They Never Really Leave You

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I wrote this after I went to college, when I came home to visit the first time. I remember that is was a long time before I made the first visit. I was super homesick! My best friend cried!

Submitted: October 23, 2018

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Submitted: October 23, 2018



Years have gone by.

The memories they have given me will never die.

Friends have come and gone, but true friendship lives on.

I am going away.

But in my heart, a part of them will stay.


It's been a long time now.

I can still hear their voices somehow.

Each time I close my eyes,

I see them saying their goodbyes.

I miss the little things they would do.

I love and miss them so, if only they knew.


I didn't realize how fast things change.

It's funny how our lives rearrange.

The streets don't look the same.

My old hangout changed it's name.

This is my home town, but I feel so out of place.

Everyone keeps staring at my face.


I pull in the drive and go knock on the door.

Mom opens it crying and hugs me, then hugs me once more.

We talk for what seems like eternity.

I think to myself, "Can this really be?"

I get on the phone and call old friends.

Our list of things to tell each other never ends.


Driving away I look in the rear view mirror.

Back at school, home seems a little nearer.

Thinking of those I love helps me get through the day.

They give me confidence to meet any challenge that comes my way!



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