Nina's Birthday

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An autumn, gala birthday party hold's a surprise.

Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018



Her name was Nina.  Within our first grade class, she was quiet—almost unnoticeable.  Along came October, and our class was invited to her home for my first, memorable, birthday party event.

Nina was obviously a late child.  Her parents seemed much older than any I knew, and her siblings appeared as grown ups.  Perhaps some were simply teens.  

The house was completely transformed into an autumn theme.  We even bobbed for apples.  The cool water felt tingly on my face.  Food and decorations were chosen with care.  My grandmother, Blanche, shared the experience with me as my outgoing chaperone!

What struck me the most, was how obviously this quiet classmate was loved and doted upon in her own family.  Her home was wonderfully cozy and nurturing.  

The object of so much planning and industry, Nina's birthday party provided a sparkling occasion for her and the rest of us, as well!  

At six, I was just beginning to have the sort of play dates that took me into other girls' family orbits.  I stood wide eyed and amazed.  Each home is a little country that speaks its own loving language.

Happy Autumn Birthday, Nina, wherever you might be; and thanks for the invite!

(Do you recall your first amazing birthday party?  The impressions and feelings associated with it?)



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