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How i feel after stopping my medication for psychosis

Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018



Racing heart filled with fear. She's round the bend i hear them snear. Emotions flooding back why do I cry. Is it because secretly i wanna die.

Sharpe pain in my chest breathing, fast am trying my best.

Have i made the wrong decision coming off my monthly anti psychotic injection. I look in the mirror that's not my refeletion. What happened to me I look a disgrace. What happened to my tierd looking face. your fat ugly an worthless the voices tell me. There too loud to ignore. I run out the flat an slam the door.

were will i go without my coat an shoes. Just don't turn round run for your life. Don't tell anyone what you did to your arm with the knife.Am not going back it's to much to bear. I scream at the top of my lungs an try to pull out my hair. 

i find myself once again with the crisis team. ,"Try to explain Amy what do you mean, noones going to get you i promise your safe now" but why can I still hear them voices can you tell me how. "Its all down to stress because your life is such a mess"  Drugs an alcohol do not mix it's your lifestyle we need to fix.

An Gambaling is a mugs game you lied you stole money it's such a shame. You won't win against a machine  its programmed to win you see what I mean. I've calmed down now i think I'll go home. "Not on my watch my love we can't leave you alone you are being sectioned under the mental health act" oh dear look what I've done pass me the phone am calling my mum. 

you've made your bed lie in it she'll say what do I do. You'll find out another day ?????????


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