A goal unworthy

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A thought of mine while walking on the fields of Verdun.

Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018



 A goal unworthy


In the wind of autumn in this trench i walk
Again overthinking yet unable to talk

Here where thousands of men died in the violence
This place still breathes hell although now in silence

Will the war in my mind someday end
Unlike you i refuse to pretend

I fought a battle that wasn’t mine
Like those who died here on the frontline

Offered you everything i had
My love for you forced me to act

Achieving great things, when necessary by force
Hoping that one day you would call me yours

The night came when i fell at your feet
Your rejection forced my retreat

You decided to remain the devil's tool
When the word spread i was labeled a fool

The man who fought for you died by your hand
Now seen as an outsider by my former homeland

In dreams you haunt me at night
Forced to watch, my hands bound tight

To you i was just a tool like these dead men
After the guns silenced never able to go home again

Like in 1914 when men marched for a reason
I walked into your burning trap of treason

Unlike high command back then i pray for this to end
Yet never to be forgotten what we cannot comprehend



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