Lakeside Joy

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A lake and a college student.

Submitted: October 24, 2018

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Submitted: October 24, 2018



My first two years immersed in the college life were typical—new friends, a need for discipline and structure to achieve scholastic goals, adapting to being away from home.  What held it all together for me, however, was the beautiful city lake my campus and student housing faced.  This allowed me to escape the small world of a college campus on a regular basis, and always in sight of my temporary home away from home.

The lake was roughly two miles around, set down like a jewel in a lovely neighborhood, beneath a generally sunny sky.  One could join friends to walk, go alone, ride a bike.  I did all three.  My favorite times were alone; in those quiet moments I could really drink in the sounds and sights provided by the aquatic world.  The distance from the campus allowed me to draw a measure of needed detachment from the smaller affairs of living closely with so many other young people.  The lake experience allowed me to remember who I really was, and where I wanted to go in life.

Living within two hours of the campus for many years later on, I periodically returned to the small Florida city to walk my lake.  With each passing year, I felt less interested in the campus, but more grateful for what it had given me as I grew in maturity.  

The lake changed a bit, too.  Lakes also mature, as subtle changes in plant growth in and around the perimeter evolve.  A lake is truly a living thing.  Even now, just writing about it, I feel its refreshment to my spirit, its peace, liveliness, and representation of the natural world from which we spring.  It is there for the people of its city.  It lives on in my heart.

(Is there a favorite lake in your life now or in the past?  Did a natural setting help you get through a challenging period of your life?  If so, in what ways?)

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