Chapter 4: OUCH! >*

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Creepypasta!!!

Reads: 94

I arrive just as the second period late bell rings. I yank my backpack off and put Grinny on my shoulders, as I head towards my locker to shove my backpack temporarily inside. I feel someone pull me by the back of my hoodie into the spare Chemistry classroom as I pass it. Grinny is removed from my shoulders as one of my ‘kidnappers’ tosses me into the corner of a table, causing me to yelp in pain. I hear a cabinet door slam shut followed by a frantic scratching on wood. One of the girls lifts me off the ground by my hair, slamming my head into the wall hard enough that black spots in the corners of my vision. 

“Looks like your knight in shining armor isn’t here to save you,” says a mocking female voice that I immediately recognize as Heather Chandler’s, not noticing the three boys walk into the classroom. She throws me to the floor, my head slamming hard onto the linoleum. 

“Nobody loves you,” Heather McNamara starts. 

“So, go kill yourself, witch,” Heather Duke finishes. 

I stand up using the table beside me to keep me steady on my feet, blood trailing down the side of me face. I’m laughing, laughing at the thought of them practicing so that was perfectly synchronized. Chandler swipes her hand towards my face, I flinch waiting for the pain to come and throw me to the ground, but it never does. I open my eyes to see Chandler’s frightened face looking at the blue-eyed Brunette holding her wrist in place and glaring at her. 

“I’d break your wrist, but that’d get me suspended. So, I suggest that you leave before I get angry and do something I’ll regret.” He says throwing her hand to the side. 

“And if we don’t,” she asks as Duke and McNamara flank to her sides. 

The ticking boy takes a step forward. “E-Extreme bullying is punishable b-by suspension,” He says, “ecspe-pecially s-since we h-have footage.” 

“And I’m sure you don’t want that perfect track record of yours ruined, now do you?” The boy wearing an oversized hoodie and holding a video camera adds. 

“Fuck you,” Chandler says to them, pushing her two minions to the door, stopping when she gets there, she turns to face me. “This might be over for now, but don’t worry you’ll experience the grand finale soon enough, witch,” and with that said she left. 

The room is filled with an awkward silence, with the exception to the scratching on wood coming from somewhere in the classroom. 

Wh-what’s that noise,” the ticking boy asks aloud, his neck cracking harshly in the process. 

“That would be my cat, Grinny, one of the girls shoved him into a cabinet,” I reply, my voice so soft it’s practically a whisper. 

All three Brunettes look in my direction questioningly, as if surprised that I had actually spoken. 

I send a glare to each one of them, “Can one of you just find my cat,” I yell, immediately regretting it after a sharp pain shoots through my skull. 

The Brunette in the oversized yellow hoodie sets down the video camera in his hand onto a table. He puts his hand out for me to shake, but I just tighten my grip on the table. His hand falls back to his side in rejection. “I’m Brian, the grumpy one next to you is Tim, and the one looking for your cat is T-.” The black spots completely cover my vision just as the ticking boy shouts out in victory at finding Grinny, cutting Brian off mid-name. I feel myself start to fall then nothing. 


Tim’s POV [Weren’t expecting that where you] 

Everyone looks at Toby as he makes a shout of victory, holding the cat high above his head. I see the girl beside me sway a bit on her feet before she starts falling to the floor. I quickly turn on my heel, catching her before her head hit the floor. I look at Brian, as I lift the girl up in my arms bridal style. His hazel eyes lock onto my blue ones, filled with worry. 

“We need to get her to the hospital now,” I say turning towards the door, “And Toby, don’t lose the cat,” I growl at him. 

We all rush to Brian’s truck and hop in. Brian slams on the gas, running a few red lights along the way, luckily none of the cops recognized chased us. We reached the hospital within 15 minutes. Brian jumps out of the truck running to my door and yanking it open. I jump out and sprint towards the hospital doors, carrying the unconscious girl in my arms. 

The woman at the front desk looks up as we enter. She glances at the girl in my arms, her face paling hinting to me that she may pass out. We reach the desk and by this time the woman looks like she’s having a mental-breakdown in her head, ‘seriously if you can’t handle the sight of blood why do you even work here’ I question her mentally. 

“If you could get a doctor out here immediately that’d just be amazing,” I say slamming my hand onto the front desk. 

It seems to break her out of whatever kind of shit was going through her head at the time. She picks up the phone on the desk and says a few incoherent words before putting the phone back on the receiver. The next thing I know the girl is being lifted out of my arms and onto a gurney. After she is through the heavy double doors and out of my range of vision, I turn and face my two companions who were standing behind me. 

“So, who wants to explain to Helen why she’s in the hospital, because I most certainly don’t.” I say. 

“You know he’s going to be mad at us either way, Mas-*ahem*-Tim,” Brian sighs. 

“Yeah, I know I just don’t want to face the brunt of it, Ho-Brian,” I reply catching myself. 

Submitted: May 06, 2019

© Copyright 2021 StarStorm7. All rights reserved.


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