.

Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018



It was after she looked around and made sure that she was alone that Amanda McDowell had taken her clothes off and stepped into the water for a little moonlight swim.

But just as she was enjoying the feel of the water on her bare skin, Amanda had suddenly heard a twig snap which made her place both hands on her chest, look with angry eyes towards the shore and yelled, "RODDY! RODDY HESTON, YOU BETTER NOT BE OUT THERE! DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU STINKING PERVERT?!"

But when she received no response, Amanda swam back to the shore only to see that her clothes had mysteriously disappeared which made a frustrated Amanda look around and yell, "DAMN IT, RODDY! AS SOON AS I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOU'RE A DEAD MAN! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"

That was before she made her way to a clearing and saw a stream of blood on the ground which made Amanda turn around and see with terror in her eyes her friend Roddy Heston's lifeless corpse hanging from a tree with blood leaking out of his slashed open chest and stomach before she heard another twig snap and turned around to face someone with a sharp dagger raised and dripping with blood which made a horrified Amanda let out a loud scream of fright before that someone had plunged the dagger's blade deep into her.

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