Sound of the Sky: First Kiss

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is much more meaningful if you read Sound of the Sky: First Love, but if you haven’t, then here’s the gist of Rio and Yui’s relationship up to the point of the short story:

Yui was a wandering traveler before she saved Kanata and then Rio from a fire. The Clocktower Maidens welcome her into their home, even after they realize that she is the bio-weapon Noel created, the Invisible Reaper. Hesitate at first, Yui eventually warms up to the young, all-girl platoon. She takes a special interest in Kanata and Rio’s trumpet playing, especially Rio’s.
After an incident and Yui nearly loses her life, Rio confesses her love to her, but when Yui wakes up she thinks it was a dream...

Based on the characters from the anime, Sound of the Sky.

Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018



Rio x Yui

Two weeks ago...

Years before the Clocktower Fortress came to be, it was once a beautiful school just a bridge across the small, peaceful town of Seize. Now, inside one of the many abandoned classrooms, Yui is wandering around Rio’s makeshift music room.

On one side of the classroom are high windows and at this time of day, the bright light casts slanted rays which reach only half the classroom.

Yui watches specks of dust glitter in the sunlight as Rio moves around old parchment and equipment looking for her cleaning rag. Rio's trumpet is already disassembled atop one of the old desks. Its golden sheen glaring in the sunlight, waiting to be polished.

Yui slowly makes her way toward the old, large black piece of equipment in the corner of the room. It looks like an oddly shaped black table with a row of white and black teeth at the edge. She wonders if the table is broken because the top is slightly lifted, revealing a mess of pieces inside. She’s never seen such a thing and curiosity makes her press down on one of the white teeth.

A soft tone echoes lightly and Yui quickly pulls her hand back. She turns to see if Rio would reprimand her. She knows Rio heard her, but across the room, Rio continues rummaging through her belongings with her back to Yui.

She turns back to the black table and notices a stack of papers hidden inside. She sticks her arms in and pulls out the papers. There are weird lines and symbols across the pages but there are a few words she can read.

“What are these?” she asks Rio, holding up the papers.

This time Rio turns around and her face changes when she sees the papers in Yui’s hands. “Ah, you found those huh?” she says, recalling their memories.

“Was I... not supposed to?” asks Yui, suddenly realizing she might’ve done something wrong.

“No, it’s alright. I just forgot I put those in there...” says Rio. She had found her rag and was keeping herself busy polishing as she spoke. “They're my sister’s music sheets.”

Yui looks at the worn, yellowing pages, “You have a sister?”

“She died three years ago trying to save a drowning child in the river... those music sheets were given to me after she died.”

Yui doesn’t know if Rio wants to talk about her sister, so instead, she tries making sense of the symbols. “This is music?” she asks.

Rio comes up next to her, “When I was younger, my sister taught me how to play the trumpet and how to read music.” Rio points to one of the symbols and says, “Each symbol makes a certain sound. When you put all the sounds together, it makes a song.”

Yui brightens, “This is where your songs come from?”

“Yes, I only have a few songs that were saved from the past, but I’m sure there are more out there...”

Yui flips through a few pages, “I can only read one thing...”

Written on each page is Rio’s handwriting when she was younger.

“She told me to write the reasons why I love playing the trumpet, on the music sheets...” says Rio, going back to cleaning her trumpet.

Yui reads through a few of Rio’s reasons, “Because it’s fun”, “Because it’s beautiful”, but she suddenly stops and stares at the last page.

“Hey, Rio-Senpai...” Yui calls, interrupting Rio’s cleaning again.

“Yeah? What is it?” she asks airily.

Yui holds up one of the music sheets, “Can you play this song for me?”

Rio can’t see which song it is from where she’s standing but she tells her, “Yeah, sure. Just put it on that stand over there and I’ll play it once I finish putting this back together.”

Yui smiles as she places the music sheet on the music stand just as the youngest member of the Clocktower Maidens comes bursting through the door.

“What’s wrong, Kureha?" Rio asks, setting her trumpet pieces down.

Kureha takes a moment to catch her breath. “There’s something you need to see!" She manages to quickly spit out. Then her eyes catch Yui.

Rio sees Kureha’s focus on Yui and knows it’s about her. “What is it?" She asks, this time with more authority.

“A man has been discovered dead in town and his description matches the burglar who tried to steal Yui-Senpai’s sword...”

“What?” Rio exclaims as she turns back to see Yui’s eyes widen.

“Also... the wounds that killed him...” Kureha’s eyes narrow on Yui, “were made by a sword...”


Present time...

When Yui’s eyes finally flutter open, her head is swirling, trying to make sense of what had happened.

“Yui...” Rio’s voice calls softly to her. She can make out what looks like the infirmary behind Rio’s silhouette in the dark room.

“Rio-Senpai...” she says weakly. “I think I had a weird dream...” she turns her head and sees Noel and Filicia tending to Kido’s injuries on the bed next to her. Was it a dream? She runs her hand over her chest and feels Noel’s neatly wrapped bandages. She suddenly remembers Rio’s tearful confession... “Senpai... did you...” When she looks up at Rio, she feels her cheeks get hot.

Rio’s chest flutters at Yui’s rosy cheeks. “I’m glad you’re okay,” Rio says quickly before promptly getting up from Yui’s bedside and walking through the doorway.

Out of the corner of her eye, Filicia sees Rio flee the infirmary, leaving Yui in a confused, dazed state. She tells Noel she’ll be back and chases after Rio in the hallway.

“Rio!” Filicia calls. “Why are you running away? Didn’t you confess your feelings to her?”

Rio stops and puts her hand to her forehead in thought. “Well, yeah, but she was dying...”

“Oh,” Filicia looks at her bewildered. “So, you only love her when she’s dying?”

“No!” Rio groans and lets out a heavy sigh, “She thought it was a dream... I suddenly put all that pressure, all my feelings, onto her when she was fading in my arms... what if she doesn’t feel the same way...”

Filicia sighs. Are these two really that dense? “She’s alive, Rio. Why don’t you tell her how you feel now and see what she says?”

Rio chuckles, the same nervous chuckle Filicia knows as her ‘yeah, I don’t really want to do that...’ chuckle and scratches the back of her head. “As long as I can see her every day, I’m happy.” Without waiting for a response, she heads back down the hall.

Filicia shakes her head, and yells after her, “How do you know she hasn’t been trying to tell you how she feels?”

Rio waves a hand as she’s walking away with her other hand casually hanging in her jacket pocket.

Given her past, I’m sure she feels she has no right to love you or be loved by you... Filicia ponders. You need to be the one to tell her, Rio.


That evening, during dinner, it’s the same bustle and chatter at the table as usual aside from Noel, who’s feeding Kido in the infirmary.

Kureha is the first and only one who shares her thoughts, “Is it really alright to leave Noel with the guy who tried to kill Yui?”

Filicia places a hand on her shoulder to reaffirm her, “You don’t have to worry, he’s not the same Kido from before.”

Kureha turns to Yui who nods in agreement. “He’s a different person,” she says.

She doesn’t really understand but that’s all that’s all she needed to hear and soon everyone resumes passing around the plates of food for seconds.

As Yui reaches for the potatoes, Rio reaches for the same plate and for a brief second, their hands accidentally touch.

“Sorry, go ahead,” Rio says in a rush of words, quickly retracting her hand.

“I’m sorry...” says Yui, just as quickly, pulling her hand back.

Everyone happened to see the incident and suddenly the table is awkwardly quiet until Filicia tries to change the subject.

Suddenly Rio's chair screeches as she stands up. “Thank you for the food,” she says before putting her plate in the sink and leaving the kitchen.

Everyone’s eyes turn to Yui who’s staring blankly at the plate of potatoes before she too gets up from the table and leaves the kitchen.

Filicia sighs, “What are we going to do with those two?”


After dinner, Rio heads back to her music room. She can’t remember the last time she was here, only that it was before the Kido incident.

It’s a full moon tonight and it's already high enough to cast its glow inside the classroom through the windows. She finds her trumpet still in pieces on the desk and remembers what drew her away from putting it together. Yui was with her that day before she left them to fight Kido.

Rio remembers how it felt to hold Yui as she was dying. It felt almost like how she feels now. Shouldn’t she be happy? Yui’s alive... so why does it feel like she's still far away?

Rio spots the music sheet on her stand and remembers Yui asked if she could play the song for her.

Using the moon’s light, she puts each piece together and holds her golden trumpet in her hands. It’s been weeks since she’s played, but she holds the trumpet up to her lips and trains her eyes on the music sheet.


The roof of the tower is Yui’s favorite spot. She’s standing there, gazing at the starlit sky when she hears Rio play a song from her music room down below. She doesn’t know the song but it fills her with a warm, comforting feeling as she listens to Rio, bringing back memories of watching her play. She doesn’t even realize that she’s smiling until the music abruptly stops.

Rio’s never stopped halfway through a song before and before she can rationally think about it, Yui’s convinced that something bad must've happened. Moving on instinct, she quickly makes her way toward Rio’s music room to see what’s wrong.


It’s been a long time since Rio has played this song, and as she’s glancing at the music sheet, she suddenly stops.

“Because I love you,” is her own handwritten message she wrote on the music sheet when she was younger but next to her written words are someone else's.

“I love you too.” She recognizes her sister’s handwriting.

In the three years the music sheets have been in her possession she’s never noticed her sister’s handwritten message to her.

Rio clutches her chest. Her sister is still conveying her feelings to her, even after she has passed. She allows herself a moment to remember the times when her sister, the busy Princess Iliya, took the time to teach her half-sister how to play the trumpet. The feeling she had when she played her first song for her and the warm smile her sister gave her.

She also remembers, and will never be able to forget, the moment she found out her only sister had died.

She had wanted to forget it all. Everything. Even her smile if it meant easing her heart. That’s why when the music sheets were given to her on the day of her sister’s funeral, and she couldn’t bring herself to burn them, she decided to hide them and forget they existed.

For some reason, reading her sister’s message and crying over her again, suddenly makes her feel at peace. She’s convinced now that time really does ease one’s pain.

Out of nowhere, Rio laughs as she reads her sister’s message again.

Why is this funny? Is it because this loving feeling is familiar?

‘I love you too’... her words... her sister’s message... she never would’ve read if it weren’t for Yui.


Finally, she realizes what Filicia meant.

These aren't just Iliya’s feelings... Yui chose this song for a reason...

The sudden epiphany freezes Rio and she doesn’t realize that her trumpet has slid from her fingers and is bouncing on the floor when she takes off toward the door. As soon as she slides it open, she sees Yui running up to her with a worried look on her face.

“Rio-Senpai... are you okay?” she asks, huffing for air. “You just... stopped playing...”

Seeing her, knowing how she feels, Rio’s heart is now pounding against her ribcage. “Yui...” she says softly, moving closer to Yui.

“S-Senpai?” Yui asks. Rio slowly steps close enough to embrace her in her arms. Yui doesn’t know what’s gotten into her, but she’s powerless against Rio’s desire to hold her close. She curls up against Rio’s chest and feels how fast and hard Rio’s heart is beating. “Your heart... are you... scared of me?” she whispers, almost immediately regretting the question in fear of the answer.

Rio backs away to face her and Yui can see Rio’s cheeks are flushed but her eyes are focused and serious. Then Rio takes Yui’s hand and places it over her heart. “Yui, my heart is beating like this because I’ve never loved you more...”

Yui feels the stone on her chest heat up. Rio slowly moves her face in closer and gently presses her forehead against Yui's until they’re face-to-face and their lips are a breath apart. Rio stops herself, waiting eagerly to see how she will respond.

When Yui glances at Rio’s parted lips, they stare back at her longingly. She moves in slowly, carefully touching them with her own. A light touch, but that’s all Rio needs. Rio presses her lips against Yui's in a soft, tender kiss. At that moment, feeling Rio’s beating heart, her hot lips pressed on hers, Yui loses sight of everything else in the world. She squeezes Rio’s sides, tugging her closer, yearning to meld into one. She wants more, and Rio gives it.

As they kiss, Rio slides her hand up Yui’s back. Her fingers work their way up, brushing between Yui’s short, silver hair, and stopping at the back of her head, just above the nape of her neck. Her hair is soft and Rio’s fingers crunch slightly, gently caressing her scalp. The sensation makes her entire body tingle and spasm and she shutters in Rio’s arms with a hot breath.

Rio releases Yui’s lips when she feels Yui shift her weight to keep herself stationary in a spinning world. She remembers Yui is supposed to be recovering. “Are you okay?” she whispers, making sure Yui stays balanced between her arms. “You shouldn’t be gone from the infirmary too long... Noel will hunt you down.”

Yui chuckles, she feels light-headed, dizzy, and the stone on her chest is the hottest it's ever been, but she can’t stop smiling. She’s never felt this way before, so powerless, so vulnerable, so euphoric.

“Can we stay like this for a bit?” she asks, resting her head on Rio’s shoulder and immersing herself in lavender flowers, the soothing scent of Rio’s long hair.

Rio wraps her arms around her again. “Of course." She lets Yui rest on her and replays the feeling of Yui’s lips on hers. She’s never been so sure in her life when she whispers, “I love you, Yui” into her ear.

Yui’s already half-asleep, but she squeezes Rio tighter and whispers back, “I love you too, Senpai.”

Rio waits until Yui’s almost completely limp before scooping her up into her arms and carrying her back to the infirmary room.

Even if Yui thinks this was all a dream the next day, Rio has resolved herself to re-convey her love for her, every day, for the rest of her life.



Read about Rio and Yui’s blooming love in Sound of the Sky: First Love (prequel)

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